i'm going to tweet a thread about the disturbing, everyday reality of living in barry county, michigan, under sheriff dar leaf but i want to give some background for people who've never heard of him
dar leaf has been the sheriff in barry county for way too long

he believes he's a "constitutional sheriff," that is, one of the highest law enforcement agents in the united states
dar leaf has appeared with members of the michigan liberty militia and the wolverine watchmen, both groups charged in the plot to kidnap governor gretchen whitmer and execute her
though dar wasn't charged in the plot, he did describe the planned kidnapping as "a legal arrest"
he has attends protests with members of those groups and other domestic terrorist "militias" and earlier this year publically floated the idea of "posse comitatus" in our county
in other words, the sheriff in the county i live in has stated that he's considering putting together his own armed militia, which he believes is above michigan law and is a right enshrined in the u.s. constitution
he perpetuated the election fraud lie by hiring a private investigator to harass clerks and poll workers

he also allegedly plotted to seize voting machines and urged other "constitutional sheriffs" to do the same following the 2020 election
now, let me show you something that i saw on friday in hastings, michigan, the county seat
The back of a red truck. More details in thread
what you're seeing there is a red chevy suv. my 12yro took this picture as i was driving

it's blurry, but the stickers on the back include two confederate flags, a "don't tread on me," a 3%er symbol, and numerous constitutional sheriff and peace officers association symbols
this picture was taken as this vehicle pulled onto a dead-end road. the only reason to drive down that road is to get to the county jail and the sheriff's department
i'm not saying that's dar leaf's truck because i can't run the plate, obviously, and because...this is a white supremacist county

it could be *any* member of the sheriff's department riding around with terrorist stickers on the back of their car
i will also add: when people run against dar leaf, they either don't win because this is a heavily white supremacist area or they drop out of the race because supporters of leaf terrorize the candidate
constitutional sheriffs, imo, present the largest threat to our democracy because they firmly believe that any action they take is legal, no matter how illegal it is
i saved the picture from friday because i didn't want it to get lost in the weekend shuffle. i would appreciate rts; maybe a news organization outside the immediate area will investigate this
dar leaf is just joe arpaio without the tents
i can't even get my head around screaming "i have the right under the united states constitution!" while driving around with not one, but TWO confederate flags on your vehicle like make up your mind
also, a man from my village tried to get dar leaf removed by petition but he remained anonymous because...if you speak up, you're putting yourself in danger

• • •

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