This is a great example of the problems of conflating religious beliefs with political parties. The FRC and similar groups are mere political organizations. However they may have once seen themselves, they are using politics for fiscal gain.…
I support anyone’s right to practice religion—be if Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or whatever. If your spirituality brings peace to your soul, that is a positive for you and for the world around you. But this political religiosity operation is not that.
“Locking arms” with any political group takes away from a spirit-based life. If your religion teaches you all life is sacred, I don’t see how you can oppose gun regulation, women’s rights, human rights, or naked power grabs to marginalize some people and elevate others.
Groups aligning with the GOP for politics do so not to spread a gospel, but to extend their own power and line their coffers. They celebrate their hypocrisy because they get more out of it. And they do harm to both their faith and their country in the process.

• • •

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18 Oct
As various media outlets report breathlessly on a Biden White House mired in a multitude of “crises,” it’s worth taking a step back to look at the nation he took over and the tasks ahead. We should hold him accountable, but that accounting should be more than a current snapshot.
I have often talked about Biden’s initial task as being that of Janitor-in-Chief, cleaning up messes first, but it’s more than that. As he works to lift the nation up, the prior administration’s incompetence and sabotage mean he has to climb from some steep deficits.
The budget deficit is one layer. Trump and the GOP Congress with which he started not only failed to do anything for the nation, but cut deeply into national revenues by cutting taxes—specifically, for those who could most afford to pay them. The national debt ballooned.
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4 Sep
Friday night limericks go out tonight to the always concerned @SenatorCollins:

Susan Collins would have us believe
She’s a moderate-leaning reprieve.
When she gives her next speech
She’ll bemoan and beseech—
And continue her drive to deceive.
Susan claimed she would help protect Roe
Against every faux “right to life” foe.
But when Kavanaugh cried,
And then shouted and lied,
She eschewed right to put on a show.…
Of course, Kavanaugh said if confirmed,
It’s a precedent double-affirmed.
So is Collins a fool,
Or a GOP tool?
It’s no wonder the senator squirmed.…
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2 Sep
Reading through the opinions on the Texas abortion law case is a disheartening exercise. The majority opinion is unsigned—and understandably so. I wouldn’t want to put my name on that either. The dissents, on the other hand, all raise good points.…
The opinion is careful to say it is not ruling on constitutionality, and claims the law may never be enforced. It does not make a good case for letting an unconstitutional law go into effect because of this. It’s strained, dodgy, and generally feels like Kavanaugh wrote it.
Not Necessarily But Probably Kavanaugh makes the point that since Texas doesn’t enforce the law, instead delegating it, the State can’t be enjoined. That is the point of assaulting women’s rights by mob rather than by criminal code, and apparently the majority is cool with that.
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22 Jun
The critical race theory really is a perfect microcosm of the GOP approach. Their media outlets and all their dumbest, loudest members are shouting about it, without ever defining it. It has all the racism their party thrives on, proclaiming that even talking about race is bad.
Roll that in with the general disdain for education and a preference for historical myths and simple stories they can package with messages of “good” and “evil,” and they have the means for using talking points and accusations rather than having to develop or confront ideas.
It works for them because it fully pulls in the dumbest of them (think Gohmert, Jordan, Greene) and gives simple messaging for the rest. They never actually do anything, accomplish anything, or contribute anything to the country, because scaring people is a quicker path to power.
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19 Jun
So as @Mike_Pence pences about conservative stages, let’s break down his legacy as lead sycophant for what he grossly called the “most pro-life” administration ever:
1. Covid. Trump didn’t create Covid-19 (though he would have if he thought it would play well on Fox and if he were smart enough), but his obfuscations, underplayings, and outright lies made it much worse than it may have been.…
2. Executions. Trump cranked up the state killings like no one in recent memory. Pence’s pro-life begins at conception, and ends when Bill Barr says it does.…
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