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1. What does @POTUS mean when he says “The world is at war with a HIDDEN ENEMY?”

2. What does he mean when he says “We will defeat an INVISIBLE ENEMY?”

3. What did he mean when he said we're “going to MARS very soon?”

Are they related?

I say yes!

I DON'T think he is referring to the #CoronaVirus

I think ... get ready for this ... he's telling us that we're going to War with the Roman Empire which has been hiding in...



I guarantee this will be the best thread you read all day!
3. You're probably thinking "How in the actual the f@ck did you come up with that crazy a$$ theory?"

I know it sounds crazy

I swear I'm not crazy

I promise


Follow me down a DEEEEP rabbit hole

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#VPN என்றால் என்ன என்று இந்த #Thread ல் பார்க்கவுள்ளோம்.எனவே சற்று உங்கள் நேரத்தை ஒதுக்கி ஆதரவு அளியுங்கள்.இது ஆங்கில பட விரும்பிகள் மற்றும் மாணவர்களுக்கு உதவியாக இருக்கும். தயவு செய்து பிறருடன் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் 🙏.

#VirtualPrivateNetwork என்பதின் குறுகிய வடிவமே #VPN என்பதாகும். அதாவது மெய்நிகர் தனியார் பிணையம் என்பது இதனுடைய தமிழ்ப்பதம்.இது இணையத்தை மறைமுகமாக அல்லது சொந்த அடையாளத்தை மறைத்து பயன்படுத்துவதற்காக இயங்கிவரும் தனியார் சேவை. சட்டத்திற்கு எதிரானது ⚠️
அப்படி இருக்கையில் ஏன் VPN பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும்?

ஏனெனில் அனைத்து வலைத்தளங்களும் அனைத்து நாட்டிலும் இயங்க அனுமதி கிடையாது. எனவே ஒரு நாட்டினால் தடை செய்யப்பட்ட வலைத்தளங்களை பயன்படுத்தத்தவே இது முக்கியமாக உதவுகிறது.
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El hilo de este fin de semana (en vez de escribirlos anárquicamente, creo que puede ser interesante hacer uno a la semana) es sobre un gran científico que nos dejó ayer: el físico teórico Freeman Dyson.

¡Vamos allá!

🧵 Abro hilo ⤵️
1.- Freeman Dyson nació en Berkshire, (Reino Unido), el 15 de diciembre de 1923.

Físico teórico y matemático, fue profesor emérito en el Institute for Advanced Study en Princeton y miembro del Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Boletín de los Científicos Atómicos).

2.- Pero Dyson no solo era un genio de la física teórica, sino que tuvo ideas realmente innovadoras para su tiempo.
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❤️🇺🇸 #NASA . . . dream highter🚀Artemis program
❤️🇺🇸 Vice President Mike Pence is on a mission for the President.
❤️🇺🇸 🚀 NASA Langley's Katherine G Johnson was one of the Hidden Figures that dreamed higher . . . #BlackHistoryMonth
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Today is #stateofNASA day!!! Buckle your seatbelts friends because you’re in for some SPACE SCIENCE content!! I’ll be heading to @NASAGoddard shortly and will bring you along for the ride! (Actual gif of my face attached) #NASASocial
About to get our badges and learn some science.
I’m official! #StateOfNASA I’ll be adding to this tweet thread throughout the day, so I can unroll it at the end. The original tweet is pinned so it’ll be easy to find!
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For @People_Of_Space followers who don't know me! My @pillownaut handle is a reference to spaceflight simulations at Johnson Space Center. In #NASA quarantine, one of the few comforts flight analogs can have during simulations is a comfy pillow, LOL...! #PillownautTale
I did a 70+ day Micro-Gravity Study (where I spent 54 days at a head-down tilt) and a 21-day Lunar Gravity study -- both intended to give #NASA data on how to keep astronauts more healthy by developing countermeasures to weightlessness. #PillownautTale
When humans leave the Earth gravity under which we evolved, we suffer heart enlargement, muscle atrophy, bone de-mineralization, plasma volume drops, vestibular disturbance (loss of balance), & other superfun things that could spell death on Mars. #PillownautTale (Credit NOVA au)
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#Qanon #Hussein #Obama

In honor of Q drop 3836, 02/06/2020

A THREAD ‘honoring’ the man and legacy of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA
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James Smalley pleaded guilty to falsifying inspection reports for aerospace parts.

He was a QA Engineer at PMI Industries, a machining service used for building space craft for SpaceX and DoD. 👀

OMG, they were copying, pasting & photoshopping inspection signatures onto docs!
Due to a request from Space X for an internal audit, the auditor found that Smalley's PMI inspection docs were falsified for Falcon & Dragon, which deliver payloads for #NASA, the Air Force & other entities.
They also found PMI/Smalley falsified non-destructive testing (NDT) certifications
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Feb 1, 2003 - I went to watch the Space Shuttle Columbia re-entry over Northern California before dawn 17 years ago today. Unfortunately I became an eyewitness to disaster. #ColumbiaDisaster #STS107 #NASA #space #history #TDIH 1/20
I had seen 2 pre-dawn shuttle re-entries before. They were bright like a highway flare as the orbiter crossed the sky in less than 10 minutes. Watched from my backyard in San Jose under clear skies those times. #ColumbiaDisaster #STS107 #NASA #space #history 2/20
This time (Feb 1, 2003) there was thick fog so I couldn't just watch the shuttle re-entry from home. I planned ahead and drove to a mountaintop. This became the reason why San Jose CA was the only place west of Texas where Columbia eyewitnesses met each other that morning. 3/20
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Denialists are a steadily shrinking pool and will in time only have each other to bounce around their non-science, anti-factual arguments with. Conversion from Denialism to the #GlobalClimateConsensus is a one-way street and we gain surprising new allies every single day. THREAD
If at this *very* late stage in the game you *still* find yourself asking the same easily Google-able questions while engaged in your latest in a string of climate denial arguments it's unlikely you care what teenager Greta Thunberg thinks about it /1
What you don't know (as you haven't listened to even one of her speeches & so be it) is she doesn't *want* you to listen to her. Her constant refrain is Listen To The Scientists & refers to the IPCC's 2016 Special Report on Climate each & every time /2…
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Bill Cooper: The Alien Invasion

Global Deception Office, London
January 1993

"The public believed the War Of The Worlds was an actual news broadcast thus setting the stage for the implementation of an alien threat scenario. The only problem was that the state of the art of
technology at that time did not allow for a believable presentation. The development of saucer shaped wingless and tailless flying machines by the Germans during WW-II and the implementation of psychological warfare against the sheople of the world solved the problem.
" - Bill Cooper.

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond.
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"An Ongoing Ethereum Adoption Megathread

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, AXA, StateFarm, MetLife, EY, Fidelity, NASA, UN, Docusign, and even the world's tallest skyscraper... are building on #ETH.

When the world say blockchain, it's #Ethereum.

👇Evidence Below👇"

Forbes Releases ‘Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain’ — Over Half are Working with #Ethereum Amazon, Google, Samsung, Facebook: The race is on for the world’s leading companies to implement blockchain.

"#Ethereum is being used for developing blockchain applications by 22 companies on the Forbes 50. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Ethereum was designed to accommodate decentralized applications and smart contracts."
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The $1.4 trillion bipartisan, bicameral funding agreement announced today rejects the devastating and shortsighted cuts proposed by President Trump and makes historic investments in the American people and working families. #Appropriations…
The agreement supports children and families by making an historic investment in Child Care and Development Block grants ($5.8 billion), meaning as many as 44,000 more children will be served by the program. #Appropriations
It supports child nutrition programs that provide over 31 million children with lunch during each school day, and ensures that 6 million women, infants, and children receive the nutritional support they need through the #WIC program. #Appropriations
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#India is about to sign US #Space Junk Agreement.

Heres why #NASA's #Orbital #Debris Mitigation Strategy is against India's National Security interests. #orbitaldebris2019 #SpaceForce #StarWars…
Objective 1
The first one is to control debris larger than 5mm released “during normal operations” over 25 years — with normal nowhere defined — and require spacecraft/upper stages to be designed such as to “minimize”, preferably, “eliminate”, such release.
To reduce debris from”accidental explosions” and mandates engineering and probability assessment methods to judge a spacecraft’s propensity for such explosions, which figure will have to be less than 1 in 1000. Moreover, energy sources within spacecraft would have to be depleted.
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NASA and @BoeingSpace are about update media the #Starliner Pad Abort Test from Monday. Stand by for updates....
@BoeingSpace Boeing says harshest critics are the crew. All CFT crew were there. They all said "great" and "successful test." #Starliner #NASA
@BoeingSpace Spacecraft performance was "outstanding." Trajectory was right on the money. Abort engine burn was nominal. #Starliner #NASA
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I am now ready to accept; the world is not a globe.

Evidence is mounting...

We know NASA is deception

Science and NASA are now gods to Boomers

Heliocentric model made generations believe we are just a tiny speck and removed the necessity of God.

I'm 99.9999% sure this is stop motion cinematography. No #NASA "suits" HAVE EVER BEEN able to swivel the head. Those Gemeni suits in particular weren't designed for that motion. And the movements are so linear and unnatural!

The helmets have never been able to rotate. And with the rotation and salute motions, they looked so incremental and resembles stop motion camera work.

Fishy af
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[Thread] Suite à un tweet de @Benazdia sur, j'ai décidé de faire un petit thread sur les éléments intéressants à regarder dessus ! J'espère que cela vous plaira :)
1) Déjà ... ? Kesako ? Et bien, c'est une mine d'or ! C'est un site qui vous montre tous les objets catalogués par Space-Track.Org qui est un site géré par ... l'USAirForce !
2) Et oui, il faut savoir que ces chers américains contrôlent le ciel depuis des années et répertorient l'ensemble des satellites/débris/lanceurs dans le ciel !…
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So tomorrow #NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter circling Moon since 2009 is scheduled to fly over #Chandrayaan2 #Vikram lander's site. Interestingly #LRO was close enough during Vikram's landing to gather data about maneuver using its Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project instrument.
"As a matter of fact during descent of #Chandrayaan2, the
Lyman-Alpha Mapping Project #LAMP instrument was observing the changes in the exosphere of #Moon as a result of the rocket effluence coming down"

- Jay Jenkins, Office of Exploration at NASA's Science Mission Directorate
#ISRO lost contact with #Chandrayaan2's #Vikram during final stages of its descent. An unexplained wobble may have caused Vikram to go off course, data suggests. Descent was to last around 15 minutes. But around 11 minutes after Vikram began its decent, things went haywire.
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Growing up, I heard there was a secret "NASA" rocket testing facility in northern Nevada (home for me), but I never knew what it was. Today, I finally found out...
Thanks to @Erdayastronaut, while digging into aerospike engine history, he came across this test site in Nevada called the "Nevada Field Laboratory" (NFL) which is tucked away between Reno, NV and Pyramid Lake 📍 Map:,…
The NFL test site is only 20 miles north of Reno, and the only people that (I recall) knowing that this place even existed were local farmers.

Turns out...this place was instrumental in the #Gemini, #Apollo, and #Shuttle programs for supporting rocket engine dev testing 🚀
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Second Panel!
"Ad Astra and Deep Space"
Director James Gray with Laura Kerber, Rob Manning, Steve Lee, and Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson!
@nerdsandbeyond #AdAstra #NASA
James Gray coming in hot asking about what happened with the story that there was possible microbial life on Mars/why we don't talk about it anymore.

"Well even with our technology getting better and better, we are still trying to figure that out! That's why we're doing this!"
NASA gets very STRESSED when movies like Gravity and The Martian and Andromeda Strain come out, because then they have to spend millions of more dollars to assure people that those things won't happen.
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Screenwriter Ethan Gross talking with a panel of badass NASA women:
Lara Kearney, Nujoud Merancy, Jessica Vos, and Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson.
@nerdsandbeyond #AdAdstra
"From Apollo to Artemis: Back to the Moon"

The plan is to establish the Gateway Program, a satellite platform that can orbit both earth and the moon, to launch landers anywhere on the moon, and eventually create a stepping stone to Mars.

New plan for sustainability.

- reusable Landers
- using the resources already on the moon (the frozen water underneath the surface can be converted to drinking water, oxygen, and hydrogen fuel)
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$TSLA -1/ @elonmusk just met with Party Secretary of Shanghai, Li Qiang. This is whom Elon was seen with back in July of 2018.

"Tesla's China operations will further grow with its entry into Shanghai," a beaming Li said back then.

Who is Li Qiang?…
2/Li is currently the Party Secretary of Shanghai.

He oversees a very important post in China. Since the 90’s, almost all Shanghai bosses have been promoted to the Standing Committee and some have even become President (Xi, Jiang Zemin)…
3/Li’s star has been rising in the CCP. Li accompanied Xi on his official state visit to the USA back in 2015. A member of the Politburu, he is trusted member of Xi’s inner circle, the “New Zhijiang Army”

Li is seen as one of the potential successors to Xi as President of China
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Vamos a ver. ¿Cómo se hace un hilo? Estudié física en México hasta la maestría. De ahí crucé el charco para hacer el doctorado en la Universidad de Valencia, España, especializándome en astrofísica. Ahora mismo me encuentro en #Purdue para hacer un posdoc en astrofísica.
Llegué aquí con la beca de @Conacyt_MX para estancias posdoctorales en el extranjero. Tuve un primer año muy productivo. Escribí un código en #fortran e interfaz en #python para evolucionar una distribución de partículas relativistas y monitorear la radiación que estas producían
La finalidad de este código era simular #blazars y #GRB afterglows…

Del modelo para los #blazars se escribió un proyecto con el que se consiguió apoyo del telescopio #FermiLAT de la #NASA. Del de #GRB hay un artículo en camino.
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Não importam Emmanuel Macron nem interesses políticos ocasionais de outros países. Importa a aceleração da #degradação #ambiental na #Amazônia em um governo cuja postura tem sido hostil para com o #ambiente desde seu início. Apontarei exemplos dessa hostilidade
Defender o #ambiente é uma das missões constitucionais e legais do #MinistérioPúblico #MP, instituição a que pertenço. A Constituição define a Floresta Amazônica brasileira como patrimônio nacional (art. 225, § 4.º). Ela precisa ser defendida e nenhum governo pode dispor dela
Set/2018: #Bolsonaro, ainda candidato, diz que pode retirar Brasil do #AcordoDeParis #ambiente
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