Leuders - Saying the human advantage off-world is to be able to think things out on-site saying that @Dr_ThomasZ sometimes says when there are issues his young son could scoop up samples if he were there!
Having people in LEO gives us the opportunity to look at the advantages to be in LEO, As station is getting older, but at some point, we'll need to move into a commercial LEO destination. Want someplace to continue to work on protocols to work on going to the Moon & Mars
At the cusp of doing the first round of partnerships here want to do this first go around and try this opn ISS to buy down risk. Want to continue to have the benefit of an LEO destination
We're collecting data for lunar mission precursors, capstone CubeSats, #VIPER @KathyLueders saying.#Artemis1: Rocket is assembled and getting ready for launch in the 2021-22 time fram, Gateway is in work, and getting the HLS demo together, Key points to collect cis-lunar data
SO what are the hazards? @KathyLueders explaining some of the upcoming experiments including those on #Artemis1. Isolation and confinement is a big deal. We may have a crew in a rover for a week on the lunar surface & on Mars. What about Comm? Or medical challenges?
ISS crew today will be back home in 8 hours will be different on the Moon or Mars. The human is a great spacecraft on Earth! How does it react in these new gravity fields? Hostile environments have to make sure systems work correctly.
How do we have food that tastes good and lasts for 3 years? Crew is happy to have fresh foods, How do we do this going out to Mars? Active and Passive radiation protections? Still want to protect our crew from radiation, want to make sure the crew comes back stronger, heailither.
Assessment we'll do on returning crew will help. We've also been doing telemedicine for a year now due to the pandemic. Have learned a lot too due to the COVID self-isolations here and passed on advice on the topic.
The ISS is our workhorse but the key database is all of the medical research being dome here on Earth @KathyLueders calling those on the bedrest studies unsung heroes.
The team needed: Exploration IS a team sport, if you don't think you are space person, you are wrong there are ways that a lot of people can help solve situations in space that need everyone to come off the bench and play in this sport.
Q: How can NASA Work with the commercial LEO facilities? A: Planning to be an anchor tenant, will be starting to define needs and letting Commercial understand those needs. Continuing to work with international partners on this too.
Q: Any tech licensed for use? A: Indeed, we are trying to find ways to help if people are having roadblocks, NASA is looking at ways to help organizations so they can continue with their research.
#NASA @KathyLueders Ending her talk.

• • •

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