Long Thread, The Real Ramayana: The story of Ramayana is the spiritual progress of every individual soul in the pursuit of Moksha. We all live some aspect of Ramayana in our daily lives @mamatarsingh @DeepaShreeAB @Itishree001 @MumukshuSavitri 1/n
The characters
Rama – the indwelling spirit – the soul who is the king of the 72000 nadis.
Lakshman –represent the power of concentration (Lakshya) which helps the soul regain it bride – Sita. He did focus his entire attention on his brother Rama – the individual soul. 2/n
Sita –represents the Kundalini Shakti, the dormant energy located at the Muladhara Chakra. It is the dormancy of this energy that helps us identify with the body which we call the ego.
Dasharatha – ‘Ten Chariots’ meaning the ten senses.
Ravana – The devil represents the limited ego that contemplates its greatness.
Hanuman – He represents the prana Vayu which when properly harnessed clears the path for Kundalini (Sita) to meet her beloved soul (Rama).
Kaushalya=Satva Guna
Kaikeyi=Tamo Guna
Sumitra=Rajo Guna 4/n
The Story
Dashrath (the 10 indriyas) under the influence of Kaikeyi (tamo guna) disregards its duty towards Ram (the atma/soul) in order to offer undue favour towards Bharat (the body)…something that we all are doing ‘all the time’ 5/n
Sita was found when Janaka was ploughing a field. She was found from the earth which is an element associated to the Muladhara Chakra where Kundalini Shakti resides. Janaka is a symbolic representation of the creator who awakens the Kundalini by removing her from Earth 6/n
After marriage, Ram,Sita , Lakshman – leave for the forest. When Kundalini unites with the soul, they are blissfully immersed within each other and immediately withdraw from the senses, which die. That is why Dasharatha (the 10 senses) dies soon after Ram and Sita depart. 7/n
his was all fine until Sita chose to disobey Lakshman and strayed from her focus on Rama. As soon as this happens, Ravana – the devil (the ego with 10 heads or 10 senses) – abducts Sita (the Kundalini Shakti) to Lanka which represents the earth element, the Muladhara Chakra. 8/n
This means, that as soon as your concentration shifts away from the soul, you are bound to be dragged down to your limited self state.
Rama (soul) now lost Sita (shakti) to a strong adversary – the limited demonic human personality that uses her for his own gratification. 9/n
Rama had to wander far and for long before He could reach Sita as we all must search incessantly for the Kundalini once she has self identified with something other than the soul. Rama (soul) needs the help of Lakshman (power of concentration) to search for Sita (Kundalini).10/n
Rama also needs the assistance of Hanuman (prana vayu (Pavan Putra)) to eliminate Ravana (the limited ego) and liberate Sita again from Lanka (the Muladhara chakra).
This is the purpose of our soul – to awaken the Kundalini and experience its true universal consciousness.
Reference Aghora- Kundalini by Robert Svoboda…

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our body also goes into a change to adapt to this seasonal variation and becomes vulnerable to disease.A good diet is important to boost our immunity. So the ancient Indians ushered in the new seasons with a diet that would help them cope with the change. 2/n
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@proudlymessedup @Itishree001 @LostTemple7 I am aware of this temple in Chamoli district, 7 km walk, but more important is the story attached to it and it is beautiful. Since Narad Muni was meditating at this place for 364 days offering his devotion to Bhagwan Vishnu, the temple stays closed for 364 days and opens 1/n
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Advaitam Ayurveda
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2. In the center of two triangles is the sign of creation which happens when both energies intermingle.
3. At the base of creation is the sign of infinity meaning the energies may mingle in infinite ways to create infinite outcomes, but they will still be a part of super consciousness (Brahman)
4. The three circles outside define the three universal balancing forces which maintain physical balance (Vata-Air; Pitta-Fire & Kapha- Water) as well as Spiritual Balance (Satva- Harmony; Rajas -Passion & Tamas- Ignorance)
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The adage is: ‘Kaanam Vittu Onam Unnanam’ which means ‘one must have the Onam lunch even if they have to sell everything’. The principles of Ayurveda are applied in choosing the ingredients,the cooking utensils, the eating patterns,and has all elements involved in the sadhya.2/n
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