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Yoooo I fucking love $LUNA Twitter! 5k followers up! ๐Ÿคฏ

The only thing better than making it, is making it together ๐Ÿค๐ŸŒ๐Ÿš€

Inspirational quote stolen from @lejimmy
Decided I would give away this Lion head @terraterrapins to one of my followers at random to celebrateโ€ฆ
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1/ Recently, I interviewed Do @stablekwon to discuss the latest in the @Terra_money ecosystem from NFTs to Columbus-5 ๐ŸŒ–

Wondering which projects and updates to look out for building on Terra? ICYMI, see the recap from our discussion:โ€ฆ
2/ Terra has been creating the most decentralized and scalable stablecoin, UST, to onboard mainstream users to crypto. UST is also available on Ethereum, Binance SC, and Solana.
3/ How can #LUNAtics start buying Terra tokens using their bank accounts? @transak_finance recently launched and allows you to buy UST with a credit card. Terra Station wallet will soon incorporate a way to buy UST - stay tuned.
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1/ I want to share my DeFi experience and how I ended up finding the "Apple" of blockchain network and why it will be important for mass adoption of web 3.0.

A thread ๐Ÿงต to read ๐Ÿ‘‡

I first ventured into DeFi just after the May crash.
2/ A friend recommended me to try from the BSC ecosystem and get a hang of it. From swaps, lending, farming and dodgy projects (aka sh*tcoin), yeap tried them all. After exhausting the DeFi in BSC, I tried Polygon to similar effect but with much cheaper gas fee.
3/ I found the ecosystem not dissimilar with BSC, with a lot of farming project tokens whose value will converge to earth over time.

The experience was more jarring as different projects are built by different teams with different aesthetics.
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When #LUNAtics are looking at new protocols on @terra_money what are the fundamental drivers of value to the ecosystem?

Will these protocols:
1โƒฃ Increase $LUNA utility?
2โƒฃ Increase $UST utility?
3โƒฃ Increase $LUNA's yield?
4โƒฃ Increase $UST yield?

@anchor_protocol was the holy grail:

1โƒฃ $LUNA found increased utility as collateral
2โƒฃ $UST found increased utility as a savings product
3โƒฃ $LUNA yield increased through either (1) borrowing in Anchor or (2) increased airdrops to LUNA stakers
4โƒฃ $UST yield increased to ~20%
$PRISM will increase $LUNA's utility by enabling:
1โƒฃ Yield & principal to be tokenized and traded.
2โƒฃ Leveraged exposure to yield & principal and no liquidation risk.
3โƒฃ Converting future yield into any stablecoin or token of your choice
4โƒฃ $pLUNA & $yLUNA use in other protocols
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Looking to buy a @galactic_punks today and change my avatar because $LUNA

Can one of you please give a detailed explanation of valuing these #NFTs so I have a clear understanding of what Iโ€™m aping 1500 ๐ŸŒ–into.

This will be good for entire community. Thank you.
This is happening today btw
Have multiple offers in ranging from 50 to 300 - lets see what happens
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Most NFT and protocol "communities" are not real communities.

And that's a big problem for them.

See, when we talk about these communities, what comes to your mind?

If we're talking about NFTs, it probably involves some sort of grinding for being in the whitelist.

Maybe you have to invite (spam) people.

Perhaps you have to chat (spam) to get your place.
Other "communities" only have their marketplace where people are spamming all day their NFTs trying to sell them or buy them, in hopes of making some money in the process.
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How to mint, and profit from NFTs on @terra_money...

Without losing your pants?

In this step-by-step guide I will tell you:

- What specific details look for before minting NFTs

- All you need to know about the current NFT projects

- Which marketplaces are out there and the sneaky hacks you need to know

- The tools you need

Let's start:
NFTs are not only about art.

Especially if you want to land some $LUNA into your pocket.

These are the sneaky hacks you need to have in mind before minting them.

First, the supply:

As a rule of thumb the lower it goes, the better.

For example:
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Reaching out to any #Terra NFT projects who will be willing to make this work:

One of my followers reached out to me recently regarding his friend's son, Mitch- who has been battling leukemia the last few years.

It has been a very taxing journey for them (cont):
Mitch missed out on plenty of school, time with friends and the toll on his family emotionally and financially has been immense.

This hits a painful sore spot because my father used to deal with major health problems as well, and was at a time hospitalised for 1.5 years.
So, I know the amount of pain and eventual cope that the family have to deal with on a daily basis must have been immense.

What struck me even harder was how Mitch seems to still remain positive. It'd have been so much more difficult being in his position.
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1/ Quick update from me: No I couldn't mint anything either, and honestly pretty devastated by the fact there were issues with the launch. Currently it seems to be pointing toward issues with the broader terra network coincided with the mint, however I can't say more until we
2/ get details from the TFL side, as I would rather not get into speculation and such. I hope others can do the same.

Just know I am sorry to everyone who was unable to mint and trying to respond in discord has been incredibly difficult.
3/ Not to say there aren't lessons to be learnt from the launching process itself - things I have openly commented on before, such as whitelisting in general and minting amounts. However I hope the community I've spoken so passionately about can repay my faith and try to
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0/ Sharing a snippet from my Prattles & Tokens publication. Todayโ€™s piece is titled `Prattles & Tokens: Terra World "Swap" Event`. Letโ€™s take a look back at the Terra world token โ€œswapโ€ event.
1/ Special thanks to research collaboration from @blockstake_xyz and Terra explorer tools from @ExTerraFinder.
2/ One of the analysisโ€™ takeaways: First โ€œsellโ€ transaction of TWD token has eye-raising behavior. A _long_ thread ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡:
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Have you ever wondered how staking rewards really work?

Where do they come from and what hidden function does your staked $LUNA carry out?

The answer may surprise you:
First, itโ€™s important to understand WHY you get rewarded for staking $LUNA.

You see, #LUNAtics get to collect staking yield for helping secure the @terra_money network.

The higher the amount you pledge, the more returns you get.

These rewards come from 4 major sources:
#1: Gas Fees
#2: Tax Fees
#3: Swap Fees (thanks to Col-5 Migration)
#4: Airdrops

Here's what you need to know about each:
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#Lunatics - phew! 3 weeks is a really long time in #Terra to release a new version of the #Terra ecosystem @ It's a different world now.

50+ new projects/services have released. #Terra ecosystem now has 131 active projects (and likely a dozen missing)
Rundown of the changes:

#New protocols/apps:
1 - @beemafinance - savings with Anchor protocol
2 - @ProtocolVoid - anonymous txs/mixer
3 - @miawtrader - meme
4 - @setten_io - alternative Mirror frontend
5 - @LighthouseDefi - part of original harpoon
6 - @terra__vegas - casino
7 - @thorstarter - launchpad
8 - @terrabayio - anonymous txs
9 - @TerraLunaTix
10 - @alphaDefi - fund manager on @spar_protocol

1 - @Newlandplatform - Newland offers decentralized staking for Luna
2 - @RangoExchange - cross chain dex aggregator
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Are you ready for up to 3x increase in staking rewards?

Yes, you heard that right, #LUNAtics!

Thatโ€™s the effect on staking rewards after Col-5.

Wondering how this is going to happen?

Read on: Image
Although not yet official, @terra_money is about to make a huge jump in staking rewards.

The exact figures are being calculated and will show on TerraStation soon.

Wonder why this is happening?

You see, with Columbus-4, all swap fees were burnt...

But here's what changed:
With the coming of Columbus-5, all swap fees now go to $LUNA stakers.

Therefore, so when you swap UST-MINE, UST-ANC, etc....

โ€ฆall the swap fees will now go to $LUNA stakers, and not burnt!

Thatโ€™s not all:
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#Lunatics - Given that Terra will have so many projects launching, this would be good time to note down few things on how you assess projects n not blindly fomo into every project

- read intro articles/ama/watch podcast to understand what the project is about

2) - see if the project is solving a unique problem or doing something that you like
- asses the stage of the project. Is it just starting /has mvp/ when will it have MVP / is MVP a meaningful product
3- assess the tokenomics to ubderstand FDV, initial mcap, supply distribution, supply curve. Dont look at individual token price
- Don't fall for pylon pool Apr's in the initial few mins unless it's a fixed cap pool. Pylon pools r long term investments n you don't need blind fomo
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1/ Columbus-5 is now officially live as the new Terra mainnet!

Welcome to the future of Terra ๐ŸŒ•

2/ Col-5 unlocks numerous dimensions for the Terra ecosystem to better capture value, port assets across IBC-enabled chains, and set the foundation for a vibrant TeFi economy.
3/ Economic Changes:

Columbus-5 simplifies the Treasury Module logic of the Terra protocol so that 100% of the $LUNA seigniorage generated by the expansion of the $UST supply is burned.
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1/ In preparation for Columbus-5, weโ€™d like to relay some important reminders to Pylon users about the planned execution of the mainnet and Pylonโ€™s contract migration to Col-5.

Please read carefully below.
2/ The Columbus-5 chain migration is scheduled to occur at block height 4,724,000, which translates to roughly 7.5 hours from now. You can find the countdown below:
3/ Pylon Protocol will not be accessible until the chain and contracts have been fully migrated.

Users are strongly advised to take precautionary measures when making deposits prior to the chain halt.
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1/ The official Columbus-5 execution plan and set of available resources ๐Ÿ‘‡

At the block height #4,724,000, the Columbus-4 chain will halt and the Columbus-5 mainnet migration will commence.
2/ This roughly translates to the following times:

Wed Sep 29 2021 23:00:00 GMT-0800 (PDT)
Thu Sep 30 2021 07:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Thu Sep 30 2021 16:00:00 GMT+0900 (KST)
3/ The migration is expected to take roughly 2 hours pending no extenuating circumstances.

The initiation of the migration will be relayed publicly both 1 hour before its execution and also at the precise time that the Col-4 chain halts.
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Columbus-5 is 48 hours away.

What does it mean in practice...

And what do you need to do before the update is live?

Urgent Thread: ๐Ÿ‘‡
If you think Col-5 is a simple @terra_money upgrade...

You are dead wrong.

The implications from its development are about to shake the whole ecosystem...

And affect all $LUNA'tics lives.

Here's the good, the bad and the ugly...

And how YOU need to prepare today:
I will break this thread into 5 major points.

Each of them are about to immediately affect you after Col-5:

1. Seigniorage burning (and what it means to your wallet)
2. Staking rewards upgrade
3. The Stargate opportunity
4. Wormhole and $LUNA adoption
5. Ozone protocol
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Dear $LUNA'tics!

Time for another $1000 reward pool in SD tokens

Are you one of the lucky winners? ๐ŸŽ

Drum roll...
We promised $100 prizes to the best thread writers.

Initially, there would be only 2 winners.

Yet a sudden wind changed the course of history:

Our team found so many passionate threads!

All of them seemed to be written from the bottom of the heart.

So we couldn't say no...
Stader is all about giving back to our beloved @terra_money community.

So we decided to reward the most informative, yet entertaining threads.

We'd like to thank the following #Lunatics for their amazing work:


You guys won $100 each!
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Dear #LUNAtics :

Did you know you could be losing large sums of $LUNA...

...Because your validator has been JAILED?

Check the graph below and you'll see one of the biggest staking problems nobody talks about.

What's the dark truth behind it and how can you avoid?

Rean on๐Ÿ‘‡ Image
So everybody told you a delegator can be in 3 states:

- Bonded
- Unbonding


- Unbonded

And that is... INCORRECT.

You see, there's a last category nobody talks about.

It's an ambush currently trapping 5+ million $LUNA.

Your investment could be cornered there too!

See, although technically not a real "state"...

When a validator gets slashed/jailed, it acts as if it was unbonding...

Only that it's still bonded.

In other words:

A jailed validator means a PENALIZED validator.

It also means penalized rewards.

Your rewards.

Here's why:
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Live Twitter Thread to follow & recap @TeFiAlpha


@TeFiAlpha 1/ Start with pre-game show hosted by @TerraBitesPod - First guest @AndromedaProt ->@superphly

Story: @superphly worked already on blockchain technology before Bitcoin. Work also on the basis of NFTs on Ethereum. Talked to Do before creating the community grant proposal.
2/ Next guest: @orbital_command Validator and Community Legend

Runs a great announcement channel on telegram
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๐ŸงตI see a lot of tweets about the upcoming COL-5 (#columbus5) upgrade in the @terra_money ecosystem. A quick thread about why it's a big deal and you should prepare for it, maybe even buying the dip right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ $LUNA $UST $MIR $ANC $MINE
1 - Two factors are very important for the @terra_money ecosystem. First the adoption of $UST, secondly the burn mechanism of $LUNA to mint $UST. Both factors will improve significantly after the #columbus5 upgrade!
2- The adoption and demand for $UST will grown because of the added functionalities after the upgrade. The upgrade to Stargate enables IBC which is designed to integrate with other heavyweight blockchains such as @solana $SOL, @Polkadot $DOT and @cosmos $ATOM
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Dear #LUNAtics this thread is for you.

Columbus 5 is just around the corner and this thread is all about what Columbus-5 upgrade is all about, a small recap on Terra Ecosystem and what can we expect as #LUNAtics from this upgrade.

So let's break it down Image
1) $LUNA Recap

Terra is one of the strongest ecosystems in #Crypto and the community make a hell of a noise on Twitter.

$LUNA is a governance and staking token that fuels the whole Terra network. It supports Terra's stablecoins and payment processing systems.
2) Terra Stable Coin $UST

$UST is the glue that is holding everything together. Currently, being recognized as one of the biggest stable coins in the market.
It is an off-chain collateralized stablecoin, which means it should be backed by non-crypto currency bank deposits.
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1/ The Terra-verse: Exploring concepts of the metaverse and the potential for NFT and DeFi innovation within the Terra Ecosystem. I encourage you to read the article, but here's thread here to cover some of my initial thoughts. It's a long one (or two). ๐Ÿงตโ€ฆ
2/ This is my thoughts on how Terra may be perfectly placed as the testbed for the transformative interaction between NFTs and Decentralised Finance. Firstly, by looking at what the โ€˜metaverseโ€™ is, secondly, where NFTs fit into this, and thirdly looking at a specific example of
3/ how NFTs can be interwoven with an existing part of the cryptocurrency world; DeFi, and why I believe Terra is well-placed to take advantage of this.

When thinking of the metaverse most people's thoughts first turn to virtual reality, digital worlds (think Ready Player One),
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