211018 #XIUMIN First Huya Broadcast <Creative Workshop> Translation


Hello everyone, it’s Xiumin!
How has everyone been?
Ahh I can’t read the comments (in chinese).
What do the comments say?


I have been doing Hadestown musical and the weather is becoming very cold these days.
I have to bring out my paddings nowadays.
I don’t rly like talking alone so everyone pls help me 😂


Can everyone guess what I’m doing today?
Ahh there’s the right answer!
Gundam. How do y’all know?
Ahhhh because the figurine is there.
I’m not good at making it so I have invited a professional to assist in me.
I haven’t been onscreen for so long so it’s awkward ~
Reading comments: Have you been eating dinner well? What did you eat today?
XM: What did I eat today? *asks staff* salad bibimbap (if I didn’t hear wrong). It’s yummy, sweet & sour!

Ahh the gold necklace? It’s gifted by Sehun! I always wear it! #HandiworkWithXiu
Because it’s expensive (something like beings $$?) So I never take it off 😂

I have forgotten so much of my chinese. Because Lay’s Korean is getting so good. Ahh Lay.. I miss him.


The professional has arrived and they’re doing an intro now ~


There’s something about the professional and his music or something and there’s something about being married. Xiumin is clueless so he keeps asking and they’re saying it’s bcos XM isn’t married so he doesn’t know much about it 😂

If I can find the clip, I’ll translate later ^
This is the figurine Xiumin will be making today. It’s the SD series?

XM: seems like one I can do.
Professor: Theres nothing our Xiumin can’t do right?


Professor: I can tell just through Xiumin’s eyes which one he likes (the one he is touching)
Xiumin: Yes. It’s so cool.
Professor: I took 10 hours to make this.
Xiumin: 10 hours?
P: It’s just like dancing, you take a long time too! Like XM practices a long time,
I will also help XM in making today.

*i missed out some parts so it might not make sense 😅


Reading comments: I love you. Good luck today! Seems like XM lost weight?
XM: Ily too. Is that so? I’m not dieting these days tho...
comment: let’s get married
XM: sings a song about it 😭


He sang the hadestown wedding song!
Professor: Try reassembling it!
Xiumin: Nono! How do I? There’s no manual I can’t do it 😂😂

He’s sooooo cute omg


Professor: I’ve prepared something even an elementary student can fix! You’ll be able to do it too. Seems like Xiumin is very nervous.
Xiumin: yes I am.
P: Don’t be. I’m here so you just have to follow me.


HAHAHAH the professor is whipped for XM 😭

*xm reads manual*
P: XM is good at even reading the manual. It’s my first time seeing XM and he’s so cute ~
XM: Ahhh yes. I eat that to live 😭😭


XM: Will you be a Gundam your next life?
P: No. I will Wanna be like you, practice lots and have a face like you.
P: What hobbies does XM have?
XM: Err... watching Netflix!
P: Squid game?
XM: I’ve watched that!
P: D.P.?
XM: I’ve watched it! Watched it all!
XM: if it’s outdoors, I like exercising such as riding the bike etc. I really recommend it to people who likes being alone (? something like that I might have rmb wrongly)


P: Gundam isn’t important. Xiumin’s face is. Please look up from time to time and show your face.
XM: laughs 😂😂


P: Sports XM likes?
XM: Tennis!
P: Charms of tennis?
*i didn’t catch XM’s reply😭*


XM: I’m done with it? (The head)
Professor and staff: wowww


Professor: because it’s my 3rd time doing this, there are expectations too. I want to be funny/fun but there’s no chance ~
XM: Ohh..
P: Isnt there something you’re curious about me?
XM: No... not rly 😂😭


XM: Ah okok i’m kidding. *asks something I forgot* 😭

Xiumin is just rly focused on fixing Gundam LMAOOO


P: Does XM only watch Netflix at home? Nothing else?
P: Ahh you’re someone like that? Does it relive stress (?)


Ok they’re doing this quick qns

P: Not wash hair or not brush teeth?
XM: I can’t not brush my teeth.
P: How many times in a day?
XM: I brush right after eating.


XM: Vomited tomato food or tomato food that tastes like vomit? 😭


Xiumin: Professor used to be in a band. Can he sing for us then? Pls sing and I’ll keep fixing it.

Xiumin is rly just tryna focus on his Gundam and is a lil awkward with the live so he’s trying to distract everything now😂

P: Should we play a game?
XM: What kind of game?
P: sings and does this DJ game thingy
XM: copies him
P: Ok how about I sing a song and you guess the singer?
XM: You know a lot of song?
P: I know more of the old songs.
XM: Can this work? So if I sing EXO songs...
They do the action for this game and XM songs growl (😭) and the Professor doesn’t guess the title.


they’re playing the game now and Professor says fans are waiting so XM showed hearts and got shy LOL


Xiumin’s punishment set by professor: dance to an exo song while singing a musical

Xiumin sang BoA’s No. 1 but the professor didn’t get it.


Tbh idk what exactly is going on with this game rn bcos they’re doing something diff every round 😂😭
3.6 million on Xiumin’s first huya live🥰
Ok so they gave them this game where they have 3 chances to flick to the highest score and Xiumin lost HAHAHAH. So now he has to dance to Growl while singing musical song!

Xiumin reading comments:
fighting, i love u. what do u do at home?
XM: Please come see Hadestown!
Comment: Fave song from Hadestown?
XM: Wait for me. Please come see Hadestown! *sings a short part of wait for me*
XM: it’s been a while since I’ve danced
P: I can’t do the leg and hand moves at the same time 😂
XM: But you asked me to dance to growl and sing a musical song earlier!?
P: Ahh I’m not the one doing it anyways ~ 😭

^ not only order FYI

Professor: You have to live longer
XM: Huh? Suddenly? What are u saying?
P: Ahh bcos I’m thinking of how I can sing growl with EXO.
XM: it’s an honor *bows*

in order***
He managed to make Gundam!!

*finding cameras*
XM: I’m still trying to get used to this.

Q&A Time!
Q: Does XM consoles others often? How do you console them without being awkward?
XM: I don’t rly console people though. Rather, I sit quietly beside them. When a person is crying and you say ‘don’t cry’ the person will cry even more.
Q: Of all the Chinese food Xiumin has eaten, which is the deepest impression? If you have to chose 1 chinese dish to eat for the rest of your life?
XM: 酸辣粉! Spicy & sour vermicelli! I’m drooling thinking of it. I had it when I first debuted in China. When I first had it -
I was like ‘omg what’s this taste?! But I will keep thinking about it later on.’

酸辣粉 has a strong vinegar taste usually, but it’s addictive!

Professor asks XM on other foods he likes and XM says hotpot.

XM: Yes when eating huoguo (hotpot), you have to make the sauce. Err... zhi.. zhi ma? (He’s trying to say sesame sauce in chinese!)
Food XM doesn’t enjoy?

XM: Squid! Boiled squid.
P: Ahh so XM doesn’t like boiled squid (says to viewers)
XM: They all know!

Q: After finishing his military, he did lots of activities I love them all. How does XM look forward to his activities after military? Any bigger wishes to fulfill?

XM: Oh?! I have lots of things I want to do. Even right now, I’m doing it. It’s something I have yet to done
Can y’all guess it?
: can we expect it this year?
XM: I think he kept silent or said he nearly let it out.
XM: many are saying to do drama!
XM says he wishes to like next year(?). He wants to do a role as a rich younger brother to an older sister.
Comments: no kiss scene!
XM: Oh no... how? I’ll have limited roles then
Q: If there’s a chance to go into the future, will Xiumin do it?
XM: Yup. I will go forward to 10 years later when I’m 41/42. I wanna be a househusband. 😂
Q: is there something XM DIY in his daily live?
XM: I don’t rly draw well. But things like using my hand (to clean), I do that well.
Professor: you say you’re not good using your hands but seeing today, I think that’s not the case ~
Q: What kind of perfume scent will XM make if it he makes one?
XM: Ahh idk. I don’t use perfume, wait I do! But I just use whichever I receive. If yes, I’ll do a light and refreshing one? I’ve been using a Tom Ford (he whispers this bcos he’s trying to rmb the brand name).
How is orange scent?
XM: not bad too
Q: any plans for next 2 years? Can you share your experience with Hadestown?
XM: next 2 years, yes I do. I wish to do a drama. I do I do! I wanna do concert. -
They contacted my company and they asked if I wanna do. I watched vids ok YouTube and thought the music was so good so I accepted but didn’t expect it to be so tough. I’m also very nervous bcos of the role. Bcos my role has to sing from the start to end, it’s improve my skills-
a lot.
Q: after filming Tennis King, is XM still doing tennis? Sports you wanna do? Variety you wish to try?
XM: Yes I am! Bcos of it, I’m learning tennis for free even till now. There’s a sports I wanna try. Volleyball! I usually watch an anime and get inspired to play a sports. Just-
like I watch prince of tennis and got inspired to learn tennis. I watched Haikyuu and got inspired! Variety is kinda tough...
So he wants to avoid variety
Q: When the weather is cold, any foods XM likes to eat?
XM: Bungeoppang! Huoguo. Tomato fried egg he had in China. Ice cream!
Pls eat lots of ice cream and huoguo in Winter!
I think question was what will XM do when the first snow falls?
XM: Stay home and drink wine? My place has a nice view ~
And then XM mentions it will be nice to watch the first snow with someone you like! He also says he will bubble with Eris when it snows 🥰
XM: When it snows, I made it 😂 Ahh what am I saying?! So don’t make me angry, bcos when I’m angry it’s cold 😭 (his superpower is frost....)
XM: how is it like doing live with me?
Professor: He says because Xiumin is very focused so its good (something like that)
XM: Bcos it's my first time doing a live like this, I was nervous but thanks to professor, it went well.

ok professor says bye
Xiumin polaroid time! He did poses like baozi (bun), flower, cheek heart, heart, wink heart, Xiumin expression (3rd pic, his eyes are actually shut right cutely but I was late)

He’s sooo adorable 😭 All his pics came out shaky he says he can’t take selcas, others have to take-
For him.
I think someone asked them how XM’s selcas come out well? And he says it’s all edited 😂😭
omggg Xiumin is giving out his Hadestown lyrical book prized possession to the 1st place winner🥺 he says we will know if he makes a mistake now but bcos it’s his first musical, it’s significant and wants to gift it to us. 🥺🥺
Ending ment: Ahh it’s been 2 hours? I had fun but because it’s my first time, I wanted to do well but I’m nervous. Thank you to everyone for supporting me. The next time, I will be able to do better! I’ll see you again next Monday then! Ok I will go for real now! -
Xiexie, wo ai ni (thank you, I love you). Baa baa! (Bye bye said cutely)

a whole cutie fr😭

‘I will really go now. Xiexie! Wo ai ni! Baa baaaaaaaa’

managed to capture this scene so here’s minseok super cute goodbye for tonight


• • •

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