1/ Most stablecoin transaction volume is related to trading.

However, @CeloOrg has designed a process to use stablecoins for primarily p2p payment purposes.

Celo aims to make stablecoins a sound and reliable alternative to cash, especially where access to banking is limited. Celo system diagram
2/ @CeloOrg is designed to make global payments with cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Given the breadth of this ambitious goal, Celo relies on dApp devs to build solutions on top of it leveraging smart contract compatibility for a variety of use cases.
3/ The @CeloOrg stability mechanism relies on 2 types of tokens:

The first are elastic supply stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies like $cUSD or $cEUR.

The second is $CELO, the fixed supply governance and utility token of the system with floating value.
4/ Learn more about @CeloOrg and its unique approach to stablecoins in the latest article from @Cristianoventr2 messari.io/article/celo-a…

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13 Oct
1/ @harmonyprotocol is the latest EVM-compatible smart contract platform to play the liquidity incentive game.

Its native $ONE token has also been one of the best performers among the smart contract platforms over the last year, gaining roughly 4,285% YTD in dollar terms.
2/ @harmonyprotocol has a complete ecosystem planned. Early priorities include:

+ Wallet compatibility
+ Bridges
+ Analytics, such as block explorers and @graphprotocol subgraphs
+ Basic DeFi
+ Service Infrastructure: operational and high availability RPC endpoints for dApp devs Harmony universe
3/ @harmonyprotocol's Horizon bridge currently transfers assets to @ethereum and @BinanceChain, while @terra_money's shuttle bridge has already transferred over $1M UST.

A @Polkadot bridge is on testnet, and it is quite easy to adapt the bridge to other EVM-compatible chains. Harmony bridge
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8 Oct
1/ Web 3 infrastructure can be described with 3 pillars:

+ Computing
+ Storage
+ Networking

New Kind of Network, or @NKN_ORG, describes itself as the third pillar. It's a P2P network connectivity protocol that seeks to upgrade the modern client-server Internet infrastructure. Web 3 infrastructure
2/ @NKN_ORG sits on top of the current Internet stack and allows users to participate through their own devices.

Linking devices together overlays a new network layer above what exists today, bringing the privacy and censorship-resistant features notable from decentralization. Internet infrastructure
3/ The easiest way to earn $NKN is for a miner to serve as a node in the network.

This creates an economic incentive for devices to share bandwidth and to keep the node running 24/7 with a stable connection.

NKN can also be used to make transactions within the network. $NKN diagram
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7 Oct
1/ The @anchor_protocol whitepaper describes its goal of disrupting central banks by providing a decentralized central bank target rate which will become a reference rate for the broader DeFi ecosystem.

The protocol aims to do this by building itself around the Anchor Rate. Terra Ecosystem
2/ Driven by @anchor_protocol's high headline fixed deposit rate, @terra_money's comparatively low costs versus @ethereum mainnet, as well as the strong run up in $LUNA's price, TVL has continued to increase since launch and in August it become the 3rd largest lending platform. Anchor TVL surpasses $3bn i...
3/ The $ANC token is designed to capture a proportion of the yield available and to scale with the assets under management in the protocol.

ANC is also used as borrower incentives (100m per year) as well as rewards within ANC liquidity pools.

ANC token supply is capped at 1B. ANC cumulative distribution...
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6 Oct
1/ The #1 issue DeFi protocols face is maintaining adequate liquidity.

Earlier this year, @OlympusDAO formulated a way to permanently retain liquidity using “bonds”.

Now, it hopes to provide its bonds as a service to treasuries across DeFi through its new product, Olympus Pro. Image
2/ Olympus Pro aims to provide bond consultation and implementation as a service to DeFi.

Protocols will get access to @OlympusDAO's large policy and engineering teams as well as additional market exposure when their bonds are featured on Olympus Pro X, a bond marketplace.  In addition to the general...
3/ Olympus Pro launched to its first 6 protocols last week.

Using Olympus Pro X, participants can compare rates and purchase discounted $ALCX, $BANK, $FXS, $PENDLE, $xSDT, and $SPELL.

Projects interested in offering bonds can apply to be in a future cohort on an ongoing basis. Olympus Pro X
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31 Aug
We're going live in 8 minutes!

Come check out @WilsonWithiam's discussion on scalability and more featuring @sgoldfed, @gluk64, and @MihailoBjelic!

And for those who can't make it, we'll be live-tweeting highlights below 👇

Snag your seat now: crowdcast.io/e/so-many-side…
@WilsonWithiam @sgoldfed @gluk64 @MihailoBjelic .@gluk64 on ZK/Optimistic rollups:

"I think it’s more important what it means in practice. There are 3 main things: transaction cost, usability of withdrawals, and differences in security - in the long term you want the highest security."
@WilsonWithiam @sgoldfed @gluk64 @MihailoBjelic .@MihailoBjelic on scaling #Ethereum:

"Scaling Ethereum while preserving decentralization and high security is really challenging, so we understood that we needed solutions today and that’s why we went with the Commit Chain."

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31 Aug
1/ @MetisDAO seeks to offer the standard benefits of optimistic rollups:

+ low fees (<$1)
+ speed (<1s)
+ ETH-level economic security

It plans to stand out by providing native data storage, faster withdrawals to the ETH L1 main chain, and improved usability for DApp providers. Ethereum Scaling: Rollups
2/ There are 2 forms of rollups: ZK & optimistic rollups.

@MetisDAO uses the latter.

Optimistic rollups assume “optimistically” that all transactions are valid.

But transaction confirmations on the main chain are subject to a challenge period as a fraud prevention mechanism.
3/ @MetisDAO will be one of the family of EVM-compatible optimistic rollups to launch within the coming months.

It uses a fork of Optimism’s Optimism Virtual Machine (OVM) that it calls the Metis Virtual Machine (MVM).

The MVM mirrors the OVM in function and code execution.
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