1/There is so much more to NFTs than just being expensive jpegs and $RMRK is leading the way in proving this. @RmrkApp is a next gen advanced NFT protocol with powerful features.

Let's dig into why $RMRK is taking over the NFT world by storm.

@bitfalls @ChristinaMiyar @RmrkApp #RMRK banners
2/ What is $RMRK?

$RMRK is a set of NFT legos that allow a user to create NFT systems of arbitrary complexity.

By leveraging this logic and Kusama's multi-chain architecture, these NFTs are eternally liquid,forward-compatible and seamlessly portable to connected parachains
3/Issues with traditional NFT infrastructure:

3.1/ Expensive
$RMRK's advanced NFTs are designed to be interactive. On Ethereum, if a user emotes 10 times on a NFT, each interaction costs $30 in gas on avg. (on the lower side) it makes the total cost $300 just for emoting!!
3.2/ Limited
Since ERC 721 & ERC 1155 standards have limited functionality, custom integrations are reqd to build advanced features.

Eg: to get mutant ape,user inputs BAYC ape + serum on BAYC's site which is a custom centralized UI. So site goes down, NFTs are rendered useless
3.3/ Non-composable
For loot project, user can use attributes in the bags to build anything on top.

However, since underlying ERC standards don't support advanced functionality, a derivative project using these attributes may not interact with another derivative project easily
4/ Benefits of $RMRK:
- Highly advanced and customizable NFT lego system offering immense flexibility
-Efficient processing & cheap transaction costs being built on #Kusama
- Supports cross-chain interoperability using Kusama's multichain architecture resulting in high liquidity
5/ $RMRK legos explained

5.1/ Nested NFTs
NFTs that can own other NFTs, & NFTs that can equip other NFTs to change their output media.

Eg: an in-game character owing a backpack which in turn owns health potions. The character can also own and equip another NFT, helmet
5.2/ On-chain emotes
On-chain reactions, like you would expect when opening an emoji keyboard, sent to any NFT.

Any UI implementing this specs shows the full range of received emotes, allowing for social mechanics and relative price discovery across NFTs.
5.3/ Multi-resource
5.31/ NFTs can have diff outputs depending on context. Eg: an ebook can have a PDF,a cover & audio file resources.

If you load it into Audible, it plays and into Kindle, it opens in reading mode. In #Ethereum,you get the default, a cover jpg
5.32/ An NFT that is purely an image can use multiple resources as a redundancy for assets. One resource can be the image on HTTP, same image on IPFS, the same on #arweave .

By having redundancy on the NFT level, the NFT is guaranteed to remain much longer than traditional NFTs
5.33/ Consider an NFT with multiple images representing the same concept.

Eg: an attendance badge can evolve over time by getting a new resource after the fact.The owner of the NFT is any time able to switch priority of display on the resources & make the current logo default
5.4/ Conditional rendering:
Ability to apply certain conditions to an NFT's output.

Eg:Using On-chain emotes & Multi-resource NFTs legos together, create 2 MonaLisas: normal & blushing .Then define rule that says-if NFT gets>50😘emos, show blushing #monalisa resource on priority
5.5/ NFTs as DAOs:
NFTs on $RMRK can be tokenized into fungible tokens. These tokens can then be used to govern the NFT's functions.

Eg: a democratic decision to make an NFT avatar equip one sword over another or tokens can then be used to distribute royalties from sales
6/ $RMRK-based projects:
6.1/ Official
Singular: the official NFT marketplace for RMRK 1.0 NFTs singular.rmrk.app

Kanaria: NFT birds that can wear other standalone NFTs, equip items, & have multiple resources - the first prod demo of RMRK 2.0 kanaria.rmrk.app Image
6.2/ Third-party
Kodadot @KodaDot
KSMGallery by Everdreamsoft @EverdreamSoft

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