The South Asian Geopolitics is about to go, rather undergoing drastic and unprecedented change.
1. It’s time for India to step up and enter into a bigger role than just focusing on itself. If it’s a battle of influence, you cannot hope to gain more by not participating in
regional activities. Sri Lanka post great, Bangladesh resolution of borders and increase in trade and commerce great. But Pakistan continues to be a nuisance that India is unable to find an answer to. Either by diplomacy or by force, the dispute has to be ended for India to gain
objective and clear prominence in region. Otherwise it’ll continue to be seen as a big country unable to resolve issues. Nepal and Bhutan continue to long standing friends, with minor issues coming up time to time. Where India also needs to focus is Myanmar. Given history of NE
terrorism and now Myanmar having major Chinese influence, we need to step up our game there. And finally China. India did a great job by standing up to the bully in Ladakh. But that’s not enough. They are miles ahead in Military, economy and influence. We need to contain the
border issues and stalemate is not a bad option for India. China will exert military pressure only when we corner them in other domains. It’s signalling that ‘we can do this too’. India needs to ensure that their faith in this signalling is bought down and it doesn’t become a
one stop solution for China to intimidate India. And that can happen with rapid modernisation of Armed Forces in both Arms/ammo and structure.
2. Afghanistan will play a very major role in times to come in regional games. To avoid it from becoming a playground for Paki proxies
and Terror groups, India needs to take the US-EU route on economic sanctions on Pak. If US is warming up to India, this is the time to leverage it and indirectly mitigate the terror threats that soon will start to rise given the freedom Pak will enjoy in building terror training
camps in Afghanistan. Our focus should strictly be right now on how anything can hurt us, and act preemptive to neutralise it. A fine balance will have to be created in standing on the ideological footing of not dealing with Taliban but also not letting Afghanistan become a
diplomatic vacuum. Easier said than done, but there are ways to ensure this.
3. Though not South Asia, but Central Asian region will play a critical role now in our regional politics. India needs to act fast and decisive in establishing rapport and connects there. Financially,
we are in position to create aid and support programmes and it should be utilised. Losing the region, to save some bucks and dillydallying over negotiations might take them out of reach and then we will spend many times more just to get a little foothold. Not to mention the
diplomatic hurdles we’ll have to face then.
4. Iran at present would be a great option to talk to. India should benefit and ascend in level of alliance from the existing traditionally harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between I-I. The entire Pak and Afghanistan
debacle will have Iran playing a major role in times to come. Especially from India’s perspective.

All in all, it’s time to act and up the game. Maintaining status quo is not the best option right now, unless India wants to be happily sitting on sidelines in global politics.
Sorry for typos. Again, I’ve to remind myself to review the post after writing :)

• • •

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21 Sep
I personally have lot of respect of Mr @ARanganathan72, especially for his panache with stats and facts to counter rhetorics. But I guess in this debate, he needs to understand that Army itself as an Organization is a fact, result and performance based Organization. The end game
will always be to be a ruthless war machine and win every battle. Whatever makes that happen, let’s do it ! In same breath, Caste based Regiments have proven their success since the time British created them. Even they followed the same principle. We don’t look deeply enough but
even they have Scot regiments etc. And they took Gurkhas exactly in same manner as it existed, in British Army, till present day to maintain the same principles, as mentioned ahead :
1. Infantry units at the face of it are one caste. But even within them, units and sub units
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18 Sep
Spy Stories by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott is exactly opposite of what investigative journalism is all about. On Pakistani side, a fictional Shahrukh Khan type over the top ISI spy becomes a protagonist who’s suddenly fighting everyone from ISI to Al Qaeda. On India side, they
gone to extreme lengths to disparage, implicate and pull down Indian government, Modi and NSA. Page after page they’ve tried to push the ‘Saffron terror’ up and given a clean chit to ISI on almost everything. For a book focused on Inter services rivalry, dedicating lot of pages
just to narrate the ‘Oh so nice’ Burhan Wani’s story and accolading him with names like Prophet and Young Fidel Castro and what not. There is absolutely no insight on any RAW operation except what’s already available on Internet. But to sell the Pak’s innocence agenda and again
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26 Jul
Sharing a nice story on this auspicious day of #KargilDiwas.
During the war, millions of children from across the country wrote letters to faujis who were fighting on the front, sending their love and encouragement. The letters are distributed amongst all units and then further
to all companies, so everyone gets the to read them. I also got a few and replied to them. But my buddy, from 8 Sikh got one from Mhow, a place where we were about to for our Young Officers Mandatory course.
So when we reached there, in early 2000, he showed me the letter and
said we should visit this kid. I said sure. The letter was the cutest representation by a really you girl, 5-6 years old, of what she thought Army guys are doing and her best wishes for them.
So we bought a few chocolates and cookies etc and reached her house. We send the bell
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29 Jun
This is no joke ! The systematic subjugation of Indian minds has been achieved through programming children from young age about invaders’ superiority. The text books in syllabus and other historic material considered as authoritative narration, written by agenda driven
academicians is brutally dishonest and prejudiced against Indians. Let me explain by example. Think of the most famous battles you can of our history, that you can recall immediately from your school time.
1. Panipat’s 3 battles
2. Palassey
3. Buxar
4. Haldighati
5. Saragarhi
6. 1857
And a couple of more. If you are not a history aficionado, these names are the ones that you more or less carry in your memory from basic history taught in school.

So what’s common in all of them ?
Indian forces lost all to outsiders/ invaders. Mainly Turks/Mughals and
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27 Jun
Drone attacks : Jammu AF station

Specific to Indo-Pak situation, there has been lot of talk on Drone based deliveries or arms and ammo. I personally don’t think that’s a useful or even probable tactic. However, dropping low level IEDs to *Distract* the troops, to
ensure the main attack is carried out seamlessly and undetected is what these drones can achieve. This attacks proves following :
1. Diversion - so ground troops get distracted and occupied, so main attack has less hurdles.
2. Possibility of damaging Air assets - possible, coz
aircrafts or helicopters can be rendered unusable and under repairs even with minimal damage. Same impact on ground vehicles or AFVs etc wouldn’t have that impact.

3. Strategic hits - The drones can be aimed to hit fuel dumps, Operations rooms, high value targets, radars,
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18 Jun
Bollywood has been flogging a dead horse called ‘Love between common people of India and Pakistan’ for far too long now. It stopped making sense but Bollywood refuses to grow up, as expected from an innovation devoid setup.

People who suffered the pain of
partition, always had some fine memories about their native places. My grandparents included. It’s expected that the stories, literature, music etc had a tone and tinge of pain of this separation from friends and in many cases families too. Memories haunt and their pangs were
pretty obvious when they spoke about the pre partition era, when everyone was focused on throwing the British away. When that generation ruled Bollywood, such themes made sense because there was a connect and desire for that story telling.

The next generation grew up having
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