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We advocate for #singlepayer, #MedicareForAll and #CalCare, and reject half measures because single payer is the correct policy, not because we're some sort of wild-eyed radicals.

THREAD on how people insisting we compromise out of the gate are the unreasonable ones 👇👇👇
1) I've heard talk about how @CalNurses and other #CalCare proponents are "unreasonable." That we "won't compromise." That "you can't win that way."

My question to these people is...have you been paying attention at all over the last decade and a half?
2) Rewind to debate over the #ACA. Remember how the initial push was for a #PublicOption? Specifically, a robust one that tied payment rates to Medicare. Not a permanent fix to our health care system by any stretch, but certainly better than we ultimately got.

Did we get it? No
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THREAD on distinctions between the phrases "#unifiedfinancing" and #singlepayer, in the context of #CalCare and #SB770. TL;DR, the phrase "unified financing" is the new "access to coverage" and we need to dispense with it for good 👇👇👇
1) I have some thoughts about the phrases "#unifiedfinancing" and "#singlepayer." Some people use them interchangeably, but they should not. They are distinct, and those differences really matter.
2) "#singlepayer" is a specific policy. It is a health care system where payment for all essential health services are delivered by one entity, one single payer, for a given population. There are no middlemen, no insurance companies, no ACOs, just one single, public plan
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David Roth memorably described the job of neoliberal economists as finding "new ways to say 'actually, your boss is right.'" Not just bosses: economists are a bulwark against obvious answers to our worst agonies: wages, education, health and shelter:…

1/ A beautifully laid dining r...
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How can we solve the student debt crisis? Well, we could cancel student debt and regulate the price of education, either directly or through free state college.

How can we solve America's heath-debt crisis? We could cancel health debt and create #MedicareForAll.

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Sunday, May 14th, 2023.
Happy Mothers Day!🧵 Image
Today is the last day of 'Mercury Retrograde', which for non-astrologers, its basically like the zodiac sign for anarchy. Lol.…
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When students of statistics are introduced to creating and interpreting models, they are introduced to George Box's maxim:

*All models are wrong, some are useful.*

It's a call for humility and perspective, a reminder to superimpose the messy world on your clean lines. 1/ A Tron-like plane of glowing grid-squares. Two spherical cow
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Even with this benediction, modeling is forever prone to the cardinal sin of insisting that complex reality can be reduced to "a perfectly spherical cow of uniform density on a frictionless plane." 3/
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Do you have Medicare Advantage through United Healthcare, Humana, CVS Health/Aetna, Elevance (Blue Cross), or another private insurer?

Have you faced healthcare denials, delays, out of network issues, or huge bills? If so, we want to hear your story. Reply or send me a DM. 1/4
Recent investigations have found that the largest insurers in Medicare Advantage have committed widespread fraud and denied patients critical care they were supposed to provide by law, despite receiving billions of taxpayer subsidies. 2/4…
That’s why we’re seeking stories of patients harmed by “Medicare Disadvantage.” We’re also calling on Congress to crack down on fraud, abuse, and denials of critical care.

If you agree, you can send a letter to Congress here:… 3/4
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🧵 1/
The Democratic Party needs a messaging revamp, like now. You can't tell us "Democracy itself is on the line", even when that's true, and expect to get by on this milquetoast bs. You lost the midterms to a clown show, and its getting worse.

FACT: Republican malfeasance in our nations pandemic response killed 500,000 Americans or more. They called it a chinese bioweapon but then protested and fought every measure to save lives while stuffing their pockets with tax money.

FACT: Donald Trump is a criminal who tried to overthrow the constitution in a violent coup attempt. He needs to stand trial for that, and his enablers in congress need to be REMOVED under the 14th Amendment. The excuse that "they wont let us" is trash.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: David Graeber's "Pirate Enlightenment"; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/
David Graeber's "Pirate Enlightenment": The true, swashbuckling lives of matriarchs, anarchists, and pirates at the crossroads of the world.

Hey look at this

* #DebtCeiling Limit is Destructive, Duplicative, and Dumb…

* 3d-party apps Twitter killed made the site what it is today…

* Predictions Scorecard, 1/1/23 – Rodney Brooks… (h/t @slashdot) 3/
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Fear of medical debt is killing us. Nearly 40% of Americans say they or a family member postponed medical treatment last year because of the cost. @Gallup has been asking people this question since 2001—this is the highest percentage yet… (thread)…
If you’ve been paying attention, this won’t be a surprise. Healthcare costs have been the leading cause of bankruptcy for years, and we’re in the midst of a growing national medical debt crisis affecting more than 100 million people.
Just a few years ago, a @NORCNews survey found that people fear expensive medical bills more than they fear becoming seriously ill (40 percent vs 33 percent).…
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Seeing some progressives say that the mask "culture wars" are a distraction from #MedicareForAll.

What they miss is that many people can't even access healthcare right now because it's unsafe to ride public transport or go to medical facilities because there's few mask mandates.
Also, if you care about #MedicareForall, you should care about preventing chronic illness and death in the first place. We need to push for both public health measures like masks and for structural changes like universal healthcare.
I think part of the left had this idea that COVID was temporary, and so prevention was a distraction from long term structural policies like universal healthcare. They got this badly wrong. COVID is here to stay, which means we need prevention policies too to mitigate harm.
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It’s very horrifying sick that the US is the only country among industrialized nations that doesn’t provide universal healthcare that leaves 8 million people of reproductive age uninsured. Additionally, eleven states have yet to expand Medicaid as stipulated by the ACA. (1/3)
Thus leaving tens of thousands of people of reproductive age, who are disproportionately people of color in the Medicaid coverage gap. There are solutions to addressing our country’s horrifyingly high maternal mortality rate. All birthing women should have to access to free (2/3)
or affordable primary care; comprehensive reproductive health care before, during or after pregnancy; a maternal health workforce mainly comprising midwives covered by insurance; and comprehensive postpartum support. We’ve got to do better than this, people. #MedicareForAll (3/3)
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Let's set the record straight about @AngeliqueAshby @AshbyForSenate's #lies and disinformation campaign against @CA_DaveJones:
1. Taking away #Medicare (FALSE): Dave is endorsed by @CalNurses, the leading advocate for #MedicareForAll for ALL Californians.
@AngeliqueAshby @AshbyForSenate @CA_DaveJones @CalNurses 2. Raising car insurance rates (FALSE): Dave saved #California consumers and businesses over $3.11 billion in premiums, by regulating rates for auto, homeowners, and other property and casualty insurance.
@AngeliqueAshby @AshbyForSenate @CA_DaveJones @CalNurses 3. Sued by wildfire victims for failing to protect them from out-of-state insurers - The case was filed by two Sonoma County residents in 2018 and ultimately dismissed as "moot" by the Superior Court of #California, as well as the First District Court of Appeals, in 2020.
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US healthcare is the worst of all worlds. Unlike other wealthy countries, the US leaves insurance to the private sector, where your health and your life come second to profits. Worse: the majority of "private" insurance companies earnings come from public subsidies. 1/ The cover for the audiobook...
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In other words, the US has a privately run health care sector that is publicly financed, without any public accountability or duty to the public good. Insurance companies take ever more billions from the federal government and deliver ever less care to their customers. 3/
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Value Based healthcare has played a very important role in closing quality-care gaps for all chronic diseases.
As per journals, a VBC model increased livelihood probability in females and reduced whopping $4 Millions
Read more:…
Can a similar model be applied in India ?
What are your thoughts on implementing Value-Based care for a chronic disease like Breast Cancer in India?
#MedTwitter #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #MedEd #ValueBasedHealthcare #MedicareForAll
Read more about the Value Based Healthcare model in USA here -…
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“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought” @POTUS

Then why is the US spending $1.5 Trillion on a whole new generation of nuclear weapons? Here's what we could do with that money instead:
Create universal Paid Family and Medical Leave in the US for $205 billion…
And on top of all that, we could STILL have #MedicareForAll which will provide better care for less money. We could save $10 trillion dollars over the next ten years compared to what Americans are paying for health care now.…
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"The Moral Majority" is a stupendous marketing gimmick: it allowed a small minority of vicious, paranoid, hateful creeps to brand themselves as a "silent majority" who were all around us, afraid to speak their minds. 1/ The public burning of non-G...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The impact of this wasn't merely in convincing politicians and the press that the views of these unhinged, fringe conspiratorialists should be taken seriously. 3/
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Ultimate thread of how @UTLAnow & @CecilyMyartCruz mishandled #covid at the expense of the kids of @LASchools #LAUSD living in #LosAngeles
When @UTLAnow refused to reopen schools in 2021 unless all police were removed from campuses…
When @UTLAnow used teacher's dues to spy on parents that wanted schools open in 2021…
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Why we’re #JewsForYuhLine: A letter from Jewish #NY10 voters expressing our strong support for Assembly member @Yuhline’s candidacy, to represent our communities in Congress. Read on:
She’s been fighting for NYers in gov & advocacy roles for over a decade, first serving as Chief of Staff to @rontkim. In 2016, she was elected in a historic landslide victory becoming the 1st AAPI woman in the NYS Assembly & 1st Asian-American to represent Chinatown in State Leg.
Since, she has built a movement in NY to fight for transparency, accessibility, and accountability in our government. In Albany, Yuh-Line stands up to systemic corruption and negligence and is a powerful voice for tenant protections, affordable housing, consumer protection,
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Health insurance companies are highly inefficient bureaucracies with extremely expensive administrative costs and wasteful spending that have absolutely nothing to do w/ health, and that’s why the US healthcare system is the most expensive in the world w/ only mediocre outcomes.
They also require doctors to spend hours on redundant forms and useless paperwork that take valuable time away from them that could been better spent with patients. Health insurance is also funded through a flat tax, which means healthcare CEOS pay them same for premiums as the
janitor, and probably even less bc CEOS have expensive lawyers and accountants that can find loopholes. It’s even worse for the millions of ppl who don’t have healthcare, who can be bankrupted by an unexpected health emergency.
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