GP 3 5 6 7 and 9 are admitted
Ch Their feelings are important but not determinant
GP Not trying to suggest that witnesses will consciously lie in their statements
Ch This is opportunity to x exam
GP Doesn't avoid you looking at credibility. Everyone has polarised feelings ...
about this which hightens emotions. Wants to avoid a show trial. Look at what actually happened and you need to determine the reality and I'm happy to take this risk

RP Confirmation that no GMC witnesses are req to give evidence.
Discussion of dates re blocking accounts
GP E blocked AH on 1 April but we don't believe AH blocked anybody. He doesn't recall blocking anyone and has no access to the account. Doesn't deny it

Ch B blocked him after July.
RP We don't have a date for B being blocked but can ask B to recall this
Re Amendment Application: Concern about AH giving evidence at 3.30pm today so should we start tomorrow am? would hope to get through the evidence this week as so much has been admitted
AH's witness statement to remain private under Sch 41
Discussion re breaks and giving evidence
GP AH has a health issue that might need some time away that he is self aware of. Some material is focussed on Stage 2. Unless something new arises or follows from it we're not proposing to call him again.
Tribunal have asked for a short break to discuss in private
[I think about whether AH should begin evidence today bearing in mind expected lengths of evidence and timings. It's not entirely clear what's happening tbh but I think AH is likely to be the only person... evidence and they want everything to be completed this week]
[This is the same impression as that taken by the other person observing the tribunal]
Chair We will amend 14gi to at least 38 tweets
We're concerned to start x examining AH at 3.30pm today when he's got 3 days to be examined esp as he won't be able to talk to his legal team whilst giving evidence and this seems unfair to AH
RP Referring to my opening "actions continued" She sought to scale back her SM usage at this point and doesn't want the tribunal to misunderstand. It's about the volume
GP Post the injunction there weren't many tweets at all
Discussion on numbering of documents - deferred to tmrw
Chair So confirming that the GMC has now submitted its case?
RP Yes, excluding getting back to you re dates of blocking of witness B

Adjourned to 9.30am tomorrow

• • •

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More from @tribunaltweets

18 Nov
We are back.
RD: if we could look first at tweet number 9, 415 of GMC bundle. Do have that? Thread starts earlier on 413.
Rd: Starts with E referencing debate on kiwifarms. We see your tweet (he read and too fast it's about doxxing). Tweet 9 appears which is about personal notoriety and psychological trauma. Mother of child is autistic, is autistic
AH: that person is talking about that child of E being autistic.
RD: and your tweet referred to same child?
AH: 'the' children refers generally
RD: do you agree tweeting about others children is personal and private and it was inappropriate to comment on public
Read 28 tweets
18 Nov
We are back and ready to go. Waiting on AH to continue.
AH apologises for lateness.
RD: it's clear what this tweet is. Attempt to stop support for E
Do you accept
AH: The way tweet is expressed and me expressing , means the impact on any relevant person means I don't really think I can agree. Active discouragement of these people.
I would have been pleased they didn't support it, course I would. I understood at the time was not being consumed in any such way on the opposing side to be anything like good faith advice. Context would be clear to those who wanted to support
Read 17 tweets
18 Nov
Good morning from Manchester on Day 4 of the tribunal of Dr. Adrian Harrop (abbrev. Ah). It's due to commence at 9.30am.
Ryan Donahugh is representing GMC (abbrev. RD) and AD'S representative is Giles Powell (abbrev GP)
We have two further updates to person B. There is another document that we won't need to go private to discuss.
Read 54 tweets
17 Nov
Good morning on Day 3 of Dr Adrian Harrop's tribunal (abbreviated to AH). He is on the witness stand, under oath. Please see @selfcommit2othe report here.
We don't see the case papers.

In an exclusive interview with Dr Harrop, Ben Hunte writes he "was sent all of the material being discussed in the tribunal, including the full dossier of allegations, witness statements, & documents defending the doctor."
The Tribunal has become aware of the VICE article and proceedings have been adjourned so the GMC can investigate and Dr Harrop's counsel speak to him about the matter.
Read 4 tweets
16 Nov
RP We're not ready to proceed yet (GMC). Will be an amendment of charges by GMC to improve time usage of court by 2pm.
Ch: Then GP will need time to assess the wording
GP Likely to be an issue re offensiveness, I'm happy to indicate which tweets should be referenced but this...
...won't be ready in 20 mins. We dispute the stem of 14
Ch Always the case of 14g were not inappropriate
GP Yes but No wrt the employers and those that refer to her family
Ch Is it likely to save time?
RP Tweets need exploring in x examination so all matters will be explored.
RP But if the stem isn't admitted?
GP 17 tweets don't refer to E, employer or family so these should be removed which would improve times
Ch GMC is taking too long to make decisions. Now 2.15pm is the latest time available to feed back instructions
Read 13 tweets
16 Nov
Good morning on Day 2 of Dr Adrian Harrop's tribunal (abbreviated to AH). We are due to start at 11am today. I will use initials RD for the GMC representative Mr Ryan Donoghue and GP for Harrop’s representative Mr Giles Powell.
New docs from GMC re where to place tweets but RD hasn't been able to assess this new info yet so will be given time to look at this new categorisation of the info and the info itself. Insulting vs inappropriate determination
Also Chair says he was in error saying that AH does accept the evidence by not cross examinating. Not needing to determine a witnesses feelings as a relevent fact. For 3 indivs is whether was planning to intimidate, but this isn't the only factor
Read 19 tweets

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