#takebackBritain update. I'm bowled over by the emails coming in - amazing people, amazing organisations, standing by, ready to take action against this failed regime. Incredible.
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What's really striking is that so many people have taken the trouble not just to register their readiness, but to explain why. Sometimes at length. The frustration and outrage is palpable, and so well articulated.
Taken together, these emailed letters are an indictment of our times. But they are also a measure of the true "spirit of Britain" so disgracefully appropriated by our dear leader. The true spirit is alive and motivated. Ready to mobilise and ready to roar.
How to make that roar most effective? How to make best use of all the offers of help? How to honour and activate those who, for whatever reason, cannot march? (An interesting number of responders are older and/or less physically able, but still wish to take action.)
I'm working through it all. But meanwhile, keep the emails coming. If you're despairing of this awful government, believe me, you are not alone. Join us by dropping me an email at takebackbritain@reimagine.uk.com
Together we are strong.


PS - small technical issue. You will receive an automated reply from me, but NOT if you send from a googlemail address. (Gmail however is fine - go figure.) Same with gmx addresses. Those servers bounce my messages back.

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15 Oct
#takebackBritain update. All day, and all through the night, the emails are rolling in. I'm so glad I did it this way, with an email address, and not a form on a website. Because people are writing to me. Not just registering. They are telling me their stories.
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They are sharing their horror. Their disbelief. Their outrage. And they are speaking up for a Britain with values. Compassion and integrity and fairness and accountability. And above all honesty. There is a great Britain in their minds, and this ain't it.
There is a future they want for themselves or their children or their grandchildren, and this ain't it. The passion is real ("I've never despised a government before.") ...
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12 Oct
It's official: our pandemic response was horrendously, shockingly bad. We knew that, but thanks for confirming it.

But I don't buy the defence that herd immunity was the product of well-meaning "fatalistic group think". The tone for this was set by Johnson, who saw himself as
the "cloak flowing supercharged champion" of liberty in the face of "panic beyond what is medically rational". (Greenwich Speech, 3 Feb 2020)

That's not "group think" . That's one man setting a course. Right from the get-go.

One man. Insisting on fighting a virus with ideology.
And did he even learn? Again and again he denied and refused and hoped the virus would respond to his machismo. The British people suffered unimaginable loss. And after all that, what does he say? "Let the bodies pile high." His response always was, and remains, ideological.
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27 Sep
The Johnson regime will not keep you safe.
It will not ensure fuel makes it to the pumps.
Or food from farm to table.
It won't ensure you can afford to warm your home.
It won't ensure hungry kids get fed.
Or NHS staff get paid.
It won't take simple steps to protect against Covid
It won't ensure pubs and restaurants have enough staff to get back to normal.
It won't protect the poorest from NI rises and UC cuts.
It won't protect farmers or factories or those relying on the borders being open.
It won't protect those who need the protection of the law.
It won't protect human rights.
It won't protect those whose families have been divided by war.
It won't protect the arts and musicians who can't tour.
It won't protect the NHS or its beleaguered, depleted staff.
It won't protect people of colour from xenophobia and racism.
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16 Sep
Does the ordinary British bloke in the street know that they have Covid "passports" in Europe, and they are freer because of them?
I don't think he does.
Does the ordinary British woman in the street know that there are no empty shelves in European supermarkets, and that the shortage of HGV drivers only exists in the UK, because of Brexit?
I don't think she does.
Does the ordinary bloke in the street know that in the USA and in Europe, they've been vaccinating kids for months without drama?
I don't think he does.
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29 Aug
Man literally recorded conspiring to assault a journalist in charge of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Man who directed public funds to his mistress in charge of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Man who proudly signed international treaties with no intention of honouring them in charge of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
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28 Aug
I don't want our children to get covid, or long covid, or wind up in hospital at the rate of 1,100+/month. This regime does want them to get covid, and long covid, and has no problem with 1,100+/month of them winding up in hospital. This regime has contempt for our children.
There is no other way to interpret a strategy combining high community prevalence with the removal of mitigations in schools.
And the repeated forays into disinformation - schools are not vectors, covid is benign in kids, "natural" infection is better than vaccination - only add a layer of cruel confusion onto a bizarre policy of enforced exposure to a terrible virus.
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