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India US to set up space collaboration for areas of human space flight, planetary defense, and commercial space activity.

#India #USA #ISRO #NASA Image
1. As per the Initiative on critical and emerging technologies (ICET), jointly agreed by the US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan and India's NSA Ajit Doval, in January 2023, The US Govt. has shown keen interest in strengthening
2. human space flight cooperation, identifying areas of development for both countries to collaborate in the commercial space including through a joint working group, and identifying new talent and talent exchanges by setting up the engineer and scientist exchange programme.
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Based on current temperatures in the #Arctic & sea surface temps elsewhere, there is a chance of a blue ocean event occurring within the next 5 years. If this happens, it will signify a shift into a totally new #climate paradigm, one that pushes civilization to the brink. #NASA
If you thought the heating of the oceans was accelerated by a lack of Sahara dust or shipping exhaust ain't seen nothing yet.
For those 🤡 🤡 that think this is fake etc - the data is acquired by the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2) instrument aboard the Global Change Observation Mission 1st-Water "SHIZUKU" (GCOM-W1) satellite.
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🔥Gary McKinnon - arrêté à #Londres en 2002 pour avoir piraté des dizaines d'ordinateurs de l'armée américaine et de la #NASA (traduction ci-dessous)

"...Londres, Angleterre, 19 mars 2002. Peu après 8 heures,
#Military @YvesPDB #UAPs #Aliens #USA #RoyaumeUni #Hacking
l'unité nationale de lutte contre la criminalité liée à la haute technologie arrive au domicile de Gary McKinnon, un ingénieur informatique écossais de 36 ans. Ils sont là pour l'arrêter au nom du ministère de la Justice des États-Unis
pour avoir piraté des ordinateurs top secrets de la NASA et du Pentagone.
Non seulement McKinnon reconnaît son crime, mais il affirme avoir découvert des preuves que le gouvernement américain travaillait avec des êtres extraterrestres.
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#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE - Next up.. Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE _ Why nuclear power and propulsion: The system is well suited for space exploration activities and does share an interest in commercial space. Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE - Surface power strategy, want to deliver a qualified flight demo in 2030 and want to transition technology to industry. Looking at a 40Kw scalable system at first. want system to be placed at different lunar surface sites and a 10 year lifetime Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE Niki Werkheiser up next
#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE Why develop ISRU Can increase safety for the crew and has direct applications here on Earth. Planetary preservation is paramount Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO #TIE - ISRU is one of the 6 points of extreme environmental extreme access, dust mitigation, and unique aspects to each one of these points want to make sure we're driving these processes to mitigate risk. Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO - Next Presentation... Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - We have 3 points as described in the chart Develop tech not only for human and robotic exploration but tech that drives the expanding space economy. Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - QR code for the strategy 63 top-level objectives developed as a cross-agency activity Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO - Session starting with @nujoud Image
As a systems engineer you also have to state the why. When we're talking here we have to say why we're doing the architecture Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Some of the papers that describe the why and the challenges Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO - Cathy Koerner is next Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO -Aking why we do this, and this is @Astro_Pam's chart as to why we do things Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Taken objectives and broken them down into 4 categories, form those objectives we're creating an architecture. with our workforce, international partners, industry and academic partners Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO -Next- Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Going over the plan for the #Artemis1 mission. Was a successful mission design Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Amit Kshatriya - What I was really thinking about were all about the US businesses that put thier hands on that hardware, sometimes "Mom & Pop" shops. Just how many of them contributed to the success. Image
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#NASA #NAC #HEO - Jim Free, we want to get on pace to launch every year, that will be a challenge to ac hive without the budget to go with it. Will work closely with the Centers, will have great collaboration but will also be a time when we need to talk stuff though Image
#NASA #NAC #HEO - Want a sustained presence meaning a robotic presence on the Moon when we don't have crew present
#NASA #NAC #HEO Free: Were going to transition program to operations; Agency decided NOT to do that, so a new organization had to be established Image
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In today's Time Traveler, we meet Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. She flew on two @NASA space shuttle missions in 1983 and 1984. She was also a physicist, author and advocate for science education.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history This is a collage of four A...A detailed photo of [Sally ...
2/ Sally Ride was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1951. She earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Stanford University in 1973 and a doctorate in physics from the University of California, San Diego, in 1978.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #NASA A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
3/ @NASA selected Sally Ride as an astronaut in 1978. She became the first American woman in space on June 18, 1983, when she flew on the space shuttle Challenger. She flew on a second space shuttle mission in 1984.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #NASA < of comic book art and...A detailed environmental po...
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I was a NASA intern in the '80s when I heard that astronomers had discovered a mysterious disk around the nearby star Fomalhaut.
Now JWST has revealed exactly what they are: three enormous, dusty asteroid belts around another star!… ImageImage
In the 18th century, Swedenborg, Kant & Laplace proposed that planets form in discs around stars. It took more than two centuries to see they were correct! But now we can observe discs, asteroids, comets, and even colliding planets around other stars.… Image
There's a lot more to come. JWST will soon zoom in on 17 nearby stars to observe the planets forming around them.
One puzzle: Why are many other planetary systems much bigger than ours? Is there something weird about us?… #NASA #JWST Image
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#Marte es uno de los lugares más estudiados del sistema solar. Las agencias espaciales de diversos países han preparado misiones de exploración para conocerlo mejor, en ese sentido, la #NASA cuenta con el mayor número de misiones en amartizar de manera exitosa. ➡️1/7 Image
Esas misiones han permitido conocer aspectos relevantes del planeta rojo como su temperatura y presión atmosférica que, al ser tan extremas hacen imposible la existencia de grandes cuerpos de agua líquida, lo que dificulta la formación de vida en el planeta. ➡️2/7 Image
Sin embargo, evidencias de erosión indican que hace 3800 millones de años su superficie pudo haber albergado cuerpos de agua. Aunado a ello, se sabe que el suelo marciano es rico en sales hidratadas, que tienen la capacidad de reducir el punto de congelación del agua. ➡️3/7 Image
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For SpaceX and Musk fanboys:

I can engage in decent discours with genuinely interested people, which usually you folks aren't.

But if you come at me like a smartass, I'll serve you in kind.

Also, I don't work for you, and I don't have to prove anything.
Ok. No more discussions with Starship/Musk fanboys or smartasses.

I'll block without warning.

One genius thought we're not planning for rocket engines for the spaceplanes. How the fuck else would we go to "space" dumbass? Read my fucking analysis.

Our analysis (which includes an analysis of #Starship and SpaceX on-orbit refueling shortcomings):

Much Safer than #Rockets: Titans Spaceplanes…
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Let’s do a little NASA math.

Take (1) Hasselblad on the moon strapped to the chest of an astroNOT.
Spend under 3hrs walking on the moon.
Take 1409 pictures changing film 20 times.

That’s 1409/3≈470

That’s almost 8 pictures every minute.

Don’t believe me? Follow along. ImageImage
Meet the Hasselblad Data Camera (HDC) with Réseau plate, fitted with a Zeiss Biogon 60mm ƒ/5.6 lens. It was adapted for NASA to take 70 pictures per cartridge of film instead of the usual 12. Imagine how fun it was to change film cartridges in a “spacesuit”. ImageImage
They took 1409 pictures in roughly 3 hours. 1408 usable. Take a look through your photos on your phone.

How many out of 1409 are clear, historical images.

Keep in mind you are looking at the screen while taking those not having it strapped to your chest with no view finder. ImageImage
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C’est donc aujourd’hui que la NASA annonce les membres de l’équipage de la mission Artemis II !! Direction la Lune en novembre 2024😎😮. Mon petit doigt me souffle déjà certains noms 🤫😉 mais verdict à 17h... #NASA #ArtemisII @NASAArtemis @nasa
Pour rappel: l'objectif d’#ArtemisII est de tester sous toutes ses coutures le vaisseau #Orion, pour préparer la 3e mission du programme, qui elle se posera sur la Lune. Pas d'astronaute #ESA sur ce vol, mais on devrait en voir 3 lors des 4 prochains vols… suspense ! 🙋🏻‍♂️🤫😉😅…
👏👏Bravo à @Astro_Christina, @Astro_Jeremy , @AstroVicGlover et @astro_reid !!!! Ils s’envoleront fin 2024 vers notre satellite naturel, les premiers depuis Apollo 17, il y 50 ans! Tellement content pour eux et difficile d’imaginer une meilleure équipe ! #ArtemisII @NASAArtemis
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في هذا #الثريد سأشرح لكم الفيديو الذي
نشره #سلطان_النيادي والاخطأ التي وقع فيها
وأيضاً أوضح لكم بأن #NASA أداة
يتحكم بها الماسونية كيفما يشاء
وأن #الإمارات_العربية_المتحدة تدعم
هذه الكذبة والضحك على الذقون..

#وكالة_ناسا 🚫

قد يرى البعض أني أهاجم الإمارات أو قطر
أو السعودية أو أي بلد أخر وهذا خطأ
لو كنت كاره لما تطرقت لأكثر من دولة
منها مصر والعراق ووو...
(الغاية مهاجمة وفضح الماسونية أينما تكون)

تحية حب وإحترام إلى جميع الدول العربية.
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Hace 34 años, en un remoto rancho de #Tamaulipas las autoridades encontraron un altar con velas, cráneos de animales y partes humanas, eran los restos desmembrados de #MarkKilroy un joven estudiante norteamericano que había venido de paseo a México.

Hilo #👁️
Los reportes en las noticias confirmaban que se trataba de un culto narcosatánico que sacrificaba humanos como parte de un ritual de ofrecimiento maligno que les garantizaba una protección sobrenatural para llevar a cabo su operación de contrabando de drogas.
Al joven estudiante de la Universidad de Texas le habían arrancado su columna vertebral, cortaron sus piernas, partieron su lengua para hacerla bífida, enfrascaron su cerebro, drenaron su sangre y su corazón fue encontrado dentro de un caldero de hierro en el que preparaban sopa.
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After #ParisFashionWeek, how about the #MoonFashionWeek? Two spacesuits are in development to walk on the lunar surface in 2025, and this is what one of them will look like 😍 #AxEMU @Axiom_Space @NASA Image
Any European would look amazing in it, and no doubt many will have the opportunity to wear it... I might be biased, but I do believe it would look pretty good on me, wouldn't it? 🤣😎 poke @astro_luca @Astro_Alex @AstroSamantha @astro_matthias @Astro_Andreas #AxEMU @Axiom_Space Image
It's the first time since the Apollo missions that a spacesuit is designed for walking, stooping, to be dust-resistant, etc. #AxEMU @Axiom_Space @NASA @NASAArtemis ImageImage
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Enquanto o Twitter surta, squads da @SpaceX de Elon Musk mandaram mais quatro caboclos para a ISS.
Subiram em 02/03/2023 o cosmonauta russo Andrey Fedyaev, o astronauta dos Emirados Árabes Unidos, Sultan Alneyadi e os astronautas da #NASA, Warren "Woody" Hoburg e Stephen Bowen.
O lançamento do foguete Falcon 9 foi belíssimo. O retorno do foguete à Terra, pousando na vertical, um show. Mas nem tudo foram flores: a nave #Endeavour (nome da Dragon na missão #Crew6) sofreu um problema ao desacoplar do estágio superior do foguete e acionou a reduncância.
Aparentemente, para os engenheiros da #SpaceX não haverá problemas no acoplamento à doca da ISS na sexta-feira, 03/03. Ainda assim, é bom ficar de olho. Só nos resta esperar e torcer para dar tudo certo.
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⭐️#NASA's #asteroid deflection test that saw it intentionally crash a #spacecraft into a space rock was a SUCCESS – shaving 33 minutes off the rock's orbit…
1. The #US #space agency's refrigerator-sized satellite managed to shave 33 minutes off the orbit of a 520ft-wide (160m) asteroid known as Dimorphos when it careered into it at 14,000mph (22,000km/h) in September last year.
2. That is nearly five times greater than predicted and more than 25 times the change in orbital period required for the mission to be considered a success.
Dimorphos orbits a much larger 2,550ft-wide (780m) object called Didymos 6.8 million miles from #Earth.
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Radiotelescopio Eovsa, USA.
Detectan en el #Sol una señal de #radio que "proviene de 5000 km de la superficie" de la #estrella.
La #Tierra recibió un patrón de señal repetitivo cada 10-20 seg “similar a un latido”...

¿Qué le ocurre?

Nature Communications
#cosmos #nasa
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