Jahangir Naji is among those who pioneered journalism in Gilgit-Baltistan. In early 80s he started it from Karachi where he got associated with a daily newspaper. It was the time of handwritten newspapers.
40 years done the memory lane and he is still up with his pen...1/5
adapting to the new technical onslaught.
But for the past one and half year, Naji sb stands out for some other reason solely relating to public health.
He has volunteered himself to prepare daily COVID-19 report for public consumption. The job isn't as simple as it may sound.2/5
It takes at least one hour daily before he is able to sort the data out and shape it into a report.
Since March 2020 - when Gilgit-Baltitan witnessed lockdown amidst covid spike-he hasn't missed the report on a single day.
Today beneficiaries of Jahangir Naji's work aren't...3/5
confined to mediamen and outlets but also dozens of public and private departments besides citizens.
The job he volunteered for public good has now unfortunately been taken as his 'duty'.Urdu verse is somewhat reflection of his situation.
اس کو چھٹی نہ ملی جس نے سبق یاد کیا.
Since his volunteerism has been taken as his duty, it ripped him off any possibility of a reward from government or private sector.
I just the man's efforts got recognition at any level. I just wish. He is an unsung heroe of our times...5/5

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28 Jun 20
Mukarram isn’t special. He is exceptional!
I wasn’t impressed at all when I first saw this teenager sitting next to Hafeezur Rehman in chief minister office. It was prominently published by a local newspaper in its Gilgit-Baltistan edition some three years back. 1/
I read the caption and got to know this teenager was Mukarram, son of Eman Shah, our colleague who is editor daily Ausaf.
Its nothing new in our society, you can do wonders if you’re connected to high-ups,” I thought to myself.
As time went on, I received a friend request one day from Mukarram some two years later. I went through his profile cursorily as I used to do before accepting his request. He sent me a direct message and introduced himself with reference to Eman Shah.
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رات تقریباً 8 بج رہے تھے جب میں کل اسلام آباد پریس کلب سے نکلا۔ سوچا میٹرو بس سے واپس پنڈی جانے سے پہلے اپنے دوست کرامت مغل سے مل لوں۔ وہ ہم نیوز ابپارہ آفس میں تھے۔ سوچا 3, 4 کلومیٹر کا فاصلہ ہے کیوں نہ پیدل ہی جایا جائے اس بہانے تھوڑی سی واک بھی ہوجائے گی۔
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اور یوں چل نکلا۔ ہوتے ہوتے جب اسلام آباد ہوثل ( پتہ نہیں اب اس ہوثل کا کیا نام ہے) کراس کیا اور ذرا اگے اکر سڑک پار کر کے دائیں طرف کو آگیا. اس طرف اکا دکا سثریٹ لائیٹس کام کر رہی تھیں۔ اپنے خیالوں میں مگن شاید لال مسجد سے کچھ ہی فاصلے پر تھا جب اچانک کانوں سے
ایک تیز نسوانی آواز ٹکرائی۔ "کیوں میرا پیچھا کر رہے ہو، تمہارا مسئلہ کیا ہے۔" میں چونک گیا، دیکھا تو سامنے ایک لڑکی کو کھڑا پایا اور پاس ہی ایک سفید کار جس میں ایک شخص بیٹھا ہوا تھا، کار کا انجن بھی سٹارث تھا۔ لڑکی پوری طرح سلیثی رنگ کے برقعے میں ڈھکی ہوئی تھی
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