She had borne the pain and the abuse for many months, she woke up that morning brimming with a strange anger and a taste of vengeance in her mouth
She never ever thought she would end up in an abusive relationship
When they started out, he was the sweetest man she had ever met!
She was 29 when she met him at one of those end of the year exhibitions held at the television station where she was stationed by her company at the time
She was manning one of the exhibition stands, she was a pretty face in a short skirt
He saw right through her that morning!
He saw that she was lonely and yearning for a mate
She knew he saw that because he walked over to her at her stand and said “I have been looking at you for a few minutes, your eyes look sad and lonely! I came to cheer you up”
She couldn’t even respond in her usual witty way!
He was right, she was sad and lonely
He was a freelance journalist hunting for news
He had time on his hand and he spent that time with her
Within minutes her mood had been changed completely
She was laughing and chatting with him as if he was an old friend
They became lovers a
few days later
Within a month she had moved in with him
She thought he was going to propose
He didn’t!
She waited for eighteen months
Her older sister told her she should move out and make room for other men if he wouldn’t propose
She wanted to do it but she also didn’t want to
return to the sad, lonely and depressed state she was in when she met him
He had made her happy and she was afraid of the pain heartbreak would unleash on her
She couldn’t go through with it
So she began to see other men by the side
She didn’t see it as cheating on him since they
were only cohabiting
She felt it could stir him to jealousy and prompt him to propose or perhaps give her a soft landing when she builds up the courage to leave him
He found out about the side relationships (She had been in about 7 but they never lasted for more than a few weeks
because most of the guys wanted sex and none of them was talking marriage
She just wanted to get married and was willing to leave him to do so but she wouldn’t have sex with anyone unless she was sure
He discovered he sex chat with a guy
She did that, even phone sex but nothing
She was just being smart in her opinion but he didn’t see it that way, he beat the living daylight out of her
He called her names, mocked her, perhaps even hated her
Their relationship was never the same again
He got irritable easily, screamed at her in public and just
wouldn’t let it go
She couldn’t even hope for a proposal after that
She packed her bag and said she was leaving
It enraged him more and he beat her again
This time she bled so much that she was afraid he had inflicted some internal injuries on her
When she got to the hospital,
she realised she was having a miscarriage
The doctor told her the baby was seven weeks old
She didn’t even know she was pregnant
The news broke her
When she got home, she decided to deal with him
The next morning, when he went out, she packed all his credentials & other valuables
Into the back seat of his car
She packed her bags into her car and set the credentials in the interior of his car on fire
Then she ran away!
She was so sure they had become mortal enemies
She knew she had crossed the rubicon, there was no forgiving what she did.
For three years
she never heard from or saw him
He was a dead part of her last but things didn’t augur well for her too
No nee relationship and she was still very sad and lonely
One night she approached the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt for counselling after Night of glory of November 2019!
They prayed together
A few days later, the brother in Jeans and T-shirt met with a man at his office
The man complained of stagnancy and retrogression
As they joined hands to pray, the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt asked the man a question
“Do you know a sister so and so”
The man
asked why
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt said “I saw her as soon as I held your hands, who is she to you”
The man said a lot of things
She was a whore, a cheat, a destiny destroyer, the enemy of all enemies. He even swore that he would kill her if he should set his eyes on her”
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him he had to forgive the lady and the lady also had to forgive him
He said he had forgiven but didn’t want to see her
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him the lady felt the same way
They prayed and the man departed
Weeks later he was
He said the spirit of God told him to apologise to the lady
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt arranged a meeting
When the lady saw him, she busted into tears
The man apologised to her
She explained that she wasn’t really cheating (in her opinion at the time) because they were
not married and he had no right to lay his hands on her even if they were married and he caught her in bed with another man
He explained to her that he came to realise he was a bit selfish by not doing the needful
He had met the Lord and so had she
The days of ignorance must go!
They hugged and made up
Somehow they resumed their relationship
They got married in March 2020!
The union was blessed with a set of twins in June 2021
She said he had been nothing but a joy and a delight
He said she had been the answer to his prayers of many years!

• • •

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14 Nov
Good morning family, we have completed the roofing of the church we are building in the Philippines! The project was hampered by the rain and we had to construct the drainages and soak aways last week
Glory be to God
The Lord has been our help throughout this project. This community encountered the love of Christ and testifies of the glory revealed in that love!
I have had people call from all over the world commending the work.
I am happy to inform us that we have contributed to the building ImageImageImageImage
Of many churches before now and out rightly built churches in selected communities in Nigeria so that such a community can have a place of worship.
We select rural communities and bring the light of the gospel to them!
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10 Nov
She was the most beautiful girl he had ever spoken to up till the moment he met her
She came to their village to write WAEC as an external student
Those special centre arrangement runs done by teachers in those days
He was the most brilliant student of the school
Her hair was
Curly, her lips enticing and her eyes were like crystal jars of love
He was taking a tutorial class when she walked in
He had never been to the city before but he had studied hard and was determined not to waste the money he made from his hard labour on the farm. He was going
to make something of himself
He had great dreams of travelling abroad and studying in England
Others had done it from his village, although most of them@moved to the city and travelled from the city
He didn’t know anyone who did it directly from their village and he didn’t care
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9 Nov
The children of the night are having a field day, promoting what they inherited from their father, living the life of darkness in this world
Their ideas, ideologies, mindsets and belief systems are not challenged, in fact they are given free course to express themselves and speak
Was it not on this app that they started a silhouette challenge?
Was it not here they did a mammary gland display challenge?
Was it not here they did a moaning challenge?
Was it not here that they displayed and celebrated a mother carrying her son’s baby with joy?
Jesus said it
is the hour of darkness!
The children of the night are thriving in their hour
One came out to make a case for pedophiles, another has boldly made a case for incest
All sorts of taboos are being touted as right in the name of modernism and openeyeism
What can darkness do but be
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28 Oct
Pastors are not omniscient, neither are prophets, teachers, evangelists or any other office holders in the church of Christ.
That anyone would deliberately pretend not to know this in order to ridicule pastors is a cry for help
The ability to suspend reasoning in favour of folly
is a tragedy this generation is courting so blatantly
And I submit that those who deliberately do this needs serious help
I used to work as a PA to pastors, I worked with pastors of many denominations and yes I know that those around them lie to them often and they would have no
clue about the truth.
I have seen the children of pastors lie to their parents and get away with it almost all the time
This is not an indictment on pastors, they know only what the Holy Spirit reveals unto them.
Whatever is hidden from them cannot be known, did you not read this
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28 Oct
This lady chatted me up on Twitter, she has been separated from her husband for two years and their divorce was about to become final
In the early days of their separation and disagreements, she was so convinced she wouldn’t ever marry her husband again that refused all forms of
Intervention from family and the church
She was meticulous in her life exit, so meticulous that her husband didn’t know she had rented an apartment & stylishly packed all her stuff and the children’s stuff and also hired new nannies and all in secret
It was an inter-tribal union
The marriage had produced two boys
Both boys were born in America and she had two sets of birth certificate for them
The originals bore her maiden name as the surname for the children while the one she gave her husband had his name as the surname
She said she really didn’t want
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27 Oct
We have now gotten to the roofing stage of this project. The roofing has to be done immediately because this is the rainy season and that is the only way work can continue when it rains. (we have prayerfully controlled the rain for some days)
Please we need your support at this
The estimate sent to us for this stage and the ceiling is about 3.5 million naira for both materials and labour. Unlike Nigeria, the hardware store in the Philippines is like a supermarket
The prices are fixed and we know exactly how much we need for this phase
That will be 224,500 Philippines Pesos.
The exchange rate is 1 dollar to 50 pesos and so it is easy for us to work out what that is in terms of naira
If the Lord has drawn you towards this project, I ask you not to hesitate anymore.
After the roofing, the other things we will do
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