Argument: “English is a global need. India will develop with English-medium education.”

Me: False. Give examples of countries developing better than India without English.

Response: “But India has so many languages.”

Lol how does that prove English-medium is a “global need”?
The very same US corporations interview and hire in Chinese and Japanese and Hebrew when doing business in other countries.

MNCs adapt. The English slavery is with the Indian mind. Deliberately cultivated through policy.
Yes, English advocacy in India is part of religious zealotry, not data.

But it is also true that the policies of the Indian State have made English an essential need in India. This is why parents are choosing it.

But it’s due to State policy. NOT global necessity.
That’s exactly why I called my book “The English Medium Myth.”

We have been conned into the myth of English supremacy. By vested interests.
Yes, it is a good skill to know English as a language. As long as we don’t force it as a medium or make it a requirement and barrier within India anywhere.

Learn English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese. All good.

Also teach English for communication, not “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

• • •

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14 Oct
We are enamored of Western "advancement." But till the 19th century, and even later, the West was very primitive in understanding basic health and hygiene. They didn't "civilize" natives, but vice versa as they copied knowledge from those they colonized.… ImageImage
Most of Europe was a filthy dump, rife with poverty and disease. No wonder their biggest weapon against Native Americans was the diseases they brought from Europe.

It is only after massive transfer of wealth from loot of colonies that get basic civics.

Incas, Aztecs were more advanced than their European conquerors.

"Tenochtitlan was much larger than any European city of its time, and had wide, straight streets, stone aqueducts to bring fresh water from springs and a large, well-organized marketplace."…
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13 Oct
First, India needs to officially disavow China's brutal accession of Tibet and its continued occupation.
Always struck by the level of narrative management of China. Even a simple tweet on China in English will get Chinese bots on your trail.

Imagine the level of effort they put on mainstream media.

One doesn't have to imagine. Plenty of data on the level of control China exercises on worldwide media.

Meanwhile India is a sitting duck. "Kaam bolega." 😆

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12 Oct
I'm always amazed at the level of technical proficiency of major government sites in India. This is just using the main "search" box on the Census site.

Bad UI, errors in routine work. India's "English Advantage" in IT gives dividends everywhere.
Meanwhile Chinese programmers, learning in Chinese medium, are hacking into the US government sites, exceeding the US in AI patents.

I doubt the Indian govt even has a way to figure out all its sites that are hacked, let alone hack into others. 😏

Yup, and our assorted "socialists" and communists want the government to keep running airlines and businesses, when they are clearly completely incompetent at even running a website.

Because the kickbacks are better.

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11 Oct
She is not "uneducated." Her spelling in Hindi are fine. English is unnatural for most Indians.

The uneducated are those who equate "English" with "education." Try asking a school teacher in Japan to write in English.

It show why pushing "English-medium" as policy is madness.
See the left side of the board.

The video "examiner" didn't care to test her Hindi.

See example of a girl from UP. Totally inarticulate in spoken or written English after 10 years of *English medium* education.

When allowed to speak in Hindi, is intelligent and articulate.

Why are we obsessed with destroying minds in forcing English?

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11 Oct
See my article—“Are Indians Corrupt”?

This is a good example of internalized colonial narrative.

It comes from Christian colonizers labeling Hindoos as “morally corrupt” for not being Christian.…
Please read my article and then ask yourself why you posit that “Indians are corrupt.”

E.g. if the same question was asked in a Western research context it would be posited as “human beings are corrupt” or “are humans moral”? What is your “other” for Indians? The West? Think.
Read the article in conjunction with this one and my talk on India as a colonial state.…
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10 Oct
I learnt to program on a DEC-20 using COBOL😆 in 10th. No PCs then. I wanted to do Computer Science, didn't care about IITs. Only started IIT prep in 11th, from used notes borrowed from a cousin. Luckily got CS at IIT, never thought I would. 😌

Still say—follow your passion.
Yeah. I think I also only learnt about IITs in 11th grade (which was actually DAV college) because some of my fellow students were prepping for it. Took a while to get clued in, probably started prep close to the end of 11th.

Funny story. After I got IIT admission, but before actually joining, I taught programming in the summer at DAV college. I was 17. A lot of doctors etc were my students, I was the youngest in the class. 😀

But I convinced the DAV principal that I could teach it ha. Got paid too.
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