Have been thinking about this. Demoralization among Dems - driven overwhelmingly by dawdling on Capitol Hill, maybe secondarily by slow motion investigations - is endangering the outcome in the Virginia Gov's race.
2/ There is a big and dangerous disconnect. It's hard to see any sense that there is any sense of urgency in DC about bringing this legislative round to a close. It's actually very urgent. Everyone with a vote who is negotiating in the press (which includes almost everyone) ...
3/ desperately needs to STFU. Get in a room get to where this ends up. Pass the legislation and move on. Obviously everyone is angling for their desired outcome. And that's totally understandable. But they're arguing over how to do the house renovation while the house is ...
4/ starting to burn down. There's a lot of negotiating and legislating logic to all this. But the future is going to be decided in by-elections and the midterm. On that front it's urgent. I see little sign they get the urgency.
5/ Get in a room, figure out the final scope, pass it.

• • •

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10 Oct
what's weird abt this is that, if i'm reading the details right, it suggests sharing with an ideological and nationalistic motive rather than cash which has been the standard motive in recent decades.
2/ reading the piece again it suggests that foreign country ratted the couple out. Says the guy send docs to foreign country and that those docs were then forwarded to an FBI official. FBI then set up a sting. Makes it sound like the foreign country didn't want to play ...
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9 Oct
So much of the “popularism” discussion seems like people talking past each other. Like should you pick popular positions or build movements to build support for things that are good. I don’t really know where to go with that. But one point is the issue of polling and …
2/ fooling yourself with polling, a very common thing. I think of the conversation a few years ago about Medicare 4All when there were lots of polls showing it with huge support. But these were polls that generally asked something like would you support letting everyone …
3/ join Medicare. Obviously huge support. No countering w costs, abolishing private insurance, etc etc. I’m not trying to relitigate that argument. We’d be better off with almost any of the plans in Europe etc. but those polls really did convince a lot of people that M4A was …
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7 Oct
The current situation Cruz has created for his GOP colleagues captures the way that irresponsibility, the evasion of responsibility has become the centerpiece of GOP party ideology. The caucus is happy to allow Dems to do on their own what every GOP member knows MUST ...
2/ be done: pay the country's bills. They're willing to allow it if they don't have to touch the process. No fingerprints. But big preening dickwad Ted comes along and says I'm going to object. Now he's created a situation where 10 GOPs have to help overrule dickwad Ted.
3/ But it's proving super hard to find 10 because voting for what's technically called "cloture" - forcing Ted to sit the fuck down is in GOP logic basically just voting to raise the debt ceiling since it makes it possible for Democrats to vote to do it.
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7 Oct
Ozy is clearly an extreme case. But having been in this space a long time I'll tell you that virtually everything they're accused of is something that some big operations have done and in a lot of cases most of them have done. axios.com/ozy-medias-dee…
2/ I mean, lying about traffic and audience? LOL. Get in line. Building a round by a lead is in who isn't in? I mean, that's all but best practices in digital media VC world. Many times over the last decade I've had people ask me about this or that company, some times ...
3/ just out of curiosity, other times because they're potential investors in those companies or maybe they're partners or advertisers and I'll say well, this may be a promising investment but let's just be clear all the numbers are fake, ok? Like you know that, right?
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5 Oct
I see that a lot of people are misconstruing this piece. The point isn't 'oh manchin and sinema are going to cave and do a filibuster carve out. awesome.' Not at all. It's that if you look at where this is going we will soon be in a position where ... talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/are-we-…
2/ there isn't enough time left to use reconciliation. So I anticipate a situation where yes Democrats are falling over themselves to cave but they can't. Because there's nowhere to cave. Everybody is out of time. At that point there are three options.
3/ Default; Filibuster carveout or Republicans cave and allow Democrats to fix the issue through regular order. Option three won't happen because Republicans are legislative terrorists. So we have two options. And I simply hope default won't be what happens. I can't imagine ...
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5 Oct
What I always come back to is that these things are close to inevitable when you combine machine learning, reactivity, depression and anxiety these kinds of things become almost inevitable. That's not a defense. It's inherent to the product.
2/ Looking at the responses here I’m struck again that people don’t really grasp what Facebook is, what the product is. It’s designed to find charged emotional topics and serve them specifically for you to maximize engagement.
3/ That’s more jarring when it’s serving weight loss tips and fat shaming content to teenage girls with body image insecurities. But it’s that same model for everybody. I think I know this more intuitively because it was literally my business for a long time to …
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