Why is the cursor visible in this screenshot? Who’s taken that screenshot and when? Who sent it? #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
Also people will be analysing the tone of this language to see if it really sounds like it is being written by someone who is alright. #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
If #PengShuai has written to Steve Simon, the WTA chairman, why does it begin “Hello everyone...”?
Now obviously this document, said to be an email from #PengShuai, and the comments she originally made on her Weibo account alleging sexual assault by #ZhangGaoli can’t both be right. Why did it take so long for this supposed email from her to appear?
I don’t think I have seen any other media outlets in #China reporting on this alleged message from #PengShua? Only @CGTNOfficial is that right?
And now we’re at this stage... Image
Having broadcast forced confessions before from people in custody in #China, some at @CGTNOfficial do not have a good record dealing with material like this. #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
‘The head of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) has cast doubt on an email released by Chinese state media attributed to tennis player #PengShuai. Steve Simon said... he had a "hard time believing" the email was written by Ms Peng or on her behalf’. bbc.co.uk/news/world-asi…
‘Steve Simon, chairman of the WTA, said the message "only raises" his concerns about Ms Peng's safety.
"I have a hard time believing that Peng Shuai actually wrote the email we received or believes what is being attributed to her...’ #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
If whoever ordered the “Ive just been resting at home” #PengShuai document to be posted by @CGTNOfficial thought this might reduce the pressure on #China’s Government to confirm her safety, they were wrong. It’s done the opposite. Here’s another 10 million people aware of it:
Somebody else from the Communist Party’s media has spoken about #PengShuai. The Editor of the Global Times has made this contribution regarding “the thing people talked about”...
Aaaaand 20 million more people aware of #WhereIsPengShuai care of Barca’s Gerard Pique...
Re the language in the email said to have been written by #PengShuai the repetition that her “consent” should be given is an expression used a lot by #China’s Communist Party officials. Eg apparent lack of “consent” is used as an excuse to stop journalists filming in the street.
Now Andy Murray. This @cgtn #PengShuai tweet has turned into a train wreck for the Chinese Government.
And if the government of #China thought the #WhereIsPengShuai meltdown could not get any worse...
The apologists have been very thin on the ground the last couple of days. I mean really you’d be crazy to stick your neck out on this one but there’s always someone... Image

• • •

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21 Nov
#Pengshuai has turned up at a junior tennis event in #China this morning. Chinese officials now going to great lengths to show that she’s OK after being censored for accusing senior Party leader #ZhangGaoli of sexual assault. Has there been a deal done to secure her cooperation? ImageImage
The photos of this event have popped up on the Party’s media outlets today but mostly not mentioning her by name. For foreign consumption it’s look #PengShuai is not in detention! For #China’s audience it’s Peng who? What? Look over there!
One potential solution for the Party could be to throw #ZhangGaoli under the bus politically? Party members have been dismissed/disciplined on grounds of morality. However, he’s been amongst the most senior members of government here and to take him down like this would be huge.
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20 Nov
In #China the Party’s media has now released videos purportedly showing #PengShuai at a restaurant. Again many questions being asked: Was this staged? Who gave the video to the Global Times? Who took it?
A question regarding the second clip released by the Party’s media said to be of #Pengshui and friends at a restaurant: If a friend took this video why would they film a notice on the door showing the month ‘proof of life’ style? If a friend didn’t film it who did? #China
Why is none of this being posted on #Weibo? Why are #PengShuai’s original claims regarding sexual assault and #ZhangGaoli being censored in #China? Why is Global Times Editor @HuXijin_GT posting this stuff on Twitter but not having any of it reported in his newspaper?
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7 Nov
This week there is a boring sounding high-level political meeting in #Beijing which could actually be quite significant in terms of power politics in #China. The annual "plenum" session with hundreds of members of the Central Committee will meet behind closed doors. Crucially...
The session may act to sure up Xi Jinping's grip on power, cement his legacy and provide a justification for #China's current leader to move into a historic third, 5-year, term at the Party Congress in October next year.
The Plenum will start on Monday behind closed doors at the Great Hall of the People. Very little has been announced about what's on the table away from the public glare except that they'll discuss “important achievements & historical experiences of the Party”. Sounds dull but...
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4 Nov
#Beijing life under the dome tonight 1. #China. Image
#Beijing life under the dome tonight 2. #China. Image
#Beijing under the dome tonight 3. #China Image
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2 Sep
#China TV overhaul announced today banning mass "vote him/her off the island" type voting. Only a live audience can make selections. Shows training young performers to be stars: banned. Actors with "incorrect" political views: banned. "Effeminate" style male actors: banned.
There was a popular idol talent show here in #China which required fans to buy sponsored products in order to vote for their favourite young star. This led to some fans buying and then throwing out massive amounts of yoghurt. This type of voting is now prohibited.
"Sissy" men, "vulgar influencers" and those with "lapsed morals" have been banned from television shows in #China. Programme makers have been urged to steer away from "abnormal aesthetics" and inflating the pay of stars.
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30 Aug
The authorities in #China have today announced that for, anyone under 18 years old, they're to be limited to playing online games to only 3 hours a week! Plus only these 3 hours: 8 til 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be Chinese teenagers flipping out right now!
This, apparently, will be enforced in #China by making gamers use real name registration and require face scans.
It's been announced that there will be inspections of game companies in conjunction with #China's new 3 hours per week limit on gaming for those under 18. There had previously been limits but now there are only three specific hours per week in which youths can play games.
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