I’m vaccinated, as I felt like that was the best course of action based on the available data. But my religiously driven worldview compels me to eschew a government mandate for compulsory injection of anything into me or my child. Why? 1/
If I’m obligated to bend my knee to a governmental authority on an issue as fundamental as medical consent, I’m not an independent and free creation of God, I’m a pawn in a “might makes right” game played by my betters.
Accordingly, bending to the will of the State here would cement my status as a lesser being and deny the uniqueness with which I was created and reject the inalienable rights bestowed upon me as a creation of God. I will do no such thing.
If I wasn’t vaccinated, I’d absolutely be seeking a religious accommodation, and not based on any religious exception to vaccines per se.
But let me tell you, when they try to mandate boosters as part of being “fully vaccinated”, you can bet we’ll revisit this.

• • •

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13 Oct
Southwest is gaslighting here — until they accept a NEW contract or a mod/extension of an existing contract they’re not a “covered contractor” under the EO & “Safer Federal Workforce Task Force Guidance” (ex post facto is still a thing) 1/
He correctly points out that he’s obligated to provide accommodations to employees — but the employer has very wide latitude here; indeed it is very likely that prudence will require a company to accept ANY proffered rationale for an exemption or face discrimination lawsuits 2/
Accepting the government’s contract mod will be a poison pill for them: requires they accept ANY new creeping mandates “as amended during the performance of this contract” — a simple update could require them to mandate vaccines for their passengers. The time to stand is now. 3/3
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5 Oct
Bexar County resident here… this is remarkable & the impact on Abbott in the primary is the untold story. The idea that he’s liked less than CPS Energy -and- sunk behind LtGov Dan Patrick (!!) here shows his support is in free fall among cross-over independents & Republicans.
For those unfamiliar with TX/Bexar: it’s a Dem stronghold, so seeing the baseline approve/disapprove isn’t surprising. The conservative Patrick is also a lightening rod for criticism among Dems & some R’s, but most R’s will begrudgingly support them both in Nov. But the primary?
Seeing Abbott liked less than Patrick (and the perennially mismanaged CPS Energy) shows a huge evaporation of his core support among R’s. Yikes. And it’s support he won’t likely restore before the primary. Once voters off the bandwagon, they’ll stay off thru the primary.
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31 Aug
Contrarian view on the dog situation: While they are clearly splitting hairs on “military working dog” (attacks on command, navigates tunnels, $100’s of thousands of dollars investment) and “contract working dogs” (bomb/drug sniffing, security, etc).
And definitely parse this whole “did not leave any dogs in cages” line carefully (especially as it increasingly appears they let them OUT of the cages instead of leaving them to die in the cages)… clearly deliberate obfuscation.

Whether one sees a qualitative difference to the two classes of dogs or not (and setting aside the fact they’re deliberately obfuscating on this), was this really the US Government’s responsibility??
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18 Aug
Increasingly obvious —though rarely acknowledged— that the multiple-missing-laptops disclosure implicates far more than the Biden family’s risk to improper Russian and Chinese influence… no, a careful analysis of the timeline shows *they* knew — THEY knew!
When “50 Former Intelligence Officials” quickly came out with the “hallmarks of Russian disinformation” cover-story, it was because they instinctively believed the stolen laptop/Russian blackmail storyline over other explanations — because THEY KNEW ABOUT IT! 2/
When the “Hunter left his laptop with a blind IT guy from Podunk, DE” story hit, they genuinely thought it was the crack-addled chickens coming home to roost. THEY KNEW HOW SUSCEPTIBLE BIDEN WAS TO FOREIGN INFLUENCE ALL ALLONG!! 3/
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15 Jul
“Tell me you’re above the chain of command without saying you’re above the chain of company.”
SECDEF conspires with media to shape public narrative and conspire against the Commander in Chief, and we all just yawn??
“Managing up” is a necessary skill at all levels; actively subverting your boss when your position of public trust demands otherwise —and is conditioned on your abiding by these rules — is inexcusable (and shameful).
The breakdown of what used to be called “good order and discipline” within the military over the last two decades is an existential threat to our country. It won’t end well.
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10 Feb
This write-up by @EWErickson takes a skeptical view of the whole Shadow Campaign to “steal” the election detailed in Time magazine. It’s worth the read, but Erick misses three key points:
(1) it doesn’t acknowledge how the gatekeepers in the media utterly failed us by intentionally choosing sides and putting the thumb on the scale to intentionally advocate for one side. This matters.
It shaped public opinion and if you give it an honest analysis, it deliberately and systematically promoted misinformation and actively suppressed information detrimental to Biden. Yes, the media has always shaped opinion this way, but it was beyond anything we have saw before.
Read 9 tweets

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