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12 Oct, 5 tweets, 1 min read
The powers that be are playing their hand WAY too hard... and this will be their eventual downfall.

The whole house of cards will come crashing down.

More and more people are waking up. Stay vigilant and speak out. Don't be a coward. Stand your fricking ground.
Nearly everybody I know who believed this was all purely about health and safety this time last year, now believes there is more going on.

Many are still afraid to speak out publicly and call shenanigans though.

Speak out. Let's end it.
There are people who have been separated from their families for nearly TWO YEARS now.

Police assaulting citizens, camps built, censorship of doctors and treatments, mass job losses, inflation, firing healthcare workers, nonsensical rules, unlawful mandates, etc.

End it all.
Perhaps worst of all, children have had their lives put on hold and their socialisation and development stunted ALL because many adults are being utter cowards. Not to protect the kids.

The end is in sight. It has to be. Don't allow them to demoralise you further.
There are places where it's already ended. Because of the people. This should give you hope.

Other places are fighting, whilst others have Stockholm syndrome and love their subjugation.

It ends when you decide it does. Always was the case.

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12 Oct
It's still funny to me how virtually the entire continent of Africa shrugged off Covid without draconian measures or vaccinations, and Western media pretends these countries don't exist. 🤣

They talk about Africa when it fits their agenda. Not when there is something to learn.
There are multiple factors at play here and there are a couple of African countries that did have tough restrictions, but Africa generally doesn't fit the various narratives being peddled by Western media. 🤔

In fact, it blows many of these narratives up.
Only countries in Africa they may mention are South Africa and occasionally Kenya.

2 out of 54.

Hmmm... Why the lack of curiosity?
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11 Oct
There are millions of people who believe the rona vaxxine stops you from getting it and stops you from spreading it.

Both the CDC director and US president made this claim earlier this year...

It's a lie.

Same people will claim we are the ones 'spreading misinformation'.
Not only is it false, but many of the policies and mandates being proposed and implemented are based on this completely false premise.

Beyond being unethical, they don't even make scientific nor logical sense.

At best, the shots only protect the individual. Somewhat.
Mainstream media, politicians, and covid cultists want you to implicitly believe that:

Vaccinated = not sick/not infectious

Unvaccinated = sick/infectious

And that naturally acquired immunity doesn't exist.

It's all BS. Not even slightly correct.
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8 Oct
When we were kids, we were punished for lying.

Now, we are punished for telling the truth.
Much of what is labeled as 'misinformation', 'disinformation', or 'harmful' are inconvenient facts that counter the mainstream narrative.

Not always, but often.

On the flipside, lies that bolster the approved narrative are rarely labelled as 'misinformation' or 'harmful'.
When you incentivise lies over the truth, you get more lies.

And any society built upon deception is dangerous and unsustainable.
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6 Oct
On Saturday, I went skydiving for a music video and during the 2nd jump my phone dropped from ~6,000 ft... 😱

Today, I was reunited with my phone. Not only is it still working, but it didn't get scratched and the screen is not cracked. 🙌🏾

@oneplus - your best endorsement ever!
My 2.5 year old OnePlus 7 Pro after surviving a 6,000 foot drop.

Not a scratch...

This is why I refuse to upgrade. Still my favourite phone. 💜
And it's still prettier than every iPhone, with their monstrous top notches. 😝
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2 Oct
The homeless encampments in Los Angeles are tragic.

I still can't believe this exists in such a wealthy city in such a wealthy country.

It's hard to get over it... Witnessing some gnarly stuff out here. 😟
I've been to 100+ cities in 35 countries, and the most desperate and depressing homelessness I've seen is in LA and San Francisco.

In other places, it's primarily purely poverty driven, but in Cali it's combined with severe mental issues, drugs, bizarre polices, and apathy.
I've seen some miserable stuff on my travels and it's quite hard to shock me, but the California major city situation is truly shocking. Yet people here act like it's normal and acceptable...

It's hard to describe it. You have to witness it first hand.
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1 Oct
I've received hundreds of messages from people concerned about their employers mandating injections.

While I'm humbled you can confide in me, you're taking it up with entirely the wrong person.

I can't fight all these battles for you. You have to stand up for yourselves.
I don't know why so many people choose to work for employers who don't respect their basic autonomy, beliefs, and choices.

But when you choose quiet temporary comfort over longterm sovereignty, these things eventually happen.

You have to fend for yourself. We are all adults.
Too many people think they can quietly hide forever and the fight will never come to their door...

I've been warning you about this since pre-covid. But people get defensive when I say it.

They will take as much as you give them. And you've given them a lot.
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