From a theoretical perspective, it is very difficult to coherently explain how 7-8 of the ten richest groups in an "institutionally racist" society are non-white.
(2) In fact, it looks like EVERY Asian and West African group - including some long-resident groups that have experienced racism (Chinese Americans) and some pretty obviously Black groups (Nigerian Americans) - 'beats' the white income…
(3) There's also a huge amount of variance just inside the "Whites" category.

While this is often - intentionally? - just ignored, white group incomes range from $101,000 for Australian Americans and likely around that level for Jews down to $38,000 for Appalachians. Racism?
(4) These basic facts challenge whole paradigms. Few people would argue PAST conflict has nothing to do with why Choctaw Indians ($47K) make less than whites ($65K).

But, it's damned hard to prove that contemporary/past-50-years US policies drag down POC vs. equivalent whites.
(5) Today, 4-6 measurable factors - test scores, median age - predict gaps like the Appalachian/Jewish one far better than does prejudice...and past prejudice is just one factor affecting those traits.

We could help everyone do far better, by changing the conversation here.

• • •

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11 Oct
Thomas Sowell's "The Vision of the Anointed" was one of the most prescient books of our time.
(2) Basically, the idea of the book is that the combination of population clustering - IIRC, the OG was an early reader of the Putnam essays that became "The Big Sort" - and targeted radical takeover of specific fields is creating a dangerously out-of-touch and often wrong elite.
(3) A NATIONAL cadre that shares certain characteristics - sheltered, urban, coastal/Great Lakes, low-upper class, liberal or Con-Inc, Ivy (maaaaybe Big 10) - sees itself as having unique and novel knowledge that qualifies members to lead and radically change the country.

Read 10 tweets
8 Oct
As re "privileges," two facts from TABOO: Black Americans make up 25% of police shooting victims, but get ~80% of national media coverage of this problem and 10-20% of all victims of Black/white inter-racial crime - but get ~80% of national media coverage of THIS problem.
(2) This isn't hypothetical trash talking. A roughly 25% estimate for ID'd Black victims of cop shootings appears here:….

While serious inter-race crime is VERY rare, a breakdown that puts violent B/W crime at ~90% B-o-W is here
(3) The other data mentioned appear in this^ book:….

Horn-tooting aside, you can do a very basic test of this simply by running a Google/Lexis search for something like "police shooting" and seeing how many cases involving members of each group return.
Read 4 tweets
2 Oct
Something pointed out by serious people ranging literally from Tim Wise to Charles Murray is that 50% of competitors within any system will finish below average.

This has massive, obvious implications for all silly plans like "free college for all."
(2) Yes, yes - below the MEDIAN average.

Mean, median, and mode are all "the average."
(3) A lot of silly responses here. The point is that one of the major stated purposes of college ("majors," etc) is to prepare people for the ~20% of jobs ("Engineer") that require a college degree. "All in" proposals to provide 'elite' training make no sense.
Read 4 tweets
2 Oct
So, a recent piece (…) estimates 55% of U.S. police killings go unreported and Black people are 3+(X) more likely to get shot by police than whites.

Good to see more serious work on this, but - as always w policing - there are some major methods caveats.
(2) First, this^ claim is only that deaths go unreported BY the police, in the gov't "NVSS" system. Well...yeah.

The tools they use to get/compare REAL data are simply WaPo's "The Counted" and the other d-bases that have existed for years and are the standard in social science.
(3) It's fairly undisputed that for the past 6-7 years we've known pretty much how many people were killed by police, via databases with names like "Killed by Police."

My own figures along the lines of "1,000 per year, 250 Black, 20 Black and unarmed" come FROM The Counted.
Read 4 tweets
23 Sep
So, my thoughts on "Missing White Woman Syndrome..."

First, there often IS more coverage of white as vs. POC female victims - up to 3x as much, per a paper I'll try to dig up and link below.

Then and as ~always, however, there's a huge "but."
(2) First, as always, saying this is meaningless w/o (a) basic and (b) ~universally ignored adjustments for class, prominence, age, etc.

"Racism" has nothing to do with the fact that a tax-payer of any color killed by their ex in Detroit will get less attention than G. Petito.
(3) It's also obviously true that members of different groups gain different levels of attention across MANY social problems. As I note in TABOO, the ~25% minority of Black police shooting victims receive 80% or more of all national mass media coverage of this issue.
Read 6 tweets
28 Aug
Unpopular opinion: standardized tests have helped more smart poor kids join the elite than almost literally anything else.
(2) "Why?"

Ok: while no doubt influenced by culture/SES/study time, ST scores provide a metric of CURRENT aptitude that means the same thing across classes and races. No alternative (internships, single-school grades, "gentlemanliness") comes even close as a fair measure.
(3) "Is this true, per-fessor?!!"

Yeah. I AM a professor, at a solid state U, b/c of the SAT. If you want to see the effect of testing on college attendance for poor Jewish, Asian, W. African, etc. kids, check out the references in @kennymxu's…
Read 4 tweets

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