Meanwhile in #NorthernIreland, the @SDLPlive's @BrianTierney09 championed the new rainbow crossing in #Derry that apparently cost ratepayers £22k. Yet another example of ill-thought out gesture politics that actual causes harm. In this case, visually impaired people, inc LGB+T.
@SDLPlive @BrianTierney09 £22k, @BrianTierney09 @columeastwood? Did you consult with @RNIBNI @guidedogsni before installing crossings that are confusing to guide dogs, putting visually impaired pedestrians in danger? Where was the due diligence?
"Rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings are not safe for disabled people, older people or children and could exacerbate hallucinatory conditions, including for those with psychosis, campaigners warn." Not so 'welcoming' after all. #gesturepolitics…
The LGB people in our network do not feel that a painted crossing helps them feel welcome, when they're being booted out of LGB+T (and women's orgs) in NI for saying they're same-sex attracted, not same-gender attracted. This crossing does nothing to fix the #newhomophobia in NI.

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13 Oct
@StephenNolan Big relief! This account was set up to amplify concerns about replacing 'sex' (a material fact) with 'gender identity' (an untestable claim in law). We were slurred as a 'hate group' by @SeamasBelfast, who went on to block women who said we aren't a hate group & they support us.
@StephenNolan @SeamasBelfast We shared photos of pro-women stickers people have been putting up around NI, and @TRPNI put out baseless claims there were razor blades underneath them. Very distressing to young people they're meant to support. @AntoFlynnser @AllianceLGBT @KateNicholl @GerryCarrollPBP RTed
@StephenNolan @SeamasBelfast @TRPNI @AntoFlynnser @AllianceLGBT @KateNicholl @GerryCarrollPBP We contacted the PSNI and got confirmation not only had none been found, but none had even be reported, leading us to suspect it was the decades-old smear tactic used to distract from the message of the stickers. We shared this, but they left the baseless claims up. #razorgate
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6 Sep
This a/c was created from a large group of NI people of all backgrounds & sectors of NI. Many anonymous for fear of job loss, bullying at work, their kids being targeted. @ClaireHanna your comms officer is blocking women for speaking up #SeamasBlocksWomen
We know only too well the horrific, misogynistic abuse our female politicians get. We have women in our network in very senior positions at work who feel they have too much to lose to put your name to it. But we are going to need more politicians to listen to us and to speak up.
The story being told is that fighting for males in women's spaces and the erosion of the specific language necessary for robust laws is 'progressive'. It is not. We have LGB people hounded out of groups for their 'genital preferences'. NI is experiencing an overcorrection
Read 9 tweets
6 Sep
Good old #StreisandEffect, well done S! NI, this is the cadre of our politicians: Defending #childsafeguarding, women's rights & laws based on sci evidence rather than #newcreationism of gender ideology gets you branded a 'hate group'. #BigSeamasIsWatchingYou #AskHimWhatAWomanIs
PS If you're a man or a man-prioritising woman who feel you need to block our content, please do answer our poll on the definition of women on your way out. Unlike Seamas, we're not scared of your opinions on the matter.
If you're a rational adult, concerned about the medical sterilisation & castration of kids, the anti-science Gender Ideology movement, the #chillingeffect on free speech, the erosion of women's single-sex services & spaces, welcome! We're a networking connecting NI people.
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5 Sep
THREAD: Multiple unverified claims have been made of people finding razor blades under pro-women stickers in #Belfast in the last few days, and were repeated by politicians and trans orgs. Despite multiple claimed sightings, not one photo of razor blades was shared. #razorgate
The @BelTel piece about ‘transphobic’ [sic] stickers did not mention the worrying #razorgate claims. Can @PSNIBelfast / CI Rosie Thompson please comment on whether any razor blades were found, or indeed whether any concerned citizens reported finding razor blades to the police?
@BelTel @PSNIBelfast Risking injury to people by putting razor blades under stickers, before or after they're first put up, would be deplorable. If trans orgs & politicians are making or repeating untrue claims causing distress to vulnerable young people they claim to support, that's vile. #razorgate
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4 Sep
NI politicians say the current dictionary definition of woman (adult human female) is hateful. They say a religious idea, 'gender identity', (a feeling in your head or a 'woman soul') decides what a woman is. What do you NI voters think? Does 'woman' mean:
And after you've told us, #askyourmlawhatawomanis, and tell us so we can tell the public ahead of election time. Let's find out who's #standingforwomenNI:
NI politicians, @healthdpt @Ed_Authority, media: Excellent thread by discrimination lawyer @AudreySuffolk about need for legal debate on #sexnotgender - "when people claim it is about attacking trans rights, legally it is actually about sex based rights".…
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3 Sep
We are disappointed to see that @SDLPlive social media staff are circulating an unverified rumour which would be very distressing to young people, particularly since the person originating the claim has deleted it, and the @PoliceServiceNI has been made aware.
With the mental health of NI young people, including gender confused young people, being such a serious issue of concern, it is highly irresponsible to spread unsubstantiated rumours of violent acts, certain to cause distress.
We would hope that the @SDLPlive and other parties/MLAs (@duponline @GreenPartyNI @sinnfeinireland @UUPonline @TUVonline @clairesugden) would agree. Also that they're aware of this breaking scandal of harm done to NI young people:
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