We have now gotten to the roofing stage of this project. The roofing has to be done immediately because this is the rainy season and that is the only way work can continue when it rains. (we have prayerfully controlled the rain for some days)
Please we need your support at this
The estimate sent to us for this stage and the ceiling is about 3.5 million naira for both materials and labour. Unlike Nigeria, the hardware store in the Philippines is like a supermarket
The prices are fixed and we know exactly how much we need for this phase
That will be 224,500 Philippines Pesos.
The exchange rate is 1 dollar to 50 pesos and so it is easy for us to work out what that is in terms of naira
If the Lord has drawn you towards this project, I ask you not to hesitate anymore.
After the roofing, the other things we will do
are the electrical, windows, doors, altar, ceiling fans and chairs.
We do not intend to give unto God a gift that cost us nothing or that is too cheap to befit his glory.
My appeal is to that one@person who knows in his or her heart that this chariot as positioned for him to join
Please send me a DM or a WhatsApp message as soon as you see this.
I have a policy of not letting anything I do for God or any man drag. I do God’s work hastily because the King’s business requires haste.
I have also seen how God hastens to do anything I require or demand of him.
I don’t believe I have to turn to God and ask him for support when He has vessels whom He had prepared ahead to do a task. If I did that, I would be depriving the vessels of their blessings.
I can also finish this project by myself, but that again would mean I am depriving a
saint of supernatural blessing. I do not want to stand in anybody’s way. This project is a blessing and a doorway to international blessings for many. Kindly take advantage of this opportunity.
Please note, this is not some money doubling scheme for desperate people. The people
I am calling knows themselves and they can hear the voice calling them clearly.
Desperate money doublers and materialistic seed sowing goons should please avoid this message.
I am building a house for my God, let those called to do the same arise and let us build. Thank you

• • •

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28 Oct
Pastors are not omniscient, neither are prophets, teachers, evangelists or any other office holders in the church of Christ.
That anyone would deliberately pretend not to know this in order to ridicule pastors is a cry for help
The ability to suspend reasoning in favour of folly
is a tragedy this generation is courting so blatantly
And I submit that those who deliberately do this needs serious help
I used to work as a PA to pastors, I worked with pastors of many denominations and yes I know that those around them lie to them often and they would have no
clue about the truth.
I have seen the children of pastors lie to their parents and get away with it almost all the time
This is not an indictment on pastors, they know only what the Holy Spirit reveals unto them.
Whatever is hidden from them cannot be known, did you not read this
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28 Oct
This lady chatted me up on Twitter, she has been separated from her husband for two years and their divorce was about to become final
In the early days of their separation and disagreements, she was so convinced she wouldn’t ever marry her husband again that refused all forms of
Intervention from family and the church
She was meticulous in her life exit, so meticulous that her husband didn’t know she had rented an apartment & stylishly packed all her stuff and the children’s stuff and also hired new nannies and all in secret
It was an inter-tribal union
The marriage had produced two boys
Both boys were born in America and she had two sets of birth certificate for them
The originals bore her maiden name as the surname for the children while the one she gave her husband had his name as the surname
She said she really didn’t want
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26 Oct
We are making very rapid progress on this project. God has been very gracious unto us, blessed be his Holy Name.
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who saw the project and sent their love and other forms of encouragement. My God bless you abundantly
The project will be concluded in 18 days. As we can see from the video, this is a rural community that needed the basic structure of a place of worship where they can serve God ImageImageImageImage
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25 Oct
Suddenly everybody is in a panic mode, a pastor called and said he had been stooling and his BP has outran a chariot at top speed, the same pastor’s wife called saying her husband got a heart attack when he heard the news
His older sister called and said “Take her for deliverance
Let her come to her senses, His mother said “Consider how long you have been holding on, remember to be like Christ and to bear it to the end”
His wife became extremely repentant, crying like a jelly Fish, “Give me one more chance, pls, one more chance” was her song of redemption
All he did was file for divorce after years of abuse, torture and pain.
That was his crime, refusing to take the abuse and the pain unleashed on him unrepentantly by the same woman who suddenly saw a shift in the power climate and started kneeling down like a frog at every given
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23 Oct
Good morning, I have been asked by many people (believers) how to become supernaturally blessed
Some believe this happens when they give to pastors who claim they should come and sow seed and all
That never worked for me as a believer. I remember sowing seed of whole month’s pay
several times and remaining poor for several years
I once gave a pastor a bag of rice and I felt I had just been robbed, the feeling was so bad that I went to take my bag of rice down from his car and I took it back home
I know supernatural blessing is real but how do I access it
I went to the book of Genesis and over and over I discovered that those who built altars (a place of worship) to the Lord are uniquely acknowledged both in God’s book and in supernatural blessings.
The patriarchs were all altar builders and they prospered the exceedingly!
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22 Oct
I was asleep around 1 am earlier today when I received a phone call from an old friend
This friend was my bunk mate in 1996 when I was thrown into the boarding school
We became fast friends then and over the years we have kept in touch
He said he needed help urgently and he was
sure God directed him to me
I laughed
Last week Sunday, he sent me a message while I was on my way to Lagos from Ondo State and I knew immediately that he would reach out soon and I would help him in whatever capacity was within my powers
Even my younger brother said so to me in
the car
He said “You have to help that brother, he needs help now more than ever”
I made a mental note of that
This brother had been thrown own of marital home by his wife’s family because they perceive him to be a leech trying to feed off their daughter
They didn’t know that a
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