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Kusama - Polkadot's canary network built for speed and innovation

@kusamanetwork and @Polkadot share the same codebase

Kusama is an early and unaudited version of Polkadot

Both networks operate as multichain, heterogeneously-sharded blockchains based on nominated PoS (NPoS)
While the two are closely related, Polkadot adopts a conservative approach and prioritizes reliability and stability, whereas #Kusama is wild and fast

It is not a testnet but a developmental network that is extremely helpful for early-stage deployment & bold experimentation
A significant problem associated with #testnets is their inability to test things that require some degree of value, e.g., #governance and stakeholder voting/participation

Such activities are futile as no individual is sufficiently motivated to vote on a #network with 0 value
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1/ The Kusamaverse provides an interactive and live-visualisation of @Kusamanetwork and its transactions, in a 3D browser-based environment.

What data is visualised in #Kusamaverse?


Read the thread below 🧵 ⬇️
@kusamanetwork 2/ The Kusama relay chain visualised

Surrounding everything in the Kusamaverse is the relay chain - the heart of @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork

It represents the Kusama blockchain itself, where transactions are finalised.
@kusamanetwork @Polkadot 3/ Blocks validated in real-time

Periodically, the blocks which are currently being validated will appear on the #Kusama relay chain, showing the blocks’ ID

Beams of light, striking the blocks from the sky, indicate the exact validator nodes performing the validation ⚡️
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New day, new thread! Today, we'll take a look at @MoonbeamNetwork and dig the tech behind it 👇

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform built with the @rustlang while also utilizing the @substrate_io framework.

The project is essentially a Layer-1 #blockchain with full #Ethereum interoperability presented on the @Polkadot network as a parachain.

Moreover, @MoonbeamNetwork co-exists along its sister-parachain @MoonriverNW which was launched on the @kusamanetwork in June 2021.

. @MoonriverNW is an independent parachain providing real economic conditions on #Kusama. It may be used as an experimental environment to test dApps before deploying them to #Moonbeam. Meanwhile, dApps that require Moonbeam security can be deployed there immediately.

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Here's a little thread about $DOT - Polkadot.

Pretty much, Polkadot: "The Blockchain of Blockchains". 🤯

I will leave all the official links at the end. 👇

Please like, retweet & follow if you enjoyed this thread and have learned something from it!

The idea of @Polkadot was created in 2017, by Dr Gavin Wood (@gavofyork) just after inventing the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the infamous 'Solidity' programming language.
@Polkadot is the first "Layer 0" #blockchain that can connect multiple "Layer 1" blockchains to itself. They aim to create a unified network of blockchains that can be built and connected.
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THREAD - @Polkadot #PolkadotDigest 29 Jun 2022

#Polkadot News

Polkadot Decoded begins today and continues tomorrow, with on-site events in Berlin, Hangzhou, Buenos Aires, and New York City. For details and agenda, see .
Tickets for ParisDOT.comm, a three-day conference of Polkadot-related talks and workshops 19-21 July in Paris, France, are now available.
#Kusama News

With four days left in the current parachain slot auction, InvArch Tinkernet has been in the lead the entire Ending Period.…
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THREAD - @Polkadot #PolkadotDigest 28 June 2022

#Polkadot News

Polkadot Decoded starts tomorrow! There are various in-person events (in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hangzhou, and New York City) and online streams.
You can see all of the HRMP channels between parachains (on either Polkadot or Kusama) using the “Dotsama Channels” app:
The staking rate on Polkadot has not changed much recently, and is currently at 51.9%.…
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THREAD - @Polkadot #PolkadotDigest 27 June 2022

#Polkadot News

Kapex has won the latest parachain slot auction.…
The next parachain slot auction is scheduled to begin on 30 June at approximately 00:30 UTC.…
Polkadot Decoded starts tomorrow! There are various in-person events (in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hangzhou, and New York City) and online streams.
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Do you know the differences between #Polkadot and #Kusama?
Let explore the matter to understand how Kusama plays a very important role in the development of #Dotsama ecosystem and is, in itself, much more than a testnet.

Although they share many parts of their code, #Polkadot and #Kusama are independent networks with different priorities.
Kusama is wild and fast, great for experimentation and early-stage deployment. Polkadot is more conservative, prioritizing stability and dependability.

1. Points in common:
#Kusama was released as an early version of the same code to be used in #Polkadot sharing the same underlying architecture: a multichain, heterogeneously-sharded design based on Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS).

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Let´s talk about @Kiltprotocol $KILT, an open source BC protocol for issuing decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials who intends to become the identity solution for Web 3.0 Currently running in #Kusama plans to get a Parachain slot in #Polkadot.

$KILT is a decentralized blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous and verifiable credentials, enabling trust market business models in Web 3. KILT’s mission is to return control over personal data to its owner, restoring privacy to the individual.

Internet users need to register for using services. If those services become successful, they accumulate millions of logins and often collect data on users. This leads to three major problems:

1. The data silos are honeypots for hackers and thus a high security risk.

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What The F* is This Thorchain Friendly Fork?

Thorchads, yesterday Part 1 of @MayaProtocolEng Whitepaper was unveiled in Discord

As a @THORChain investor, Node op, or LPer, the news of a #THORChain fork might still catch you off-guard.
You will, rightly so, wonder how could this affect a protocol you have a vested interest into.

With this 🧵 I sum up Why #Maya is a friendly fork of #THORChain, and how its success will ultimately benefit @THORChain protocol, its security, its UX, and its userbase.
Remember when you were first Rune-Pilled?

Was it @TheRuneRanger or @THORmaximalist in Twitter?

Was it @CBarraford or @ErikVoorhees in a Twitter Spaces?

Was it the LP University @THORChainLPU ?

Perhaps @Danku_r, @ChadThoreau or another ‘Runatic’... ?
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Polkadot in 8 tweets

The most important thinks you need to know about #Polkadot and #Kusama
1. @Polkadot is a platform on which blockchain networks are built and connected into one unified network. It is essentially an L0 on which L1 networks are built.
2. Kusama is like Polkadot’s cousin. It is similar in a lot of ways, and is considered the “canary” or “testing” network.
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Selamlar herkese, bugün HydraDX'in Kusama'da ki kardeşi olan Basilisk Finance'in testine katılacağız.

Önemli ve kolay bir platform, önceden kapalı bir testi olmuştu, şimdi herkese açık. (public) Hızlıca geçelim.

#Testnet #Kusama #Polkadot
1- Bizim platformu kullanabilmemiz için öncelikle polkadot.js cüzdanımıza ihtiyacımız var.

Cihazımıza kurduktan sonra test tokene ihtiyacımız var, bunun için discord kanallarından alacağız.
2- Faucetten almak için şunları yapmalıyız.

Cüzdan da sağdaki 3 noktaya tıklayıp herhangi bir zincirda kullanıma izin ver diyoruz.

Daha sonra ayarlar kısmından en altta basilisk'i seçiyoruz.

Bu adres ile faucet kanalına komutu girip tokeni alıyoruz.
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(1/25)Dostlar alım yaptığım ve çok beğendiğim #Polkadot Parachaini olan, modern internet sistemlerinde çalışan bir kodlama türü WebAssembly ve #Ethereum Virtual Machine uygulamaları merkezi olmayı hedefleyen $ASTR @AstarNetwork’ü inceliyoruz.

Beğenerek destek olabilirsiniz. ❤️ Image
(2/25) $ASTR halihazırda #Polkadot üzerinde en çok kitli varlık miktarına ulaşan #Parachain olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. Platformun gelişiminde amaçlanan hedef ise birçok farklı Layer 1 blockchain ağını #polkadot üzerine bağlayarak #Polkadot üzerinde merkeziyetsiz Image
(3/25) uygulamaların geliştirildiği, birçok farklı sistemin senkronizasyonunun gerçekleştiği bir ekosistem oluşturmak olarak değerlendirilebilir.

Son dönemde $ATOM ( #Cosmos ) ve #ETH ağları $ASTR sayesinde #Polkadot ağına bağlanmış ve projenin misyonu gerçekleşmeye başlamış Image
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(1/23)Selamlar dostlar. Bu floodumda #Polkadot ( $DOT #DOT ) ve Parachain’leri size anlatmaya çalışıcam.

#DOT ekosisteminin büyüyeceğini düşündüğümü ve bazı parachainlere yatırım yaptığımı söylemiştim.

Peki #Polkadot ve #Parachain ‘ler neden önemli❓Buyrun beraber bakalım. 🔥👇🏼
(2/23)Öncelikle Layer 1 ağlara değinecek olursak; Layer 1 olarak sınıflandırılan ağlar kendi ekosistemlerine sahip ana blockchain ağlarını temsil ediyor. #Ethereum #Bitcoin #Solana #BNB gibi ağları Layer 1 ağlara örnek ana ağlar olarak verebiliriz.
(3/23)Layer 1 ağlarınında çözümlenmesi için uğraşılan ana sorun ölçeklenebilirlik sorunudur.

Bu ana ağlarda optimum merkeziyetsizlik ve güvenliğe ulaşılma hedeflenirken ölçeklenebilirlik problemleri baş göstermiş ve ağ hızları konusunda istikrarsız sonuçlar,
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Selamlar herkese, bugün Acala'nın Kusama'da ki kardeşi olan Karura platformunu kullanacağım

Kullanırken neler yapıyorum, nasıl kullanıyoruz, yapmak isteyenler ve bilmeyenler için ufak bir rehber

Piyasadan bağımsız bir rehber, keyifli okumalar

#Kusama #Polkadot #Karura #Acala Image
1- Öncelikle bunun bir testnet olmadığını belirtmek isterim.

Karura hakkında telegramda çok sohbet ettik, kendim yapmışken flooda dökmek istedim.

Başta da dediğim gibi Piyasadan bağımsız bir rehber, kimseciklere karışmıyorum.

<3 Image
2- Benim bugün yapacağım işlemler özeti şu şekilde:

1. Polkadot cüzdanıma KSM göndereceğim.
2. Bridge ile Kusama'dan Karura'ya geçireceğim
3. KSM'leri bir miktar LKSM çevireceğim
4. Daha sonra LKSM-KSM likitidesi ekleyeceğim Image
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Series TVL Analysis #1: @LidoFinance

🎉Lido recently received a lot of attention from the #LUNAtics #Solana #Ethereum #Kusama community and soon #Polygon and #Avalanche investors.
💰If you have or intend to invest in $LDO , this is the thread 🧵 for you 👇

@LidoFinance 1/ OVERVIEW
🔥Lido ranks 4th in all blockchain protocols with $12.08M TVL.
🔥Ranked 8th in Ethereum, 2nd in Terra

In terms of Liquidity Staking Protocols, @LidoFinance the 1st position in both the @ethereum and @terra_money systems based on @DefiLlama source.
@LidoFinance @ethereum @terra_money @DefiLlama 2/ TOTAL VALUE LOCK

Assets staked in Lido up to $12.08B of which:
Terra accounts for 54%, followed by @ethereum with 44%, @solana and @MoonriverNW with 1%.
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🌟A general thread of $DOT $KSM

1/ Lets start with the Basics:
$DOT – the real next generation blockchain that focuses on interoperability, scalability, innovation, security and connecting specialized blockchains into one well functioning eco
-its central chain is a relay chain
2/-its proof of stake(will write a further thread on this in the future and why its beneficial)
-heterogenous(diverse in it nature)
-multichain network
-Shared security
-handles staking txs
-scalability for 100 layer 1 blockchains or in this case parachains
3/Why Dot – from my view
-$DOT use of governance and functionality and democratic nature is appealing
- token holders have complete control over the protocol
-privileges are given to the $DOT holders
-interoperability is a function that $DOT accomplishes very well
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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KILT Protocol:

#Kilt is a fully decentralized identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials.

In this thread we will discuss the tech, tokenomics and the value proposition to help you understand the project in more simple terms.

/Thread 🧵
1. Value Proposition

$KILT is the only project in ID and Credentials which "solves the price/truth Paradox".

They produce affordable credentials whilst delivering the security of a permissionless blockchain.

This is key to adoption by the Financial Industry.
2. Visualise

Say you are sick.

If a person, X, comes to you claiming they are a doctor, it would be hard for you to trust this person, because you know nothing but their name.

If the same person produces a medical license issued by the government, you would trust them more.
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In 2021 i made big gains on $GALA $MATIC & $SOL

2 days ago i bought $OCT @oct_network which has already gone up 25%.

I think it could 🚀 but there are concerns ⚠️

Here is a thread 🧵 explaining why 👇

Threads take a long time so please Retweet & tag a friend.

It is a complex #token but will try & simplify it for you.

This is not a paid promotion & i have bought some.

It is a smaller coin, so has huge upside but also risk. So don't just FOMO in & DYOR

-It is one of the most interesting #web3 plays out there.

-@oct_network is a multi-chain network for launching & running web3 apps.

-It solves some of the biggest problems faced by $DOT #polkadot & $KSM #kusama at the moment.
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THREAD - @Polkadot #PolkadotDigest 11 Jan 2022

#Polkadot News

On Thursday, join representatives from Parity and various parachain teams who will be discussing the parachain rollout.…
The Web3 Foundation has published details on their 12th wave of grants.…
Halfway through the Ending Period of the current parachain slot auction, Composable Finance has been in the lead the entire time.…
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[THREAD] Présentation de #Moonbeam et ma stratégie d'investissement les 40 prochains jours. (Avec 20% de mon portefeuille total)

@MoonbeamNetwork est un très beau projet, c'est le projet soeur de @MoonriverNW $MOVR et je pense le Layer 1 le plus prometteur de 2022.

Un thread :
Après avoir gagné sa parachain aux enchères de #polkadot le 18 décembre en étant le projet avec le plus de Dot contribués (35.75 Millions de $DOT contribués, qui valaient à l'époque 50$ = 1.8 Milliards de dollars levés). Moonbeam $GLMR se lance demain.
Moonbeam c'est LE Layer 1 de l'écosystème Polkadot. C'est celui qui a pour ambition de devenir comme Ethereum.
Il permet à n'importe quel projet codé sur Ethereum d'être bridgé sur Moonbeam en quelques secondes, avec une blockchain sécurisée et à très faible coût de transaction.
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THREAD - @Polkadot Digest 10 Jan 2022

#Polkadot News

Two days into the Ending Period and Composable Finance has been in the lead for the entirety of the Ending Period during this parachain auction.…
Referendum 44, proposing to authorize a treasury proposal, has failed.
The staking rate has decreased slightly to 53.2%.
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