There is a crisis of masculinity, destroying young boys.

But it's going to hurt high status women just as much.

I believe we're about to go through a marriage apocalypse...and there are about to be a lot of very unhappy, highly successful woman.
When women date, they tend to prefer men who earn more money & are higher status than them.

High status, beautiful women never had a problem with this because the male dominated, masculine work force produced lots of high earning men.
But over the last 10 - 20 years that's changed.

Young adult men today are falling behind.

Right now, 50% more women are slated to graduate from college than men. And then men that do graduate, very often have low testosterone, no purpose, and terrible habits.
Women are moving up the societal status and earning hierarchy, while men -- especially younger generations -- are falling fast.

What this means is that there are is about to be a glut of female lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs...and very few men that are up to their standards.
Many of the high earning women are putting career over their relationships...and that's great if you want to be single forever, but the challenge is that when they hit their 30s, there will not be the high status men available like they expect.
Dating apps tell an interesting story

The top 20% of men are getting ~80% of women. And they all tend to go for women younger than them.

Now those 80% of women they get may feel like they have tons of options, but it's really because the men are sleeping with so many of them.
So because of the casual sex market, many women feel like there will just be lots of great men available when they turn 30...

But what happens when the very few elite men finally settle down...and with a woman younger than them?
There are about to be a whole lot of beautiful, successful, high status women in their 30s that cannot find a good man.

Divorce rates in couples where the woman out-earns the man tend to be ~30% higher.

The future depends on us helping turn weak boys into strong men.

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14 Oct

A keto diet helped me and has helped 10s of thousands of people.

But nobody is talking about the risks of staying in ketosis for a long time.

I now think that long term keto is a BAD idea for most people.

Let me explain...
First, I want to be clear...for people in a highly pathological state, ketosis may be able to help them. A strict, zero carb, carnivore diet is still a great elimination diet....I am not writing this for these people.
I am writing this article for people that feel like they have somewhat of a grip on their health & and trying to figure out what to eat going forward.

I don't think a keto diet will kill you, necessarily, but I now think that there are some dangers to doing it long term.
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We seem to have completely forgotten that a quality diet entails more than just macronutrients or "cutting out carbs"...

Nutrients and minerals are critical to health & most people are deficient in many of them.

Here are some common deficiencies...
Vitamin A retinol: skin health, steroid hormone production
Zinc: immune system, gut health...
Copper: ATP synthesis and iron recycling
Magnesium: over 400 enzymes, including relaxation & de-stressing
B1: neurotransmitters & converting carbs to fuel
B2: converting fats to fuel & methylation
B3: NAD production
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B7: skin, hair, nails, energy production
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The sunlight is a miracle, forgotten health cure...

It is the source of all life on earth and one of the most powerful ways to improve your mood, health and attractiveness.

Our modern society is the only one in history that has feared the sun as much as we do and it shows.
Attempting to block the sun with creams that actually cause the disease, epitomizes how backwards our society is.

If we want to restore health & humanity, we need to restore our relationship with the sun...

Here's why....
Throughout history, humans have worshipped the sun as anything from a conscious God to the most important healer.

Ancient Greek Physicians often prescribed solar therapy, and ancient egyptians built the city of Heliopolis to worship the sun
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19 May
Hard truths men need to hear:

#1: Quit your desk job immediately. It is crushing your soul and ruining your health.
#2. Women aren't tools to cure your loneliness. Stop having casual sex. Find a loving partner, commit to her, and start a family.
#3. Not everything that happens around you is your fault. But you should take 100% responsibility for it all.
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19 Dec 20

Feeling stuck? Change starts with changing your consciousness.

This is a long one, but understanding this will change your life in incredible ways.
How can you get anything you want in life?

Your beliefs.

But this isn’t just positive mindset in the traditional sense.

Merely thinking positive thoughts will DO nothing and can even do harm.


Because your subconscious runs the show.
Your positive affirmations are too superficial and can’t actually change your behavior.

Before I get too woo woo, let me explain a bit more
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10 Nov 20
The world is extremely sick.

There's an opioid epidemic
Millions are dying from heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegeneration
Smoking kills 100s of thousands

Nobody is freaking out

Yet for some reason coronavirus caused the whole world to shutdown

I finally figured out why
Why are people allowed to guzzle canola oil, smoke cigs, and fester away homeless on the streets?

Yet we mobilize TRILLIONS for a pandemic that kills a small fraction of people?
Sure, it's contagious, but that cant be the whole story

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have responded to coronavirus.

The bigger question is why we haven't responded to all of these other issues that could SAVE MILLIONS?

I just figured it out
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