Sally Rooney’s book won’t be published in Hebrew because there’s no such thing as a “BDS-compliant” Hebrew publisher. To be that, a publisher would have to agree to not selling its books in Israel and to Israelis who are is the overwhelming majority of the Hebrew-reading market.>
What’s useful about this silly episode isn’t what it tells as about Rooney (I’ve no idea if she’s an antisemite tho some think her portrayal of Jewish characters is questionable) is that it clarifies what BDS is. Read its “rules”. It isn’t about the occupation, it’s about Israel>
Under “BDS rules” Ben & Jerry’s for example isn’t BDS-compliant because they’re willing to continue selling ice cream in Israel, just not in the West Bank settlements. Rooney and any other author can’t be BDS-compliant without boycotting all Hebrew-readers. That’s BDS.
All this explains why “BDS” has been around for 16 years but asides from generating a lot of noise, has had zero impact on Israel which has seen massive growth in foreign trade and ties during that period. It’s nothing more than a social media wheeze of western keyboard warriors.
Personally I don’t buy settlement goods and support any individual who boycotts the settlements, but BDS isn’t about the settlements, it’s about boycotting all of Israel, which is why it’s such a failure and helps boost the settlers by making Israelis think “they hate all of us”.
It doesn’t necessarily mean all BDS-supporters are antisemites. It just means that if you’re going to comply with “BDS rules” without thinking of the implications of boycotting the only Jewish nation-state, you’ll find yourself in some tricky situations regarding Jews in general.

• • •

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11 Sep
4 of the 6 Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison were captured last night in 2 locations. In both cases it was tip-offs from Arab citizens that led to their capture. Which will only fuel the debate over the conflicted identity of Israel’s Arab-Palestinian citizens>
As usual, the view of both the hard-right and hard-left is pretty similar. Both see Arab-Israelis as staunchly Palestinian and non-Israeli, while of course reality is so much more complex. Here’s a 2019 poll by @dahliasc showing that 46% choose to define themselves Arab-Israeli>
If anything, it’s only getting more complex with nearly half of Arab-Israelis last year disagreeing with the Joint List position against Israel’s agreements with the UAE and Bahrain and the Arab-Israeli vote splitting between JL and Ra’am who were prepared to be in any coalition>
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9 Sep
I didn’t have much time to tweet over Rosh Hashana so ICYMI here’s my @haaretzcom interview with philosopher, educator and author Micah Goodman on how he’s suddenly become the most influential public intellectual in Israel, confidant of prime ministers >>…
Full disclosure: I’ve known Micah since he was 11 and to me the most interesting thing about him is how he managed to overcome a severe learning disability (as a kid I never knew him to have read a book) to become the author of 6 best-sellers in 11 years>>…
Despite the headline and the interest in his “shrinking the conflict” plan I think what’s most important in the interview is how Micah sees (accurately IMO) the current level of polarization within Israeli society and how it’s reflected in the government>>…
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31 Jul
God help me, at an Israeli “football” match. At least it’s the 1st Jerusalem Derby in 21 years @HapoelJLMfc
Hapoel 1-0 (Naor ‘17)
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28 Jul
When you strip away all the politics and personal rivalries, Israel’s covid-19 vaccine dilemma is very simple. What does a small country which was 1st in the world to vaccinate a large proportion of its population do when there are indications that the effectiveness is waning?
Will a 3rd “booster” dose be effective against the Delta Variant and the next variant which could be just around the corner? Do you take the risk of delivering 3rd jabs without clear data? What about the public confidence in the vaccine? Perhaps focus on non-vaccinated instead?
When it rushed to roll-out vaccines in December ‘20 Israel had the scientific backing of all the clinical tests carried out by Pfizer and the FDA approval. This time around, the world is still focused on getting developing countries their 1st doses. Not on the need for a 3rd dose
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15 Jun
לנפתלי בנט ויאיר לפיד יש דברים חשובים יותר כרגע להתעסק בהם אבל מכיוון שכבר התחילו להתעסק בזה כאן, אתרום את קולי לדיון. אל תבטלו את פרויקט מטוס ראש הממשלה. אמנם הפרויקט נוהל באופן שערורייתי על ידי אנשי נתניהו, אבל המטוס הכרחי ומוצדק בטחונית, מדינית ואפילו כלכלית #כנףציוןלנצח
ביטול פרויקט מטוס ראש הממשלה (שישמש גם את נשיא המדינה ומשלחות גדולות של שרים בכירים נוספים) יהיה צעד פופוליסטי. בתקופת מי שנחשב לצנוע שבראשי הממשלות, מנחם בגין, עמד לרשות ראש הממשלה לא מטוס אחד, אלא שנים (בואינג 707 לטיסות עם פמליה גדולה, ומטוס ווסטווינד לגיחות קצרות - בתמונה)
מי שחושב שאפשר פשוט למכור את כנף ציון הנהדרת לא מכיר את שוק התעופה. נשיא מקסיקו אובראדור שנבחר לפני שנתיים וחצי נשבע למכור את המטוס המפואר שהזמין קודמו ולא מצא לו עד עתה קונים. ושם בבואינג 787 חדיש, לא ב-767 בן העשרים שלנו. אם לא ישתמשו בה, כנף ציון תושמד…
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13 Jun
After 2 and a half years of 4 stalemated election campaigns, and so many months of fruitless coalition talks, maybe it’s over. But seeing as the new government won the confidence vote 60-59, it’s far from certain the political paralysis has ended, even if Netanyahu’s no longer PM
Meanwhile, rather unbelievably, Naftali Bennet is no Israel’s 13th prime minister. Hard to predict how long that will last. If you haven’t read it, here’s my Bennett profile…
And here’s why Netanyahu was finally forced out of office…
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