The waiting negotiation paradoxes
When the unilateral ceasefire was declared for vague reasons, now it seems almost was a lie, #TPLFites never hurried to take the opportunity. They were rather hurried for invasion. I don't know what was the contingency
plan awaited to counter if the unilateral ceasefire fails to live up to the promises.

Now we are a witness, there was none. Yes, we can't afford to dwell on that issue anymore as the crisis is already developed into a question of life and death for the people of #Amhara.
However, on the other hand, #TPLFites regularly confessed and claimed apart from their desire to score points with the people of #Amhara and retaliate that their invasion was based on:–
1) creating a buffer zone
2) to grasp areas for future negotiations as a bargaining chip
3) through those areas enforce the government to come to the negotiation table & make mutual ceasefire agreements.
As a result, the large and sweeping lands of #Amhara falls into the hands of the invading forces of #Woyane for an unknown reason to date, to me not for real defeat
You have to read this press release to know more about the context and the desire of #TPLF as the International crisis group was/ is the mouthpiece of #TPLF.…
It is the #Amhara regional state and people and somehow #Afar region is the ones who are at the receiving end to endure the hardships resulting from miscalculations and insanity of that unfortunate unilateral ceasefire.

Now, things twisted for our unfortunate reckoning.

• • •

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9 Nov
After thirty years of stretch, an opportunity to repair the fate and politics of the people of #Amhara is on our doorstep. One way or the other, this is a make it or break it a shot. Even if our representatives in politics and our elites in a scholarly position don't seem to
understand the urgency of unearthing a way out of a generational backlog of political problems for our people, it is now more than ever to stand up and rectify our fate with them or without them. This must be the last time for the people of #Amhara to carry the burden of the
political insanity of our country by themselves alone. It must have been a collective responsibility for all in the first place even if things always proved the contrary. In this short period of political crisis, we have witnessed slander after slander against our people by so
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8 Nov
About negotiations
Now, negotiation is the talk of the town. I am eagerly awaiting what would be the outcome and response of our government.

As it was difficult to speculate how things were gone astray back then, It is impossible to speculate even today either.
Nonetheless, we need to make our fear and uncertainty known to everyone for the record.

31 years ago, we have forfeited our political disposition due to lack of representation in the transition period as our people were disregarded with futile and at the same time deceitful
accusations as the ruling elite.  Our leaders in #ANDM were so much rubbish, they swapped and traded our people's existence, identity, integrity, and power for their political position and personal remuneration. Not only them but also the elite, the learned man of society were
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7 Nov
#ዲሽታያጊና ራስ ላይ ስንወርድ
ይሄን እናገኛለን።

Crisis group በ October 25,2021 ለ ኦባሰንጆ ሊያደርጉት ይበጃል ብሎ የመከረበትን ዘለግ ያፀ ፅሁፍ ደሞ ይቺን ሊንክ ተጭናችሁ አንብቧት።
የዛሬው ቁጣ ደሞ ለነገ ይደር!!!…
ኦባሳንጆ ከመቀሌ ምን አይነት የድርድር ሀሳብና ነጥቦች ይዘው ይመጡ ይሆን ብላችሁ ከምትጠብቁ የ crisis group ን ዘገባ ነበብ ነበብ አድርጓት as crisis group and TPLF are one and the same.
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5 Jul
ወልቃይትና ራያ
አፄ ቴዎድሮስ መቅደላ ላይ መውደቃቸውን ተከትሎ አፄ ዩሀንስ በንጉስነት ተሾሙ። ታዲያ አገዛዛቸው ሀይል ነበረበትና አገዛዛቸውን በአደብና በወጉ እንዲያደርጉት መካሪ ከወሎ ምድር በቅለው ነበር በጊዜው።
"ዓባይ በጣና ላይ መሄዱ ለምን ነው?
ትንሹ ሲያጠፋ ትልቁ ሊችል ነው፣
ቢያከፋም ቢያበጅም ዓባይ ማለፉ ነው
ሰውን በግዴታ የሚገዛው ማነው?
ከምክር በስተቀር የቀረው ከንቱ ነው"
"አንተም እድሜህ አጭር ወይ ዘርህ አይገዛ
ጎርፍ ደርሶ አይወስድም አለቅጥ ካልበዛ
እንጨት ከደረቀ ቢቀቡት አይወዛ
ሐበሻ ክፉ ነው አይምሰልህ ዋዛ
መተማ እስቲጠራህ በብልሃት ግዛ"

ብለው ምክረውት ነበር።
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4 Jul
It is always too late to rescue the politics of Ethiopia from descending into a catastrophic and tragic end at the expense of a generation opportunity in finding a better way to resolve political problems once for all. Time and again the public demonstrated an
unwavering interest and dream to have a national political change. A change that could emancipate him from the shackles of poverty, bad governance, and political crisis. It is the political elites who failed our people and our country.
Those political elites always used to hijack every political transition period only to ascertain their egoistic political interest than the public endeavor. When emperor Hailesselase was dethroned from power, there was an opportunity and shot. When Derg was overthrown,
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12 Nov 20
All eyes be on Raya !!!!
Attention Attention Attention !!!!

#TPLF completes preparations for genocide against #Raya people in #RAYA_ALAMATA front. It is expected to happen from tonight from November 13 to 15. A similar to the #Maikadera massacre is underway.
1) No Tigrayan national is currently in Raya Alamata.The last passengers were given 10,000 birr per person per day and left in big trucks to Tigray today.They were threatened to leave the city immediately & serious warnings given as to how to dismantle the city into barren land.
2) More than 600 Raya youths, investors and prominent elders were held prisoner at #Raya_Alamata Rural and Urban Woreda two police stations. It is said that there are many youths from Kidane, Garbe and 03 kebele among the prisoners. Other 50 militia men disarmed & imprisoned.
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