1./ Does the promotion of 'Gender Identity' normalise fakery? That excruciating NASA video with #Kamala suggests so. Here's where she dispenses "important advice" to the kids. "Don't let anyone tell you who you are." This is a key trans rights mantra and a Democrat touchstone.👇
2./ Of course it's important for any child to 'find their true self' but a black child who says she's white remains black and vice versa. A child who says he's overweight when he's thin may require help. As for 'gender identity' spot the obvious problem with this @HRC advice.👇
3./ The HRC says "Children are not born knowing what it means to be a boy or a girl. They learn it from parents," etc. But when a boy decides he's a 'girl' didn't he learn what a 'girl' was from parents and other people too; the very people Kamala now says kids should ignore?
4./ Democrat policy is to ignore this issue. A little girl who loves rough and tumble and says she's a boy must now be affirmed as such. To doubt or question her is forbidden. You know what happens when politicians lose contact with commonsense and reality? This 👇
5./ Turns out these weren't ordinary kids with curious questions. They were fakes: child actors following a script; one written by the dreaded other people Kamala told them to ignore. She claims not to have known, but there was surely a clue in her own hilariously fake lines.👇
6./ So inept was this video (by a company aptly called Sinking Ship) it even left the impression @NASA have ditched Galileo. Here's a real NASA scientist saying the sun goes round the the Earth. He means people USED to believe this but it's never corrected.👇🤦‍♂️
7./ Perhaps NASA began to lose its grip on basic facts when it too bought into Kamala's fake gender ideology. Here's a NASA scientist's claiming attempts to address inequality are benefiting women (of the type who don't just believe they are women) way too much. Who knew?👇
8./ How can an organisation like NASA hope to remain fact-based anyway when it can't define groups such as the Q in the LGBTQ it claims to be giving special emphasis? IS there an agreed definition of Queer? Straight, wannabe gay? Or are OTHER people not allowed to ask questions?
9./ When institutions embrace Gender Identity Ideology and its morass of undefined, contradictory notions they, in effect, sign up to the idea that whatever people say about themselves MUST be believed. This is a narcissists charter. It's also inimical to a fact-based approach.
10./ Let's hope those kids ignore Kamala's advice. The truth is we all learn who we are, in part, by engaging with the world around us and the people in it. That's the power of Burns's line "O wad some power the giftie gi'e us, To see ourselves as others see us".
11./ Kamala has been given a chance to see herself as others see her: fake. Her Party had better hope their hasty embrace of gender woohoo doesn't leave the same impression on the public. In a coming battle against Trump being fake is unlikely to be a winning tactic. END

• • •

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2./ Or THE global champion of gender Self-ID poor ol’ Argentina which has been driven to bankruptcy by the serial liars, thugs and anti-Semitic nut jobs that surround Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who never saw a law or boundary she didn’t try to break.👇
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1./ Don't call me Queer. Another brilliant piece from a smart gay bloke rejecting the Q word. Such a change from just 2 years ago when LGBTQ+ bullies were busy squashing all before them; erasing women's hard fought rights & gaslighting lesbians and gays. tortoisemedia.com/2021/08/27/i-d…
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3./ That's because thankfully more and more LGB people are bravely standing up to say...not in our name. And not just because we don't want to be tarred with the freaky 'queer' brush. Even if the LGBTQ+ agenda somehow DID work for LGB people (and it doesn't)...it's misconceived.
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