With as hard in the paint as NeverTrump Republicans are on vaccines, maybe they were just wanting to control women's bodies after all.
I dunno. Judging by how horny Kristol, French, and crew are for "make those idiots get a vaccine because they're too stupid do know better", it's not too far off to think that just maybe their anti-abortion stance wasn't for saving babies but for controlling women.
I mean, look at their gay marriage stance over the years. They were whole-heartedly against it, railing on how it would cause the downfall of society.

Maybe it's not just women, but people that they wanted to control.
They were Rasputin to Republican politicians' Nicholas, not being the power, but being behind the power.

Which is a neat trick since now they can say "I helped guide them but I never did it."
They were the authoritarians all along. They thought they recognized something in Trump that reminded them of themselves.

They attacked because the authoritarian angle had already been covered by them. They didn't want the competition.
It makes sense though. They've now thrown their lot whole-heartedly in with the Democrats who are doing their best "hostile take over of a Republic" impression.

That way they can be the authoritarian Right without being on the authoritarian Left.
Same consequences, just fighting over who controls the machine.

And as long as YOU don't control the machine, they're happy.
No, Trump was not a regular guy. We all knew that.

But he didn't hold you in contempt either, something that the people at The Bulwark, The Dispatch, and Tom Nichols do.

They LOATHE that you exist and that you'd have the audacity to question them.
They legitimately hate that you have access to respond to them on Twitter. They detest you.

Trump, for all his faults, did not, and that is why they hate him too.

• • •

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14 Oct
Loudoun County proves that the War on Women is over and Trans have won.
Seriously, if your take is "Fox made this news which made parents mad which caused threats which made the FBI go after them then Fox complained and it's all Fox's fault",

your take is trash.
I remember when a woman with no proof, no memory, no dates, and no story was held up as a paragon of evidence and #MeToo raged.

Get the fuck outta here with your excuses.
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14 Oct
I wonder what the Venn diagram is of NeverTrump and "you're an idiot if you don't get the vaccine" would look like.

I don't know that it's a circle, but I'd think it would be close.
They're the same people that swallowed the "suckers and losers" bit hook, line, and sinker without ever questioning it.

They have a history of questioning the reasons why someone says something, never taking it at face value.
Just a moment ago, I saw a comment about Kyrie.

"He's not giving up his career because he doesn't think he should be told what to do, even though that is what he says. He's really giving it up because ARGLE BARGLE I'M A MIND READER!!"

Nah, bro. You don't know that man.
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13 Oct
Every day, I want to do a thread on how NeverTrump/Democrats had realistic concerns about Trump and how he was unqualified.

Every day, I get distracted by the unqualified Democrats in office and the real concerns their policies are creating for average Americans.
Someone may have earnestly voted against Trump by voting Biden.

That hate vote has real world consequences that we can all see every day with our own eyes.
I don't begrudge anyone voting their conscience, no matter how much I disagree with them.

But if we are to face the reality of Trump, we must face the reality of Biden and this incompetent administration.
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12 Oct
On Earth 4, President Trump is under fire for pushing the vaccine. Democrats are very concerned about how much Pfizer has made.
CNN has replaced their COVID cases/death counter with a COVID vaccine side effects cases/death counter.
The economy is coming back but Blue state governors have demanded truckers have the vaccine before crossing state lines.
Healthcare workers are hailed as heroes still, but only those who publicly reject the vaccine.
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11 Oct
Remember when Republicans said "we have to vote for Biden and fight over policy once Trump is out"?

How's that working out for you?

Are ya winning, son?
They told you to ignore Biden's history because Trump feeding fish wrong was worse.

They told you to ignore Biden's words because covfefe was worse.

They told you to ignore Biden's declining mental health because using two hands to drink water was worse.
They said "We'll fight over policy. We just have to return to normal."

And then they side with Biden on policy.

I dunno, guys. I think they lied to us.
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10 Oct
People who are scared of American flags and trucks have thoughts on Civil War.
“LOL you’d be scared of taking the train!”

LOL here’s a piece of cloth. Run scared, rabbit.
If the Civil War came, the rurals could survive without the cities. The cities couldn’t survive without the rural.

I’d bet there are people in the hills that wouldn’t know there was a CW during or after one.
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