Oct. 11 is #InternationalDayoftheGirl. Every day should be a day when we uphold girls and their right to thrive and to be free of violence. #DayOfTheGirl
What if we nurtured and encouraged the expression of anger in girls the same way we encouraged reading skills: as necessary for their navigation of the world? feministgiant.com/p/how-much-is-… #DayOfTheGirl
Imagine a girl justifiably enraged at her mistreatment. Imagine if we acknowledged her justifiable anger so that a girl understood she’d be heard if anyone abused her & that her anger was just as important a trait as honesty.

What kind of woman would such a girl grow up to be?
I believe all girls are born with what I call a pilot light of anger that flared at injustice.

What happens to it as they grow into women?

feministgiant.com/p/how-much-is-… #InternationalDayoftheGirl
We must teach girls that their anger is a valuable weapon in defying, disobeying & disrupting patriarchy, which pummels and kills the anger out of girls.
It socializes them to acquiesce and to be compliant, because obedient girls grow up to become obedient foot-soldiers of the patriarchy.

They grow up to internalize its rules, which are used to police other women who disobey. #DayOfTheGirl
From a very young age girls around the world are told that they are vulnerable and weak.

By the age of 10, research shows they believe it. Conversely, boys are fed the stereotype that they are strong and independent. feministgiant.com/p/how-much-is-…
Girls are born with plenty of rage already, but we squash it.

They are taught to be polite, to be well-behaved, and to not make a scene.

We tell them not to raise their voice and not to speak too much.

I want to bottle-feed rage to every baby girl so that it fortifies her bones and muscles. I want her to flex and feel the power growing inside her as she herself grows from a child into a young woman.
I want girls to grow up with their pilot light of anger tenacious and sure of its right to flare whenever treated unjustly. 

I want girls to grow up knowing that angry women are free women.

feministgiant.com/p/how-much-is-… #DayOfTheGirl #InternationalDayOfTheGirl2021

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Every time I see Ashli Babbitt trending, I will remind you:

Ashli Babbitt never imagined the Capitol Police would shoot her because the police rarely shoot white women, unless it’s a cop who shoots his wife at home. #AshliBabbitt #January6th

She never imagined she'd survive fighting for regime change “over there” only to die fighting for regime change “over here.” A 14yr Air Force vet who fought in Iraq & Afghanistan, she was the only person shot by Capitol Police while trying to storm the Congress of her own country
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Every time I write something I think is brave, I think "That's the bravest I'll ever be." And every time I start a new essay, I ask myself "Am I not brave?" Yes, I am. But courage wilts & withers when it is not challenged, like muscles that need heavier weights. So I dare myself
The above is about abortion. This is about shaving all my hair off. Always, always, whatever scares me the most, in just the thinking about doing it, is what I need to do the most.

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28 Sep
After my first abortion 25yrs ago, I couldn't talk to anyone about it. Instead, I would endlessly search for stories on abortion, to nurture my need for support and community. If that is you today on #InternationalSafeAbortionDay, I hope my essay helps you. Love and solidarity.
Here I am finally sharing for my younger self who had no one to talk to about her abortions; for anyone who recognizes that their abortion is considered especially shameful or outrageous because it does not follow the few acceptable abortion narratives. feministgiant.com/p/abortion-is-…
The personal is political, of course. Where I come from, the personal is more dangerous than the political.

I am from a country w/ the greatest number of women & girls in the world whose genitals have been cut in the name of controlling female sexuality refworld.org/pdfid/5a17eee4… Text: With an FGM prevalence of 87.2% among all women aged 1
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