If the US can't even fix rampant price gouging in insulin, one of the most commonly used generic drugs in the world, how can we expect it to reform health care?


This is an old chart. A patient in the US now pays up to 15x more for insulin now than in most other countries.
If you want to put thousands of additional dollars into the pockets of tens of millions of American families this year, in one fast move, end the predatory pricing of insulin, levothyroxine, and the other generics.
Generic Humalog: ~$150-250 per vial
Generic Novolog: ~$350 per vial

As a reference, generic Humalog cost ~$21 a vial in 1996

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29 Sep
There are different "simulations" possible

1) Universe sim. Everything down to the smallest particle (used by physicists)

2) Earth sim (entire population sim, Matrix style)

3) Personal sim (just the perceptions an individual would experience)

@elonmusk The 'people' in the sim can be:

1) Real -- when the sim is a complete reality (Universe sim).

2) Real -- existing outside the sim, but unknowingly living in it (matrix, advanced MMO, etc.).

3) AI constructs -- who think they are real.
@elonmusk Assumption: Computing power will soon advance to the level required to run a countless number of "sims"

Personal sims will reach this level first, followed by Earth sims. Universe sims may not be possible.

Sims with AI constructs are far more likely than sims with real people.
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21 Sep
I just finished my testimony to the Senate on how to handle Big Data -- thanks to the Senators and the Senate teams (Mark and Avery in particular) for working with me on this, despite the fact that my ideas were waaay outside of the mainstream.
The good news is that I was able to insert two NEW ideas into the mix:

1) Data ownership. You own your data, you should be in control of it.

2) Digital rights. Rights that protect us against a corporate-run surveillance state (there are none right now).
The bad news is: these ideas were so NEW (outside the mainstream), it's going to take some time for people to get their heads around them.

We also need a better spokesmodel than me for this (I'm OK, but there are MANY people much better at this than I am).
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17 Aug
US forces being surrounded in Kabul is a military blunder but it isn't discussed.

We fought a war over WMDs that didn't exist, but nobody was held accountable.

95% of PPE production was outsourced to China (etc.), so we didn't have enough when COVID arrived. Crickets.

The banks knew, for years, that CDOs were risky and toxic but they sold them anyway to pension funds, making the financial crash possible. Nada.

I could go on and on.

Nothing real is being discussed. Nothing is being corrected. Nobody is held accountable (just the opposite).
The pervasiveness of this goes beyond simply attributing it to corruption or collusion.

It goes deeper.

It's more fundamental.
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14 Aug
What we're seeing in Afghanistan is a great demonstration of how to switch realms of warfare.

From guerrilla warfare fought in the moral realm (and given the rapid collapse of the ANA, a complete success) to maneuver warfare fought in the psychological realm (more success).
Note: Why is maneuver warfare in the psychological realm?

Maneuver warfare uses rapid movements that maximize ambiguity, deception, and novelty in order to disorient, disrupt, and overload an opponent's decision-making.
That's exactly what we are seeing.

This was two days ago:

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13 Aug
China's counter-insurgency against the Uighurs:

1) Declare Islam a mental disease

"they were forced to renounce Islam, criticize their own Islamic beliefs and those of fellow inmates, and recite Communist Party propaganda songs for hours each day."

2) Send a million people (mostly men) to re-education camps

3) Send a million ethnically correct party members to live in their homes (police their behaviors under threat of camps)
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14 Jul
"They enable extremely centralized command and control (as in: operations can be micro-manged down to the decision to kill). In sum, a small number of people in Washington DC can control and operate a vast 24x7 killing field for very few $$."

'a more interesting idea is how it gets applied to US internal security when... the current system loses much of its remaining legitimacy'
In that scenario:

"even a mildly radical post to a blog, Facebook, or Twitter (particularly if it could lead to a flashmob or an occupy style protest) would invite inclusion on the drone assassination list"
Read 4 tweets

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