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Sen Fauxhonataus avoids Answering the Question on how to pay for #Medicare4All 👈😂👇👀👀
People will be forced for #Medicare4All. People will loose their #PrivateInsurance. This #MedicareForAll is #GoldStandard of the #CorruptDemocraticParty
Ya all fucked you vote in these #Buttplugs
Cockbar argues #WarrenPipeDream on #Medicare4All
Attacks on #Medicad
Dems let illegals bring drugs #Opiates #DemCorruption

@JoeBiden claims #MedicareForAll is the #BidenPlan built on the #Obamacare costs $30Trillion over 10 years
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For months, we've been saying that we could fund plans like #MedicareForAll by cutting over $300 billion from the military budget.

Now, here it is: The breakdown of exactly what could be cut (with colorful graphics). (1/9)…
@lindsaykosh via @nytimes
First, over the last 2 decades, the U.S. has spent $4.9 trillion on wars. What do we have to show for it? Nothing but endless violence.

While we can’t un-spend that $4.9 trillion, imagine if we could make different choices for the next 20 years. Like these cuts:
✂️ $66 BILLION out of the Pentagon's requested $165 billion for 2020 was directly related to fighting endless, destructive, unwinnable wars.

✂️ $14 BILLION is how much we gave to other countries' militaries in 2017. That's more than 5x the UN's budget.
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This debate is ridiculous people. Take it from a former health insurance exec. This isn’t hard! #DemDebate
Our corporate health insurance system is COLLAPSING. The employer-based system is COLLAPSING.
Wake up to the reality of Americans going bankrupt or losing their homes because they get sick and you realize #MedicareforAll is inevitable. There is no other solution.
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This bill is half measure bs. I read it:

The negotiated max. price will be 120% of avg. price in other countries or 85% of the U.S. avg. mfg. price.
Two options, We will still pay 20% higher than rest of world, or,
Max discount 15%
Only 25 drugs will be "negotiated"
Why is there negotiation? Just set the price to the lowest price across the globe.

Bc they don't want to piss off their sugar daddy, the pharma lobbies.

There's alot more to unpack in this half measure bill.

We need #medicareforall
Also it's effective date is Jan 2023 so the Bill's name of drug costs now, is an immediate misnomer ... these corporate shills are so annoyingly deceptive
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we must bring attention to the mental health crisis that disproportionately impacts black youth. In the past 25 years, suicide rates have gone up for black children ages 5 to 11. As a mother, this is deeply personal to me.
I’m part of an emergency task force that’s working to address this crisis. We need funding and policies that support schools as sites of intervention. Schools should have enough mental health professionals and services for their students.
Disciplinary practices disproportionately affect black students and students struggling with their mental health. We need to look at the role suspensions and expulsions play in this crisis.
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LGBTQ+ activists and organizers have made enormous strides toward equality—but that hard-won progress is already under attack. We need a president who is ready to fight back. I've got a plan to secure LGBTQ+ rights and equality.
The problems we face are deeply rooted and systemic, so this plan tackles many different areas. From health care to affordable housing, criminal justice reform, and empowering LGBTQ+ workers, I’ll fight to ensure that every LGBTQ+ person has the opportunity to thrive.
First, I will fight to pass the Equality Act to explicitly ban anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. But we can’t wait on Congress. In my first 100 days as president, I’ll use every legal tool we have to make sure that LGBTQ+ people can live free from discrimination.
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1/ I'm in Québec, Canada right now--as a visitor, not a resident--& had a minor (but painful) health scare this Sunday (have had before). Our $3500+per-mo US policy was, I believed, supposed to include limited medical care here, so the 1st thing I did was visit their site. But...
2/ my US health insurance site wouldn't let me log on to read my own insurance terms. Said it needed to "verify my identity". Fine, I thought, doubled over in pain. 2 options: call them on Monday after 8 or be texted a code now. I'm in the mountains with no cell (SMS) reception..
3/ I do have satellite Internet & a land line, but texts from non-Apple phones don't drop in. I walk outside in the 30º weather, bent over, holding my cell phone aloft, finally getting high enough up the hill that a 3G connection sparks up & the code arrives...
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@Superciliously @cmclymer If you're sincerely asking, I will sincerely answer, but will take a few tweets. I'll come back to this when I'm at my computer (easier to type out there than on my phone). ✌🙂
@Superciliously @cmclymer Ok, so let's go back before the 2016 elections. I don't have a date for this, but given that she's wearing the bob haircut she first became known for during the financial crisis, it's most likely sometime circa 2008-2011. Here she is, praising #Bernie2020's integrity. 1/?
@Superciliously @cmclymer Here she is in 2002 on Bill Moyers, talking about HRC's help (as FLOTUS) in having stopped a bill that Warren was sounding the alarm on. Yrs later, Senator Clinton voted in favor of that same bill that came back up again. Listen to her explanation... 2/?
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The Trump Administration says it wants to "protect" Medicare by expanding Medicare Advantage, a program that allows corporate health insurers to bilk taxpayers for billions. How does this plan compare to improved #MedicareForAll? via @washingtonpost
Medicare Advantage: Plans "cherry pick" relatively healthy, low-cost patients to pad their bottom lines.

#MedicareForAll: Each and every American would be covered regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Source: via @KFF
Medicare Advantage: Engages in "upcoding" that labels patients with diagnoses most likely to generate profits for the insurer.

#MedicareForAll: Diagnosis, treatment, and documentation paperwork based strictly on medical need.

Source: via @nberpubs
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There is a glitch in this: the premise ignores how ineffective and inefficient employer provided #healthcare is in the U.S. model. California needs #SinglePayer / #MedicareForAll to have better #health outcomes.
having the boss pay for #healthcare is absurdly expensive…
it's something that @TheDemocrats like to do to our folly…
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THREAD: For years, Republicans have put their thumb on the scale in favor of for-profit Medicare Advantage plans.

Under the Trump Administration, that thumb has turned into an entire hand.

Medicare Advantage is a scam. Here are 10 reasons why.…
1. Medicare Advantage plans limit the doctors and hospitals enrollees can use. It's no surprise that the sicker people get, the more likely they are to switch back to traditional Medicare.
2. Medicare Advantage plans do not offer people information that would allow them to understand what they will pay out of pocket when they need costly care and which doctors and hospitals they will be able to use.
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A reminder that Bernie Sanders wrote the bill that gets rid of the Hyde amendment and makes abortion not just “accessible” to low income women, but free at point of service.

That’s the standard to beat.

This is Bernie a year before Roe v. Wade — long before everyone else “evolved.”
(Sorry. Still catching up on pod save and a little frustrated re an entire conversation on which candidates are most committed to abortion rights with no mention of Bernie Sanders).
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🚨Not one national newscast used @BernieSanders' heart attack & stent surgery to talk about heart attack risk, warning signs, et al. Nor was Bernie's doctor on the news to explain what happened and what it means for Bernie.
This is a real failure of reporting and transparency.
Bernie sent out a great tweet on which he proclaimed he felt good and--pure Bernie, always on message--stumping for #MedicareForAll.
While we want Bernie well and back to fighting for the people, this event should be a reminder of the intensity of the stresses of campaigning.
It should also be an example of how statistically, American men are known for ignoring their health and warning signs of illness.
Most Americans don't know the signs of a #heartattack or that they are different in men and women. This should have been a teachable moment.
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Here is my piece in support of the Loan Shark Prevention Act by @aoc and @SenSanders at @LPEblog. It’s concise but I’ll go ahead and do a thread of the main points as well here:…
The last few decades of regulation have focused on steering the market. But the purpose of regulation in a democratic society should be to enact the people’s vision, and when that conflicts with the market’s “natural” manifestations, it should triumph over it, not be subjugated.
Payday loans and other short term small amount consumer credit are harmful. Finance amplifies wealth, but it also amplifies poverty, and the evidence is clear that these products harm our communities while lining the pockets of the wealthy. Re…
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Our @GovWhitmer is protecting insurance profits again.

This rule change cuts the number of counselors who can treat Michigan mental health patients.

That saves Medicaid dollars and Blue Cross Blue Shield profits, at the expense of patients' health.

Insurance lobbyists couldn't convince the Michigan legislature to change the law, so Whitmer is changing the regulations to bottleneck mental health patients' access to care.


Michigan government abandoned mental health patients under Gov. Engler. Prisons are the largest provider of mental health in Michigan.

@GovWhitmer wants to increase that number.


#MentalHealth #PrivatePrisons…
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Both parties are lying about this by hiding GATS. As Harkin said "Its time to get real"

Its time to tell the truth about their scheme to hijack health care, Medicare, and Social Security forever. This is all an act. This is all fake.

This is urgent and important - We are walking into a trap. They have laid a trap for us in the form of the WTO and its "governmental authority exclusion" and Annex on Financial Services traps that are there now for Social Security and Medicare. We need a hive mind2focus>
@jvgraz >> on these things in Geneva and how we can extract our nation from this danger. Otherwise both parties will screw us out of this much needed retirement benefit and turn half of the country into paupers. Its a trap, a trick. #MedicareForAll @TwitterSupport
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#ElizabethWarren ”I support #MedicareForAll but also other plans. This isn't some contest.”

Yes, Elizabeth, It is a contest. People will keep dying without Medicare for All. So for many people, this is a fight for our lives. Your privilege oozes out of you.
Elizabeth in 2012

Lying about #Medicare4All saying is a framework, which is not. It’s comprehensive 100 page legislation.

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Let's end this bullshit right here, right now about Tulsi and #MedicareForAll.

She is 100% pivoting away from #MedicareForAll. Let's stop this spin already how she is not. If this was Warren or Mayor Pete saying this, people wouldn't stand for it.
Bernie wrote the damn bill!

ONLY Bernie right now supports #MedicareForAll and just like others running who have cosponsored the House or the Senate bill, Tulsi is flip flopping.

This is the same 💩 Kamala did. Any talk of including private healthcare is NOT M4A!
For those of us who are healthcare activists and/or see #MedicareForAll as a litmus test, Tulsi's language isn't just disappointing, it's downright shocking.

I see her as an ally to Bernie but I can't support her as a candidate. In Bernie's administration? OK.
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.@FSCDems Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Chairwoman @RepBeatty (D-OH-3)'s Opening Stmt, where she referenced Richard Rothstein's #ColorOfLaw. @EconomicPolicy @TMI_LDF #RacialWealthGap……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @RepAnnWagner (R-MO-2)'s Opening Stmt.

@payscale 2018 #GenderPayGap…

@RepStefanik #HR1935 #WageEquity……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @PatrickMcHenry (R-NC-10)'s Opening Stmt.

McHenry supports financial literacy training, FMLA changes, childcare policies & higher STEM participation.…
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.@Ewarren’s daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi and Andy Slavitt co-founded a startup in 1999 called HealthAllies together after knowing each other at the McKinsey Group.

If you can’t afford care, there’s another option...a “discount card”.

They sold HealthAllies to UnitedHealthcare.
You remember Andy Slavitt don’t you? The ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker and McKinsey consultant. He worked on the ACA for the Obama administration. More recently he was pushing that United State of Care crap.

He “supports” #MedicareForAll.

Who does this sound like???
These people ARE CAPITALISTS...TO THEIR BONES. Take them at their goddamn word.
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Let’s be clear: the transition to #MedicareForAll will not cause any healthcare gap. Here’s how it works:

Year 1: Medicare is expanded to include dental/vision/hearing/longterm care etc. Eligibility age drops from 65 to 55, and folks under 18 (minors) are covered too.
Year 2: The eligibility age drops to 45 and up.

Year 3: The eligibility age drops to 35 and up.

Year 4: Everyone is covered!! 🎉🎊🎈
For anyone unclear on the facts, feel free to read the “damn bill”! 😋
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So many people will never know what its like to be pain free or worry free because of the status of their health.
I wanna talk about why it means so much to me that @BernieSanders has fought so hard for me and you to have what we need to be healthy.
Ive never had anyone truly fight for me for anything.
I know a lot of people that have health issues. From their teeth to arthritis to a heart condition.
They dont deserve to live like that simply because theyre poor. Theyre people
When I found Bernie, healthcare didnt matter to me. None of the issues he was fighting for did. I had never voted and wasnt super interested in politics. Things stayed that way for a while. Young and having fun you know?
Then it happened
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A text conversation with one of my friends about mental health, with permission to post, redacting any PII for them.
Them: "So Tuesday I think I'm going to talk to my doctor about bipolar depression."
Me: "Ok. That's probably a good idea.-Are you having manic and depressive...
T: "Yeah. I was sobbing last night at work."
M: "Oh no! I'm sorry. I wish I could hug the sads out."(we're hundreds of miles apart)
T: "I know. It's just getting harder for me to even hide my emotions anymore no matter how hard I try. And I can't talk to anyone at...
...Work about it
M: "I know that all too well. I hope you can get the professional help you need"
T: "Me too. And I even thought about going to the hospital if it was bad enough but unfortunately if you don't have a plan to kill your self they don't do anything"
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My name is John

I'm having difficulty
telling #MyBernieStory
= #MedicareForAll

I suffered a near fatal
head injury in 1999

I've tried several times
to begin this thread

I have severe memory issues
& I become easily confused

If you Follow Me
Please read this entire Thread!😎
I'm unable to tell my story chronologically!😳

My life has been a living nightmare
since the day I was born!

I'm still not certain how I survived the physical & emotional trauma I've suffered nearly every day of my 59 years on this planet & remained somewhat sane & kind!😎John
I nearly died in a car accident in 1999

I've talked about it on another thread, but I got confused & decided to start a new pinned #MyBernieStory Thread

This Thread isn't going to be be Chronological

I've tried & I'm unable to do it!

I'm just going to Time Jump instead!😎
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