Ok I've been having some fun today, but this thread is serious.
If what Dominic Cummings has said is true, there is a chain of events which makes this a serious problem, and it goes like this...
The government negotiated a deal they had no intention of honouring.
They then held a General Election where they put signing a deal they had no intention of honouring as a central campaign issue.
Followed by MPs, in our parliament, voting through a deal that they had no intention of the government honouring.
If it is possible to show the electorate more contempt than this, I know not how.
It's not just the lack of bad faith with the EU in doing the deal, it's the lack of bad faith in every step of the democratic process.
And if what Dominic Cummings has said is true, they are still showing the electorate contempt, because they still haven't admitted it.
And Tara is right. I didn't want to make it partisan because I'm not a partisan person, but this really only applies to one party.

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2 Oct
@Craig4P @Andrew_Adonis What reasonable point? You claimed the Common Market was a pro-EU con, it was a pro-Brexit con, and people have been deceived for 30 years. Including yourself.
@Craig4P @Andrew_Adonis I'm not judging either, had the referendum been in 2009, I'd have gone in with exactly the same views as you and voted the same way, but before 2016 I found out that that I had been told wasn't true. That we had been lied to on a massive scale.
@Craig4P @Andrew_Adonis Sorry, Craig. But this isn't about why anyone won, this is about what people were told and how people like yourself have been taken for a ride.
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1 Oct
* The US has 95% utilisation leaving limited elasticity.
* UK pallets are 22.5% smaller than those used in the US.

= Less drivers more load
= Higher Covid impact

How about I don't do journalism or economics and journalists and the economists stop trying to do industry analysis?
They also have drop trailer strategies which allows them to work on even less drivers, which we don't have in the UK because our freight industry is slanted to smaller carriers.
In short, do they want to talk about why the US has shortages and how they are different to the reasons that the UK has shortages, or were they trying to find anything they can point to that would muddy the waters.
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29 Sep
@steveflatman @eveningperson @Jim_Cornelius @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel Well, Steve, since you're telling everyone what happened, while simultaneously proving that you don't know what happened and you don't have the self awareness to know you don't know what happened, the initiative was put on hold.
@steveflatman @eveningperson @Jim_Cornelius @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel And the initiative was put on hold because things were a bit ropey financially in the 1970s and the report that was put together was rejected, because it opened up an argument that we thought we'd got past in 1972.
@steveflatman @eveningperson @Jim_Cornelius @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel But between 1973-1976 it was full speed on the European Union, and it was in that period that the referendum occured.
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28 Sep
@steveflatman @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel Ermm, well there is the Bonn Declaration that said that politicial union was implicit in the treaty.
@steveflatman @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel Which led to a massive negotiation on political union.
@steveflatman @ByronEdwards9 @Baddiel With Macmillan saying they were anxious to move forward to political union.
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25 Sep
I still remember the referendum talking about how the £ might drop and being told "That's good for exporters".

And it was good for exporting labour.

It was also bad for importing labour.
Having a strong £ was a really good thing when it came to solving this crisis, and I've yet to hear someone making this connection, but it's not one that wasn't made at the time.

It was a comparative advantage in a free market for labour and Brexit got rid of that comparative advantage.

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25 Sep
Matt did 2 minutes of research and believes that claiming Brexit was the main driver is stupid.

I read through every single Freight Transport Association skills shortage report and investigated the issues in the US, Poland and Germany.

Claiming you know it wasn't is stupid.
Claiming you know it wasn't after 2 minutes of research is just ridiculously stupid.
Germany has a problem. One the big drivers was the loss of national service. 10 years ago 20% of their drivers had got their qualifications in the army.
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