One of the most common assumptions I see is that Democrats want to win the next election. The actions of some Democrats do not support that conclusion.

If you were an actor or politician and someone offered you tons of money to help big donors and/or the GOP, would you do it? Would you think about it?
2/ ImageImageImageImage
Could you even be persuaded to pledge your allegiance to a foreign government at the expense of the U.S. Capitol?
How much money would be enough to turn you, especially if your ethics were very... "flexible" in that regard? How much money would it take to turn you? Image
If someone threatened you and/or your loved ones, what would you do, go to Wray's FBI?😬…
Think about being shown surveillance photos of your kid, or torture, or murder. If you're forced to watch someone being flailed alive* & told that'll be you if you don't comply, what are you going to do?

*Rumored GRU/Russian mafia tactic
The main thing I want to get across is that saying to Democrats: "hey, this is going to hurt our election chances" may be welcome news to those who've been bribed, threatened, or otherwise compressed.
Also, assuming that this or that *politician* will make statements or decisions that are in our best interests is insane. Was it in our best interests to stay and spend trillions in Afghanistan? Deny Americans universal healthcare? Push reopening during a pandemic?
Refuse to hold Bush & Cheney accountable? Refuse to impeach Barr, Kushner, or serve an adequately robust prosecution against Trump?? end the filibuster? Protect our votes?
Notice your assumptions & be extra diligent against mindreading (Biden wants, Nancy believes, Schumer will...): discipline your mind to set aside assumptions & seek the facts so that you can see clearly and resist effectively.
We need every single person in this fight to save our country, especially you.
10/ Image
Also, it helps to flip your assumptions to *what feels absurd to you,* then try to prove it. I find this technique so helpful!

Here's an example:
11/ Image

Let's say that Schiff will do as he says (see his track record to gauge how likely that is 😬), people will see this and assume he intends to "get them," that there will be arrests, accountability, justice, yadda, yadda, yadda. But Schiff hasn't said any of that.

12a/ Image
People will assume that Schiff wants the truth to come out, wants accountability, justice, etc. but his past decisions *do not support this assumption!*

12b/ ImageImageImage
Incidentally, this came as a big shock to me: I thought Schiff had integrity & good intentions, but *I couldn't prove that.*

Notice how he tells us passionately how terrible Trump's crimes are then discloses that Trump would get a reprieve. ?!?! A reprieve!?
12c/ ImageImageImage
Look at the difference between what he says vs what he actually stands for. It's not clear what he actually stands for to the positive, but it's clear that he doesn't stand for accountability.

"No one is above the law" except Trump & his administration!
Does this mean the American people will be told this truth? He doesn't say that here.

Does this mean there will be indictments & prosecutions? No, he doesn't say that.
12d/ Image
Forget what you expect that decent people - like you - would do in Schiff's (or anyone else's) shoes & instead rely only on what you can prove. Then you're in a position to make a more accurate conclusion.
In fact, assume they're indecent. Ask yourself what they would do if they were compromised & see if anything matches up. These are all exercises in flexible thinking that can help you mow through all the BS.

• • •

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