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Statement from Ministry of Defence on the "Northern Ireland Legacy Bill"…

Some details about the bill below ⬇️
#NorthernIreland #Ireland #UnitedKingdom
The bill, published yesterday by the government would establish "The Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery" functions listed in image below.
There will be a process that the family of anyone killed in the troubles can request a review into the death.
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Mentions that he will visit Thales who manufacture the NLAW that has saw widespread use in the current conflict in #Ukraine
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🚨 NEW: In our latest episode of The Foreign Correspondent with @theelephantinfo we report on rising ethnic tensions in the British colony of #NorthernIreland, following a shock win by the separatist Sinn Féin party in #LocalElections2022.

African envoys have appealed for calm. Image
@theelephantinfo Anger in🇬🇧after plans by Foreign Minister #LizTruss to revoke deal with sub-Scandinavian Europe that allowed imports into separatist #NorthernIreland spark fears of renewed tribal violence and strain relations with banana-exporting US republic.
Far Northwestern former British colony turned disease-ravaged, ethnically divided, gun-ridden, oil-rich, banana-exporting USA Republic steps in to impose the easing of tribal tensions in flavour-starved 🇬🇧…
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EU issues #brexit statement. @MarosSefcovic #NIprotocol Image
UK needs to show "determination and creativity" if we are to resolve Northern Ireland difficulties, says @MarosSefcovic in statement. #brexit #NorthernIreland
"Unilateral action by the UK would only make our work on possible solutions more difficult." #brexit #NIProtocol
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@EdonaBe66193931 @KaoOsmak @hunolimpo @mtbBrski @vs11566066 @SgforgoodStella I know

Did you bother reading it

Did you know the "border" between E & W #RomanEmpires - #Latin & #Byzantine ran roughly between Croatia/Bosnia and Serbia

And "border" between #Ottoman & #Austro_Hungarian Empires between #Croatia & #Bosnia

@EdonaBe66193931 @KaoOsmak @hunolimpo @mtbBrski @vs11566066 @SgforgoodStella That's why we don't buy a #Serbian or a #Croatian Phrase-book

But a #SerboCroat one


It's just that the #Latin #RomanEmpire used erm Latin script

And the #Byzantine one the #Cyrillic🤦‍♂️


As was #Bosnian....🤦‍♂️
@EdonaBe66193931 @KaoOsmak @hunolimpo @mtbBrski @vs11566066 @SgforgoodStella #Bosnian was & #Serbian & #Croation ARE THE SAME LANGUAGE

It's just that Bosnian had half a Millennium of #Ottoman influence!

And Western #RomanEmpire used #Latin script & #Byzantine #Roman Empire #Cyrillic!


The #Serbs were holdouts from #Islam...
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I don't want to quote tweet - I don't want to initiate any negative responses but I have seen many tweets & RTs today celebrating the intimidation & bullying of a #woman at today's #NWCI #Dublin rally for #InternationalWomensDay. I find this wholly unacceptable.
It was an #IWD2022 rally, supposedly for, by & about women, but obviously only for some women, only for women who agree with certain concepts, ideas & who share certain opinions. #Women are not a homogenous group, nor should we be, we have varying opinions & beliefs. 2/8
A #woman, entitled to be there with her placard, was surrounded, shouted at & intimated until she left - this is, without a shadow of doubt, bullying. Many people who attend such rallies talk about being #inclusive, but what that inclusivity actually refers to is 'agreement'. 3/8
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EXCLUSIVE. Boris Johnson: How to avoid a nuclear disaster in Ukraine and why "Putin is in a cul-de-sac"

A long interview on Moscow's aggression, how to deal with the Russian President and the unity of the West, despite Brexit - @repubblica…
PM: “An attack on a nuclear power plant or an explosion are clearly a matter of our common European health and safety. We remember what happened with Chernobyl, the radioactive clouds spread over the whole continent, and indeed, also to North America. There is clearly a risk.”
PM: “There are other Ukrainian plants and radioactive nuclear waste sites. We need to consider is how we're going to work together to prevent such a disaster. I don't think the answers are easy, but UN and the IAEA on the ground", he invokes, "are going to be extremely important”
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1/The promise to Ukraine …Welcoming the Accession of Ukraine to the TREATY on the NON-PROLIFERATION of NUCLEAR WEAPONS as a non-nuclear weapon state…#Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of #GreatBritain and #NorthernIreland, and the #UnitedStates of #America,…
2/ Welcoming the Accession of #Ukraine to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear weapons state, taking into the account the commitment of Ukraine to eliminate all nuclear weapons from its territory within a specified period of time, …#UNSC #NATO
3/ Noting the changes in the worldwide security situation, including the end of the Cold War, which have brought about conditions for deep reductions in nuclear forces, Confirm the following: the Russian Federation the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and …
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Response from EU re UK #NorthernIreland protocol

“The European Commission has been working tirelessly with the UK government to address practical challenges related to the implementation of the Protocol.
“The decision by the NI Min for Agriculture is therefore unhelpful. It creates further uncertainly and unpredictability for businesses and citizens in Northern Ireland. The European Commission will closely monitor developments in Northern Ireland pursuant to this announcement.”
It recalls the responsibility of the UK Government for the respect of the international obligations it has entered into.
· The Protocol is the one and only solution we have found with the UK to protect the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement.
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An FOI shows #Stonewall in #NorthernIreland got the NI Civil Service to remove the words 'mother' and 'woman' from their maternity policies. @StephenNolan you covered this re Scotland; now it's here too. Doc 5 in FOI reply:…
Left column is #Stonewall's recommendations to remove 'woman', 'her', etc; right column is NICS HR response.

@StephenNolan @dt_ni @News_Letter @irish_news @BelfastLive #Mumsnet Image
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Only 916 #COVID19 deaths in #Scotland where no other comorbidity is listed on the Death Certificate

12,519 #COVID19 deaths reported
11,603 had pre-existing medical condition (93%)
916 no known pre-existing condition (7%)

Source: National Records of Scotland #NRS 19/1/22
And before fannies like #JeremyVine start with their pish….

….. these underlying health conditions do not include in-growing toenails or mild asthma!

These are serious ailments ……

Dementia 22%
Heart Disease 14%
Chronic lower respiratory disease 12%

Note that data referenced is from Figure 7 within the Monthly Data and Charts excel file

Data is to 31/12/2021 and covers entire duration of pandemic to this date

We have been spun a web of deceit…..…
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#ONS confirms that only 18,939 of the 140,753 deaths were due, solely, to #COVID19

121,814 of the 140,753 deaths registered WITH #COVID19 in #England & #Wales had pre-existing conditions

Average age of ALL COVID deaths was 81.5
2020 figures (Full year, Q1-Q4)

73,743 #COVID19 deaths registered in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 & 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
66,352 were aged 65+ (90%)
7,391 were aged <65 (10%)

Note the largest number of comorbidities were in serious ailments, such as;

Heart disease
2021 Q1

Quarter 1 of 2021 has had the largest number of #COVID19 registered deaths in any quarter, 49,465

This occurred in the three months immediately after the roll-out of the vaccine to the JCVI priority groups; the elderly & care home residents
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As ⁦@trussliz⁩ and ⁦@MarosSefcovic⁩ meet to try and fix #brexit NI Protocol new ⁦@ManufacturingNI⁩ survey shows #NorthernIreland manufacturers making ‘significant’ post-Brexit strides in adjusting to Protocol @FT /1
@trussliz @MarosSefcovic @ManufacturingNI @FT Since July the number of @ManufacturingNI members "struggling" with the protocol has dropped below 25pc...compared to more than 40pc in July. It's moving in the right direction, it seems./2
@trussliz @MarosSefcovic @ManufacturingNI @FT The survey, to be published Friday, also shows EU suppliers are getting easier (last year it seemed that many hadn't got full message that Northern Ireland is part of EU single market for goods) and trade with GB has also picked up/3
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In todays @FT there’s an op-ed from @DavidGHFrost outlining the state of play in the talks around the #NorthernIreland Protocol & contrary to a lot of reports (that mostly treat 🇪🇺 pronouncements as gospel while ignoring 🇬🇧 ones) there’s been little change…
In essence the #NorthernIreland Protocol is unfinished (it was always a dynamic document) & 🇬🇧 is seeking to bring it to where it was envisioned to be, as outlined here by @LeoVaradkar in January 2020, as well as excise the bits obviated in the TCA
Alas 🇪🇺 still seems to have very little interest in living up to their responsibilities & honouring what they signed

Unfortunately for them 🇬🇧 sovereignty is absolute & Brussels’ authority runs out at The Border

They may have to learn that the hard way
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I see 🇪🇺 decision making is as unhinged from reality a usual

They can’t possibly make a decision until on something like this until they have full access to 🇬🇧 databases rather than use something else like say basic maths

The total value of 🇪🇺 imports is ~$2tn/yr according to @WorldBank

Total exports from #NorthernIreland to 🇪🇺 are ~$10bn/yr or 0.5% of total 🇪🇺 imports

Even the GDP of NI (~$60bn) is only the equivalent of 3% of 🇪🇺 total imports
As you can see #NorthernIreland being any sort of risk to 🇪🇺 Single Market is mathematically impossible but 🇪🇺’s infantile zero risk obsession prevents them from seeing this
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Exactly 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇺 knew exactly what they were signing & were signing from the same hymn sheet on how the #NorthernIreland Protocol.

Well until 1st February 2020 when 🇪🇺 took a very different view & took a much harsher, impractical interpretation.

Here’s @LeoVaradkar talking to @bbclaurak on 27th January 2020 saying the exact same thing that @BorisJohnson was saying about how the #NorthernIreland Protocol should operate.

Sounds eerily similar to the 🇬🇧’s Command Paper from July 2021
As the text #NorthernIreland Protocol was a broad legal blunt instrument to work this out required a lot of finessing in the Joint Committee.

Alas 🇪🇺 dragged their feet on appointing a representative & subsequently boycotted discussions to all intents & purposes.
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Meanwhile in #NorthernIreland, the @SDLPlive's @BrianTierney09 championed the new rainbow crossing in #Derry that apparently cost ratepayers £22k. Yet another example of ill-thought out gesture politics that actual causes harm. In this case, visually impaired people, inc LGB+T.
@SDLPlive @BrianTierney09 £22k, @BrianTierney09 @columeastwood? Did you consult with @RNIBNI @guidedogsni before installing crossings that are confusing to guide dogs, putting visually impaired pedestrians in danger? Where was the due diligence?
"Rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossings are not safe for disabled people, older people or children and could exacerbate hallucinatory conditions, including for those with psychosis, campaigners warn." Not so 'welcoming' after all. #gesturepolitics…
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#Belfast's Monument To The Unknown Woman Worker Thanks to the unknown woman/women(/man/men?) responsible for this act of #peacefulprotest. The dictionary definition of 'woman' is not hate speech. People are trying to force a change in definition without debate. #NoThankYou Photo of a Belfast sculptur...
#Belfast Show some love for women and LGB youth. The definition of woman is not a hate crime. Around 80% of young people with dysphoria will find it resolves by end of puberty; most of them will grow into healthy gay adults. #NoConversionTherapyViaGenderWoo

#peacefulprotest Image
#Belfast Women deserve safety, dignity and privacy. Preserve women's single-sex spaces.

#peacefulprotest #hatefreehaberdashery Photo of a padlock with suf...
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🎥 Precious Life are live from Warrenpoint for Day 3 of our Annual Pro-life Roadshow.

Abortion is not healthcare
Abortion is Not in Our Name

🎥… #RepealSection9 #NorthernIreland #Prolife #RestorePersonhood
Did you know there are politicians here in Northern Ireland who support the murder of babies in the womb?

Leaflet Request⬇️
Email with your name, address & the number of leaflets required to distribute among your church or neighbourhood
💥Warrenpoint & Newry💥 Day 3 of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow.

Thankyou to all our dedicated pro-life volunteers who stood for Life today!
Join the Roadshow at College Street abortion centre in BELFAST tomorrow 1.00-3.00pm.
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Watch 🎥 Day 2 of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow coming from BANGOR today⛱💥…
💥BANGOR 💥 Day 2 of the summer Roadshow.
Many petitions were signed by the public to Repeal Section 9 and Restore Personhood to EVERY unborn baby in Northern Ireland.

#RepealSection9 #RestorePersonhood
💥BANGOR 💥on Day of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow.

Tomorrow we will continue the Roadshow in WARRENPOINT from 1.00-3.00pm.
Join us and stand for women and babies against abortion in Northern Ireland.
#RepealSection9 #RestorePersonhood
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Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng admitted that the UK signed the #NorthernIrelandprotocol of the #Brexit deal without having any idea how it would work out. Watch and share this 1½-minute video. Discussion on Facebook: LinkedIn:
On Sky News, Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng said

“With the #NorthernIrelandprotocol, obviously nobody had any idea the actual effects of it until we left the #EU"

He added that the government now realises that the deal is not satisfactory “as it is” and wants to renegotiate
Even though the #Brexit deal has only been in operation since 1 January, Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng said:

“The #NorthernIrelandprotocol isn’t written in stone. It’s not something that was going to last forever more. Everybody realised at the time.”
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Lord @DavidGHFrost isn’t happy with the #NorthernIrelandProtocol that HE negotiated. He wants to “return to normal”. Isn’t #EU membership “normal”? That avoided ALL the problems Frosty is griping about and it's what he supported BEFORE the #EUReferendum. Watch ½-minute video.
Before the #EUreferendum, the then Mr @DavidGHFrost strongly supported the case for Britain to REMAIN in the #EU. He said then AGAINST #Brexit: “Even the best-case outcome can’t be as good as what we have now.”
As for the UK going it alone, @DavidGHFrost said BEFORE the #EUreferendum:

“The more independent your national trade policy is, the more difficult it is to negotiate completely barrier-free access to any other country.”
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New - US State Department urges UK/EU to stay within “existing mechanisms” of #Brexit #NorthernIreland protocol ahead of key announcement by Boris Johnson tomorrow @StateDeptSpox
“It's something that we are watching" says US State Department on UK announcement on #NorthernIreland protocol. "We encourage them to negotiate within the existing mechanisms when differences do arise.”
“We’ve consistently said that we welcome the provisions in both the trade and cooperation agreement and the Northern Ireland protocol between the UK and the European Union which importantly protect the gains of the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement" - @StateDeptSpox @StateDept
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