How to mint, and profit from NFTs on @terra_money...

Without losing your pants?

In this step-by-step guide I will tell you:

- What specific details look for before minting NFTs

- All you need to know about the current NFT projects

- Which marketplaces are out there and the sneaky hacks you need to know

- The tools you need

Let's start:
NFTs are not only about art.

Especially if you want to land some $LUNA into your pocket.

These are the sneaky hacks you need to have in mind before minting them.

First, the supply:

As a rule of thumb the lower it goes, the better.

For example:
@terraterrapins launched 10,000 unique NFTs.

This number is scarce enough.

Some projects like @TerraNova_NFT had even a lower supply of 1,000 NFTs.

Yet scarcity is not all.

Besides art (which is subjective), you need to pay attention to...
The community.

You see, a desirable object is not only about little supply.

It's also about passion.

How do you measure it?

By looking at its tribe, of course.

The stronger the community...

The better the story telling...

The more πŸ’° the NFT is worth.

Next stop:
Wen and how mint?

This is key because you need to be on time to get your NFT.

Smart projects will have whitelisting in place.

This means you'll have to do stuff for the project to be able to mint.

Your job is to find the community before that happens.

Your next step?
Join their Discord, Telegram and other social channels.

See what they are cooking.

Find how you can contribute to the project to get whitelisted.

Do it BEFORE the launch.


A good start is my buddy @danku_r calendar with all NFT launches.

So you got into different NFT projects...

Now what?

Find out the initial mint cost.

Also, follow the secondary market.

For example, some @TerraNova_NFT have been selling below their initial minting price.

Some folks had paper hands and you could make some profit there.
Now that you know the basics, let's get into the juicy stuff.

What NFTs are out there?

@galactic_punks are launched, but you should check their schedule.

@LunaBulls are in the market with their 10,069 NFTs.

Those you can arbitrage.

Yet there's more opportunities:
Look for NFTs that haven't been launched.

DYOR, join Discord and check how much noise they make.

Some examples are:

@WomenVsApes (might be late when you see this)
@TerraHareNFT (love their rabbits)
@FractalsLunaNFT (mathematically generated fractals)

List goes on πŸ‘‡
@COL_NFT (dedicated to the Columbus Mainnet)
@SudeshaNFT (check their crazy design)
@Minerva_NFT (appreciating NFTs on Terra)
@animepunkz (punk + anime coolness)
@NFITSOCIALCLUB (fashion-based NFT collection)
@UnstablesTerra (another crazy design)

List goes on πŸ‘‡
@luna_kittys (Kittys cute)
@survnft (colorful and unique designs you never seen)
@Soulhunterworld (guardian fighting- I love 'em)
@crunks_nft (8-bit misfits)
@AstronorcsNFT (charitable spacefaring Orcs)
@DerbyStars_HQ (actually an NFT game)

My fingers are going numb! πŸ‘‡
@DeviantsNFT (cool NFT Trading Card Game)
@LunaKiddy (AI generated image NFT project)
@Squarerians_NFT (some serious square heads)
@STYLLARNFT (avatar project inspired by pop culture)

My fingers are bleeding! πŸ‘‡
@terra_racers (F1 inspired)
@TerrasaursNFT (cool dinosaurs)
@thekwoonies (lovely design)

Man, I almost lost my hands!

So you get the point, do you?

There are tons...

And I mean it...

TONS of opportunities.

Now that you know this, let's get into some specifics:
Join marketplaces and look for opportunities.

This one is tricky.

You need to know the market and understand what you are minting.

Remember I told you some @TerraNova_NFT were selling below the minting price?

Look at this pic and you'll see some auctions are still around:
Does this mean I am telling you to ape into TerraNova?


I am telling you BE SMART.

Check the picture below...

See that headshield element?

See it's Epic?

Now check out the price...

If the project explodes, this could be a good investment.

DYOR before buying:
So where can you get these opportunities?

There's a several of places:

- @knowhere_art (check their website- they allow auctions and buy now modes)

- @randomearth_io (buy now mode only + counteroffers allowed)

Also check @ProtocolTalis (not yet launched)

Next stop:
I promised you some sneaky tools.

Here they go.

First, here's this awesome tool that gives you a rarity score on some projects:

Also, check out this NFT tracker:

Next, do this:
Do yourself a favor and follow @Speicherx.

First, because she is a lovely person.

Second, she's super knowledgeable on NFTs.

You will hear lots of alpha about it on her channel.

Also, don't miss out the dedicated TG group on NFTs:

Implementation is key.

Don't just sit on the info.

Take action.

(a.k.a move your arsssssss)

While you were reading this, I've already made my bid.

If this particular project does well, I will have some unique NFTs from it.
Now tell me...

Have you learned something valuable from this guide?

If that is so, scroll up and support me sharing the top tweet.

This way we can spread the word and help more #LUNAtics out there.

Happy minting.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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