“Democracy itself is at stake!”

“And, um, also: truck drivers shouldn’t win elections, people shouldn’t be able to buy all the milk and stuff they need, speech I disagree with should be censored, and people who disagree with me should be put on watch-lists and surveilled.”
"Our Democracy" can only be saved by the Democrat Party colluding with the government to lie about and spy on dissenting candidates, all major media outlets and Big Corporations rigorously echoing those lies, censoring all dissent, and throwing political dissenters in prison.
"Our Democracy" can only be saved if parents are forced to give all power over their children to the one-party state and are prosecuted and persecuted if they dissent.
"Our Democracy" can only be saved if we divide all citizens up and treat everyone unequally under the law by race, sex, and sexual desire, allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter our country as they please, and force all but the wealthy into an impoverished dependent mass.
Our Democracy" can only be saved if we make sure all mainstream media outlets do not represent/look/sound like America as it actually is, because that would be racist and fascist.

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20 Oct
Remember that part in the Bible where Jesus says you are supposed to just live a comfortable life with lots of leisure time and never say or do anything that contradicts the world and the powers that rule it so you can quietly get by with the fam?

Me neither.
The sad truth is Christianity has been coopted by the state religion of the west—and mostly just goes along with it. This is more than a scandal. If the salt loses its saltiness…

Revival/renaissance will eventually come. But 1st, our shameful situation must be soundly condemned
If you see that millions of children are dying at the hands of abortionists & on account of their lies—if you see that children are being mutilated, chemically castrated, & unprotected from waves of predatory sexualization—stop pretending you can just vote R & go watch Netflix.
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20 Oct
Watching the Google Pixel 6 rollout and like much else these days it all plays like ads in a dystopian tyranny.
“You will each be able to constantly take the best photos and video of your entire lives for us to feed the great AI gods in the sky.”
“A little piece of the AI gods will be in your phone to better manipulate, rule, and report—er, to assist you individually—“
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14 Oct
Nightly white pill: prestige depends upon the perception of others. Prestige is lost the second it becomes clear to those others that you are trying desperately to hang onto it. And this is what the major institutions and powers are doing in this country is doing, in spades...
One can still maintain power by wielding it, true. But one cannot maintain it the same way, to the same extent, as one can when it is wielded effortlessly, and unquestioned. Power in the United States now depends upon using it extensively, vigorously, in the attempt to hang on.
One must deplete the reserve of power w/o prestige to maintain position. All social capital is now increasingly & ruthlessly harnessed to preserve the old status quo. Whoever wins, the old order will break things in the process. It's a race presenting historic opportunities...
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6 Sep
A small part of the reason people don’t want to have kids is maybe because their notion of “good parenting” is all this fake therapeutic-no fun-helicopter parenting to the rest Bullshit. In real big family communities people don’t have time for this shiz:
We incorporate kids into real lives, well lived. They aren’t stressful tests of our virtue. They are people under our authority and care. We throw big parties with our friends every so often & people get smashed and smoke and play poker & whatnot while kids run around & go feral.
All this crap about your life being over with kids is based on the worst notion of fake parenting. Bonfires, fishing trips, useful hobbies, exercise you like - kids like a lot of fun stuff. Kids propel your forward into the good stuff. No more play acting with yourself.
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6 Sep
Many now must be *taught/told* that family is what makes you happy—baseline purpose to which your work is subordinated. Sad! If your life is about career/status in this pathetic society, your life is…pathetic. But this is why we got all these unhappy people refusing to retire.
Most sane, well rounded people would not wanna keep working forever past their prime, assuming non-emergency situation & time to set up successors, etc. (thus cementing their legacy). They would have family & other roles and pursuits to turn to in golden years. Not so with us…
There’s no legacy for them. Only current status. But that’s all they have. It’s sad but also revolting that so many hang on until death/being forced out in most basic ways. As they get older they get more unhappy/obsessed rather than other way around, which is the natural norm.
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5 Sep
The “first world” is falling apart.
As “civilized society” succumbs to totalitarian hysteria, imagine if this was a real plague.
The western world is experiencing a wave of regime change—or a sudden revealing of a new regime form, hastened by digital technology + hollowing out of the last vestiges of religion/utter rejection of its own philosophical/moral traditions. Back to the 20th century. But worse.
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