"Nous pensons que la mission d'EcoHealth Alliance est importante pour les générations actuelles et futures, mais qu'elle ne pourra se faire de façon éthique et responsable avec Peter Daszak à sa tête",

Virginie Courtier, directrice de recherche CNRS
"[Comment] EcoHealth Alliance s'est transformée, sous la férule de son président, en quelques années d'une association écologiste bien tranquille en un récipient de fonds fédéraux pour des projets qui peuvent souvent intéresser le ministère de la Défense..."
"[Daszak] a fait preuve d'une formidable volonté de cacher des informations qui allaient à l'encontre de son récit sur une origine naturelle. J'espère qu'il sera invité à témoigner sous serment au Congrès"

Jamie Metzl, ex membre de l'adm. Clinton et ex collaborateur de Joe Biden
"Daszak a été un acteur clé pour faire de l'enquête de l'OMS une farce", tonne encore Richard H. Ebright.

Notre demande de limogeage de Peter Daszak de toute fonction chez EcoHealth Alliance est ici:

• • •

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16 Oct
@kcz100 @MonaRahalkar @thackerpd @amymaxmen @alisonannyoung @Ayjchan @R_H_Ebright @FilippaLentzos Kathrin Summermatter, about a possible research-related accident:

“I consider this very unrealistic, a classic conspiracy theory.”

“Ich erachte das als sehr unrealistisch, eine klassische Verschwörungstheorie.”

@kcz100 @MonaRahalkar @thackerpd @amymaxmen @alisonannyoung @Ayjchan @R_H_Ebright @FilippaLentzos Kathrin:

“China has had a very high level of high security laboratories for over ten years. They have frequent inspections and very strict safety standards.”
@kcz100 @MonaRahalkar @thackerpd @amymaxmen @alisonannyoung @Ayjchan @R_H_Ebright @FilippaLentzos “During the Sars epidemic in 2004, employees were infected outside a laboratory. As a result, the biosecurity of laboratories in China has been greatly improved.”

Well, at least we know where Kathrin stands.
Great addition to the SAGO team, no doubt.
Read 12 tweets
15 Oct
It is amazing to see how the NY Times and no less than Nature have been distorting the significance of the BANAL BatCovs found in Laos.
@carlzimmer @SmritiMallapaty
Both articles have left the scientific domain for the opinions one - if not the political opinions one - by asserting that the Laos BANAL BatCoV finds reinforce the zoonotic origin hypothesis.
Now let's cut through the noise and go back to the horse mouth, Marc Eloit the main author of that paper - from the Institut Pasteur.

On the key issue of the absence of the not-banal-at-all FCS in all the BANAL BatCoVs:
"It is possible that it was acquired in a lab"
@Ayjchan Image
Read 15 tweets
15 Oct
Another good article by ⁦@ParkSuAm1996⁩ and ⁦@simonelmc

Science turns nasty in Covid-19 origins argument on Twitter | South China Morning Post archive.is/2021.10.14-234…
Jesse Bloom:
“I no longer think it’s a conspiracy theory that the furin cleavage site could have been engineered,”

He also added that he was “stunned” to see the DARPA proposal and questioned why the scientists involved didn’t come forward to disclose it earlier. Image
Holmes said that it was “staggeringly inept” for Peter Daszak, the head of EcoHealth Alliance, and the scientists involved in the DARPA application to not have made it public “when everyone is looking for transparency” Image
Read 5 tweets
14 Oct
Please see an English translation of that great article in the Express:
By the way I had a good laugh at the 60 minutes story about Daszak in Tioman.

They make it sound like it is in the middle of nowhere, even saying that it is 'West of Borneo' when it is actually directly of the coast of peninsular Malaysia.
I went diving there in the 90s like so many tourists in Asia.

It's rather easy to go there: there is a little airport (short landing or you hit the hill!) and then you take a boat to your beach.
Read 5 tweets
14 Oct
@tommy_cleary @R_H_Ebright @thackerpd @BillyBostickson @TheSeeker268 @MonaRahalkar @alisonannyoung @ianbirrell @Muller_Lab @Nature @arambaut @joeblogs54321 @edwardcholmes @DARPA Thanks. I referred to that very article in my August 2020 probabilistic paper (with a different link, as it was jointly published with VICE news).
@tommy_cleary @R_H_Ebright @thackerpd @BillyBostickson @TheSeeker268 @MonaRahalkar @alisonannyoung @ianbirrell @Muller_Lab @Nature @arambaut @joeblogs54321 @edwardcholmes @DARPA Supaporn did the 2013 bat guano epiphany paper with Olival and Epstein, just after the Mojiang miners died - and without ever mentioning them.

She used old DARPA samples from 2006/7 and used DARPA Prophecy funding, + funding from a Naval Research Team.

@tommy_cleary @R_H_Ebright @thackerpd @BillyBostickson @TheSeeker268 @MonaRahalkar @alisonannyoung @ianbirrell @Muller_Lab @Nature @arambaut @joeblogs54321 @edwardcholmes @DARPA A Naval Research Team also collected bat samples with the Pasteur Institute from Paris in Laos in 2017 - in the same places where the same Pasteur Team would sample the BANAL BatCovs in 20/21.

For that 20/21 trip they did no go there with the Naval team.
Read 5 tweets
13 Oct
@JamieMetzl @ugauthier Indeed. The only thing that China will remember is our weakness.

After WHO head Gro Harlem Brundtland slammed China in 2003 for its cover-up, the answer from China was to make sure it cold never be shamed again, by diluting the power of the WHO.

@JamieMetzl @ugauthier "Those days are gone, she says; member-states have now limited what the head of the WHO can do and say."
@JamieMetzl @ugauthier As soon as 2004, China pushed back and won. It covered up the first two primary cases of SARS-Lab infection at the then top P3 in China (a CDC lab in Beijing) and managed to kick out the WHO from the investigation, not even publishing a report.

Read 8 tweets

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