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1/ America's $6.2 trillion response to
#COVID19 has exposed one of the worst lies in U.S. politics: the claim that we "can't afford" progressive reforms like #MedicareForAll or free college. As a businessperson, this is false & manipulative. Here's what it's really about...
2/ Throughout the 2020 primary, every debate seemed to include a somber moderator (usually a Beltway pundit) scolding candidates about cost anytime they backed bold reforms to help young or less well-off Americans. Like clockwork. Here's 21 examples!…
3/ Of course you never see these questions about war or corp tax breaks. Why? It's about choices & priorities. The U.S. can afford big things - we have the world’s reserve currency & we print it. So the question is: What do we want to spend on? And WHO do we want to spend on?
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How do you think Republican donors/voters would have reacted if Trump & Senate Repubs couldn't have gotten Democrats to concede to their terms in the recent "stimulus" bill?

Now Dems don't have a position from which to negotiate & are left to begging. How's that working for us?
What if Democrats had demanded $5,000/mo. per American worker? Would that have been any less extreme than the billions for behemoth corporations?
Over my career, I've negotiated with homeowners, executives from F500 corps & huge banks, & small businesses.

Democrats have been negotiating with middle to low ground as their starting point rather than using leverage, at a staggering cost to us. Demand much, much more.
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The two things we have seen slow or stop the #COVID19 pandemic are personal responsibility and medical innovation. Americans are much better at the second one. (1/4)
People wrongly applaud authoritarian methods, despite #China lying about results. Fans of #MedicareforAll claim universal #healthcare would help but Spain/Italy prove otherwise. Japan thus far has great results thanks to healthy population & culture rewarding precautions. (2/4)
People w underlying illness are high risk but do you realize how many of those are preventable? When I was researching my upcoming book, MAKE AMERICA HEALTHY AGAIN, I was shocked at how good we are at solving #health problems w research & how bad we are when its up to us. (3/4)
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Thread: The closest grocery store to my house is an Eastern European market. On my most recent trip there, everyone working the registers was Black, the first time I've ever seen this.

They were all there picking up the temporary positions that #COVID19 has made necessary.
Some of the workers had lost side jobs recently due to the economic downturn, others were searching before the #COVID19 crisis.
A brother told me the positions are part time, don’t come with healthcare, and are not guaranteed after the #COVID19 crisis. Many of the Black people in my life--particularly youth--who were previously out of work are currently taking up or applying for these jobs.
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#Thread What type of bottom feeding media attacks educators during a pandemic? The same one that wished a #HurricaneKatrina on #CPS. I’m guessing their goal is to remain on brand? #Trash #Covid19…
#NewFlash : Educators are real ppl. We’re experiencing #Covid19 like the rest of the world. Some of our immune systems are compromised. Some hv contracted it. Some are awaiting results. Many are taking care of family who’ve contracted it. Some have died. #InRealLife #Covid_19
3/ We are watching the body count increase daily. Some of us are making masks for 1st responders. Others hv cleared out their teacher cabinets & given sanitizer & soap to 1st responders. #Service #Covid_19 #InRealLife
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Many are not getting any relief from this "stimulus". Many will be forgotten. Many will lose their jobs. Many will lose their homes.

Privilege will allow many to play board games and enjoy long binges of streaming video.

That's what neoliberalism does.
#COVID19 1/x
Neoliberalism takes the best of us... Makes us slightly more comfortable than those left out and makes it easy to give into privileged stances.

Bernie Sanders platform talks about "I will fight for someone I don't know"
but only under Bernie's proposals are these programs and stimulus universal. Only under Sanders plans are these items rights. Good people. Bad people. Rich people. Poor people. People ..
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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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Last night the CEO of @BCBSM (Blue Cross Blue Shield) took over my TV screen in an ad to tell me about all they're doing re: #COVID19.

He didn't answer a few other questions I have about helping hospitals and low-income ppl in MI as this #CoronavirusPandemic rages:

1) @BCBSM (Blue Cross Blue Shield): Hospitals rely on you to reimburse services they provide. They can't do elective surgeries that keep them afloat.

How are you helping them stay open through the #CoronavirusPandemic? Will you keep them open?

2) @BCBSM (Blue Cross Blue Shield): how are you supporting low-income ppl who AREN'T suffering #COVIDー19 but ARE struggling with the other diseases humans get, like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer and lost insurance right now?

Will you extend their coverage?

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Email to #Bernie shows campaign's pollster predicted he was within 4 points of #Biden in South Carolina. 2 days later, Biden blew out SC by nearly 30 points, turning the race around.

How Sanders' run came undone: thread…
In Jan, @ZephyrTeachout, a law prof allied w/ #Sanders, wrote an op-ed alleging #Biden had “a big corruption problem," & the campaign sent it to everyone on its large email list.

✔️ #Sanders "put a stop to it. 'It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way.'"
In Feb, VT Rep @PeterWelch implored #Sanders to "ease up" on his attacks of #democrats. Welch believed it "sounded exclusionary to ordinary people backing other candidates, ... a lot of voters who are just everyday voters, who decided to vote for other #Dems" (NYT 3/21).
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Here is a collective way to help enlighten the population.

I am trying to find conflicts of interest between pundits on CNN/MSNBC and the democratic establishment.

So, it would be helpful to have an accurate map of every "pundit" on these shows.
For example, we have Emily Tisch Sussman.

Did you know her dad is a hedgefunder?…
This gets weird. Why is this mysterious PAC that only raised 35K using "legal services" for 6k?…
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Regretfully, Joe Biden's healthcare plan discriminates against those too poor to pay. It leaves 10 million Americans behind, & will result in 125k unnecessary deaths over 10 years.

Either healthcare is a human right, or it isn't.

It's great that everyone is coming together around this crisis. But people are in crisis everyday. 500 mil Americans go bankrupt from medical debt every year. 68 mil are un or underinsured. We've been in a state of emergency. We need a president who acts like it. #Bernie2020
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Despite all this election rigging, we're only about 100 (out of almost 4000 delegates) apart from their shitty candidate.

Pretty impressive.

Obama was 300 behind Hillary at this point in 2008.

What can we do to get ahead?

2. We have to look at where we're winning and where we aren't to know where to adjust strategies.

Bernie was right, we need to do better on the electability argument.

Keep refusing to vote for Joe, or anyone except Bernie. Corporate Boomers are hearing us, and getting worried.
3. Keep talking about his promise to veto #MedicareForAll

#JoeBidenDoesntSupportMedicareForAll is going to be a liability with Coronavirus having become a pandemic.

He's part of the reason that it is spreading because he also opposes sick leave.…
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The #NoBidenPledge:

We pledge to neither vote for, convince others to vote for, nor support the campaign of @JoeBiden in the event he becomes the Democratic Party nominee

Some of us are independents. Some are lifelong Democrats. Some were #ObamaToTrump voters in 2016. Some are @BernieSanders supporters, others @ewarren supporters, and others undecided.

All of us would have otherwise supported @TheDemocrats in the general election.
Our three major objections:

1) @JoeBiden’s history of support for right-wing policy

2) Concerns about Biden’s health and ability to defeat Trump and carry out the office of President

3) The DNC and media’s collective effort to smother a grassroots progressive movement
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In a recent and important essay, @mariafarrell wrote about the road-to-Damascus conversions that ex-techies are having in which they recant the damaging product design work they did and begin to campaign against their former employers.…

Farrell noted that these techies had missed an important step in their transformation from venal attention mercenaries to noble attention freedom-fighters: they had yet to hit bottom, to truly repent their earlier sins.

They skipped like stones over the waters of privilege, and never sank, unlike so many of their victims.

Contrast those journeys with that of @wendellpotter, the former @Cigna exec turned whistleblower, who has devoted decades of his life to revealing dirty tricks and lies.

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This is why I am feeling so defeated. I promised my friend I wouldn't stop fighting until #M4ALL was a reality.

Robin was a very dear friend of mine. I met her at one of my first protests and her eyes lit up when she noticed my "BERNIE: because fuck this shit" button. 1/12
She was stuck with me. Robin served as the Delaware County Iowa Dem Chair and was very politically active in Iowa. She was a 2016 Bernie state delegate. We attended many rallies, protests and events together and she was always just so thoughtful, composed and passionate. 2/12
She was in a viral video a few years ago when she confronted Sen. Grassley for voting to repeal pre-existing conditions protections. She then appeared on Lawrence O'Donnell to speak about her confrontation and activism. MY GIRL!! She was my activism mentor. 3/12
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When you see that primary challenge heading your way
When the state legislature and @NYGovCuomo openly wonder about merging your district with Congressman Nadler's.
When you pissed off @SpeakerPelosi by writing a #MedicareForAll bill with no funding mechanism, @JoeBiden looks like he's going to win the Washington primary, and @JayInslee is too busy to return your calls.
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Senator @ewarren has, in an absurd turn of events, been duped by the establishment to weaponize Bernie’s online popularity against him, as an excuse for her silent endorsement of @joebiden!


In her post-“Super Tuesday” interview with @maddow, @ewarren comforted her core supporter base by showing her continued commitment to both help working families and fight for a female President.

@ewarren also gave voice to victims of online harassment, including publication of personal information, and pointed a finger at the campaign of @berniesanders specifically, feeding into the #BernieBros narrative.

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“Why do medical procedures cost so much?”

Dissecting a Medical Bill: A Thread
This is a bill my brother received for a 3-day ambulatory EEG, required to diagnose the cause of his new onset grand mal seizures.
21 leads are glued to the head to monitor brain activity continuously. The pt leaves wearing the device, returns at 72 hrs for removal.
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NEWS>> As the primary moves to my home state of Michigan, @cmteetoprotect just polled #MedicareforAll’s popularity among the *general electorate* in Michigan & 4 other swing states Trump won. The results? More of these voters back #M4A than oppose, by 48-45. Some details: (1/5)
Medicare for All is above water among general election voters in MI (48-44), PA (50-43), WI (51-45) & AZ (48-44). In IA it’s 44-51. Remember these are Trump states. We already knew M4A was popular among Dem primary voters. This suggests it’s popular in a general, too. 👇 (2/5)
To get under the hood we asked: “Which healthcare-related issue is most important to you?” Either ”keeping medical costs down” (29%) or “ensuring all Americans have coverage” (26%) is top priority in every state. Just 1 in 5 say keeping government out of healthcare.👇 (3/5)
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I've reported in Flint 15 times since 2016-this is false. @BernieSanders visited WHEN NOT RUNNING 4 PREZ. @BarackObama @JoeBiden DIDN'T declare fed disaster or push 4 #MedicareForAll for Flint (but gave it to all white Libby Montana as part of Obamacare)
I've appreciated u sharing my work in the past and know you care a great deal about Flint--so I assume this is just a mistake. The bill you are referencing was an omnibus bill with terrible poison pills in it for the environment. Bernie supported straight funding bills for Flint.
Meanwhile--the candidate you are supporting---@JoeBiden--is currently taking money from billionaires who supported former MI Governor Rick Snyder. The leading activists I speak with in Flint (have done 300-500 interviews over the years in Flint) say Obama/Biden left them for dead
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In 2010 I got Hepatitis A when there was a small outbreak in LA. As soon my dr determined I had Hep A, he called Dept of Health as legally required. Several ppl at my job got Hep A too. The LA County Dept of Health descended on all of us. 1/
A few ppl were hospitalized. I was quite ill but didn’t need to be hospitalized. MTV, on whose show we worked, was amazing; instantly transparent about everything & arranged for employees & families to get free immune globulin shots. 2/
LA County Dept of Health were the MVPs though. They interviewed us each multiple times, in person & over the phone. It reminded me of hypnosis as they asked Qs about what we’d eaten & when, in diff. ways. They’d help you recall what you’d eaten for lunch on a specific Tuesday 3/
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Never mind what the insiders & powerbrokers tell you, if you’re SERIOUS about solving Michigan’s problems, @BernieSanders is THE ONLY real choice for
- union rights
- healthcare
- racial justice
- education
- Great Lakes protection
And SO many more...

A thread:

Nobody stands with unions like @BernieSanders. He opposed NAFTA, recognizing it would fundamentally destroy our manufacturing economy by giving corporations carte Blanche to exploit foreign labor.

He came to Detroit to picket w/ @UAW & helped put #Fightfor15 on the map.

Even after our “comeback,” economists estimate we lost 250K jobs during the recession that are NEVER coming back.

Why? Wall St played fast & loose w/ our economy.

@BernieSanders wants to hold them accountable so it never happens again.

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OK peeps - buckle up for the TRUE story about #JoeBiden's notorious 2018 trip to my #michigan district MI-06). (Includes great #LizWarren cameo!) #michiganprimary

PLS RT @briebriejoy @DrDooleyMD @AbshirDSM also @sunrisemvmt @NaomiAKlein (for Fred Upton enviro tie-in)
The NYT "reported": "There is no evidence Mr. Biden was anything other than sincere admiration, stemming from Mr. Upton’s role in crafting the 21st Century Cures Act after the death of Mr. Biden’s elder son, Beau, from cancer in 2015."…
Here come the facts!

1. Biden collected a $200K check for that speech. (How sincere!) It also took place during a VERY close House race in one of the narrowest-red districts (R +1) in Michigan (MI-06).
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I cried myself to sleep last night.
Thinking about Warren’s interview on Maddow, and how much time she spent focusing on the “Toxic Bernie Bro” issue.
I cried myself to sleep last night. Thinking about the 500,000 people who sleep on the streets every night: so many are women...
I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about all the “toxic Bernie Bro” accounts I’ve encountered-blocked and reported after realizing they were fake accounts with barely any followers and random avatars.
I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about what is at stake...
I cried myself to sleep at night thinking about how white feminism still hasn’t learned to include a class analysis or race analysis; watching Hillary Rosen co-opt Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail to whitesplain Nina Turner, one of most powerful Black women in politics...
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