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$KSM is up +25% today. How do you follow the Crowdloan race for #Kusama?
$150 million was raised in 1 day. Polkadot forces projects to generate a community from Day 0, instead of relying just on VCs.

1) "Leases 13-20": 8 slots x 6 weeks = 48 weeks parachain duration

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Image
2) "Ending": There are 5 consecutive one-week auctions, 1 per week. If the project doesn't win in 43 days, then the $KSM is return to the community automatically. There will be a pause to stablized the network or even start @Polkadot's auctions
3) "Cap": Needs to be high enough to attract a sizeable community and provide sufficient rewards. For example, @AcalaNetwork is setting aside 20% of their tokens for the crowdloan @ 1.5M $KSM cap.
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Been right on all these mentioned $ALTS with 50-200% moves 🔥


$EOS #EOS Image
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THREAD - @Polkadot Digest 11 May 2021

#Polkadot News

Polkadot Decoded is next week, 19-20 May. See the lineup and register here:
If you are running a node and use binaries from Github, please update your v0.9.0 node with the latest one attached in the v0.9.0 release. The original binary was built with incorrect compile flags. If you build from source, this does not affect you.
Note that with the latest runtime, there is no restriction on when you can issue a transaction to nominate validators (on Polkadot and Kusama). The nomination still won't take effect until the next available election, though.
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#Radix $eXRD Research project
Still unknown to many, Cassandra is one of the most significant ongoing research projects in the crypto-space today. The findings from Cassandra will have a huge impact on the future of digital currencies and DeFi.
R&D has always been a significant part of the development of Radix. Other large projects in the crypto-space such as #cardano and #Dfinity have also realised the importance of R&D and have been rightfully praised for taking a scientific approach to development.
Building prototypes and testing them is a major part of a proper R&D cycle. The benefits of building a prototype can be seen in the case of #polkadot's #kusama network.
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Okay! This has taken me an age to pull together in dribs and drabs, little sessions here and there... researching every one of their investments is mind-blowing stuff but well worth it IMO to truly get an understanding of the vast potential this company has. Image

I've pulled together this Investment Tracker so that I can try and keep an eye on any upcoming catalysts or news updates that could materially impact the value of their assets.
It's taken a couple weeks, so some bits may be outdated but...

...if I don't put it out there now, I probably never will as I'll always be updating it! Any builds or amends on any of these projects, please do let me know and I'll update accordingly.

The single biggest catalyst for the portfolio right now is...
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¿Qué es #kusama ? ¿Por qué es considerada la blockchain prima-hermana de #Polkadot ?

Abro hilo:
Todo el mundo habla de Polkadot, pero poca gente nombra a Kusama. El hecho de no ser mainstream no quiere decir que no tenga potencial, y lo vais a poder comprobar a continuación.
⬇️ Image
Kusama está programada con #Substrate , y contiene casi al 100% el mismo código y estructura que Polkadot. La ventaja de #Kusama es que la gobernanza y las decisiones que se toman a través de su comunidad son 4 veces más rápidas.
La gente suele pensar que @kusamanetwork es la red de prueba de #Polkadot y, a pesar de que en cierta manera los programadores realizan cambios y adaptaciones en #Kusama , las redes de prueba son realmente Westend y Rococo.
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Getting close to @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork parachain launch by @web3foundation, we check why #parachains need @Kiltprotocol and how ones can benefit from #KILT beeing a #Polkadot and #Kusama parachain.
#KILT provides a base layer for verifiable credentials in Web 3.0 world, building a permissionless trust infrastructure for real-world business cases like #DeFi, genetics testing, cloud computing and energy partnerships, also exploring collaborations in climate change and gaming
As parachain Kilt would provide its #DIDs (Decentralised Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials through Relay Chain to other parachains

KILT would soon be able to utilise functionality from other parachains, such as smart contract systems and oracles.
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1/ In a world of multiple blockchains, we need bridges & the ability to scale. We also need to end hardforks so the community sticks together.

How does @Polkadot work and what does it mean for $DOT?

Let me ELI5.…
2/ What is Polkadot trying to do?

Since blockchains don't communicate, Polkadot wants to be a multi-chain platform that also allows for scalability. Like a Layer0 solution connecting all the blockchains and applications.

One blockchain to rule them all.
3/ How's it going to achieve this? Like a sea urchin, Polkadot has a "Relay Chain" as the beating heart. The spikes are "Parachains", which take different characteristics and are specialized by use case. Like a computer dedicated to run 1 task.

(see diagram for examples)
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#Polkadot, #Kusama nedir? Parachainler ne işe yarar? Kitlesel borçlanma ve Parachain slotu açık artırmaları nelerdir?

Yorum ve sorularınızı yazabilir, bu #flood’u paylaşarak daha çok kişiye ulaştırabilirsiniz.⤵️
.@Polkadot, blokzincir ağlarının oluşturduğu ve tümleşik tek bir ağa bağlandığı bir platformdur. Parachain adı verilen bu bağlantılı zincirlerin hepsi, senkronize ve güvenli bir şekilde canlı bir ağ organizmasını oluşturur. Böylece Web3'ün üzerine inşa edileceği temel oluşur.
Ethereum’un kurucu ortağı olan ve CTO görevini sürdürürken Ethereum Sanal Makinesi (EVM) ve Solidity akıllı sözleşme programlama dili geliştiren Dr. Gavin Wood @gavofyork , Ethereum’un ölçeklenme kısıtları sebebiyle 2017 yılında Polkadot’u kurdu.
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O zaman bu aksamki bilgi seli, sizlerin seçimi üzerine Poladot' un kuzeni olan Kusama - $KSM için gelsin. #Kusama : #Polkadot 's wild cousin. Image
Radikal inovasyon arayan bir geliştirici iseniz ölçeklenebilir bir çoklu zincir ağı olan $KSM tam da size göre olabilir.
Kendilerinin tanımıyla $KSM, madendeki bir kanarya gibidir. Madenden kastımız ise #Polkadot $DOT Image
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