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China Correspondent BBC, after 9 years as ABC Beijing Bureau Chief. Bachelor of Arts, Wollongong University. MA (Journalism) U.T.S.
30 Jun
Coming up: #HongKong’s #Beijing-installed leader Carrie Lam speaks to the U.N. in #Geneva about human rights on the same day the new security law comes into being making certain speech/other dissent potentially judged treason, sedition or secession punishable by hefty prison time
#HongKong’s new state security law has just reportedly been rubber stamped through the National People’s Congress Standing Committee in #Beijing with unanimous support from its 175 members. It’ll become law tomorrow. #China
In #HongKong the leadership of pro-democracy party Demosisto - incl Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow & Nathan Law - have all quit the Party they founded saying they could be targeted by the new state security law in their city. (BTW NPC Standing Cttee only has 162 members at present)
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20 Jun
In #China the Communist Party’s wire service Xinhua has released some details of the new #HongKong security law which will go through the NPC Standing Cttee in the coming weeks in #Beijing: including a new Office of PRC National Security in #HongKong... [cont]
The #HongKong Chief Executive (ie Carrie Lam) will decide which judges can hear national security cases... [I’ll let that one sink in for a bit.] For students of governance see separation of powers and how it’s supposed to work. #China
The #HongKong police force is to set up a special “National Security” branch...
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13 Jun
In #Beijing a new cluster of #covid19 cases emanating from, wait for it, a seafood market. Footage appears to show hundreds of People’s Armed Police sent to the Xin Fa Di wholesale market. Officials said traces of the #coronavirus found on a chopping board with “imported” salmon.
More than 10,000 staff at the Xin Fa Di wholesale market are to be tested for the #coronavirus. The latest three infections where all people who worked there. In a flash #Beijing has gone from more than 50 days with no case to 7 confirmed with symptoms + 46 confirmed asymptomatic
Because of the new #coronavirus In #Beijing various schools and kindergartens are closing again along with the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Lama Temple etc etc. Sport has been cancelled again. #China
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21 May
Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.40 in the afternoon gone dark. #China
Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.45 in the afternoon and gone dark. #China
Big thunderstorm brewing in #Beijing right now. It’s 3.47 in the afternoon and gone dark. #China
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18 May
#China's leader, Gen Sec Xi will speak at the meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA) - the decision making body of the WHO - via video link. The meeting has just started. This same meeting will receive a resolution calling for an inquiry into the origins of the #coronavirus.
Xi speaking now:…
That was a pretty significant speech from Xi Jinping: pledging $2 billion US dollars for #coronavirus recovery in developing countries; #China to set up a global hub for humanitarian response in #covid19 situations; #China hospitals pairing with 30 #African countries cont...
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7 May
#China Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying really laid into the #US government today following Trump Pompeo #coronavirus remarks. I asked a question about what the Secretary of State said and I think the answer must have gone for around 15 minutes. Here's a thread on it...
2. I asked about #US President's #coronavirus PearlHarbour 9/11 comparison. She said: “If they're saying this pandemic can be compared to Pearl Harbour or 911 then the enemy the US faces this time is the virus. The US should work with china as comrades in the fight not enemies...
3. [cont] "Only with international cooperation and effort can it be defeated. Instead we see some in the US is shifting the blame...China contained the virus and brought it under control in just over 2 months but now we see 1.2 million cases in there...
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7 Apr
#China has officially reported zero new #coronavirus deaths today! A thread...
#China has reported zero new deaths today! It's the first time since the 21st of January when the National Health Commission started publishing daily #coronavirus figures (Official figures usual caveats). It doesn't matter whether or not I "believe" the number because...
While a "milestone" day with zero official #coronavirus deaths, the most important thing in #China is the trend. There's a mountain of evidence to show that the trend in #China is real. Doesn't matter if overall infections are 10 x the official figure, the curve is what matters.
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2 Apr
The Chinese city of #Shenzhen has passed a law completely banning all dog and cat meat in addition to other forms of more exotic wildlife, the sale of which has been prohibited in a new national regulation in #China following the #coronavirus emergency.
The #Shenzhen law stipulates heavy fines as punishment and appears to go further than the national regulation. The Humane Society said “the ban has been welcomed by long-time anti-dog meat trade campaigners... as a watershed moment in efforts to ban the trade across China”.
The Shenzhen law obviously also includes bats, pangolins and other wild animals already covered in the new national regulation. Thing is It goes further and bans the sale of dogs, cats and the like even if they’ve been bred for slaughter. #coronavirus #China #Covid19
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24 Mar
From tomorrow all people in #Hubei (except #Wuhan) who have green code health clearance can leave the Province. People in #Wuhan city can leave on the 8th of April. The #coronavirus lockdown down there is finally coming to an end. #China #covid19
So, for the people of #Wuhan, by the time they lift the #coronavirus lockdown on the 8th of April they will have been under that restriction for 76 days. It’s been a tough slog for that city and for all of #Hubei Province.
How’s this for both ends of the #coronavirus tunnel: #Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and #Perth Zoo close as #Beijing Zoo re-opens. #China #covid19 #Australia
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22 Mar
The number of new #China #coronavirus infections from overseas arrivals seems to be increasing every day a/c to official figures (usual caveats). So 46 new cases today include 45 from passengers arriving + 1 person in #Guangdong who caught it from a person arriving.
Overseas arrival #coronavirus cases just in #Beijing, for example, Caixin has counted 89, including from the #UK 28; from #Spain 23; from #Italy 18.
Overall picture a/c to official figures: 6,840 current #coronavirus infections in #China, 2,136 of those in a serious condition. This includes 5,013 patients still in hospital in #Hubei Province. Dead 3,255. Recovered 71,291.
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17 Mar
Wow! All #US journalists working for New York Times, Wall St Journal and the Washington Post (who’s credentials expire this year) to be expelled from #China. They have 10 days to leave. #Beijing has just announced.
I’m not sue if the removal of #China press credentials for #US journalists working for NYT, WSJ and WaPo also technically means automatic removal of their visas but no credentials means no work here in mainland China, #HongKong or #Macao.
BTW the wording of the statement seems to mean that these #China mainland-based #US correspondents after being effectively expelled won’t be able to work in #HongKong and #Macao, not that reporters based in #HongKong and #Macao are also to be chucked out, if I understand it right
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1 Mar
A lot of big companies are going to face some pressure over the allegations in this report regarding the use of Uighur forced labour in #China including Apple, BMW, Gap Nike, Samsung...…
It’s a long list part [1]:Abercrombie & Fitch, Acer, Adidas, Alstom, Amazon, Apple, ASUS, BAIC Motor, BMW, Bombardier, Bosch, BYD, Calvin Klein, Candy, Carter’s, Cerruti 1881, Changan Automobile, Cisco, CRRC, Dell, Electrolux, Fila, Founder Group, GAC Group (automobiles)...[cont]
[Uighur labour cont] 2: Gap, Geely Auto, General Electric, General Motors, Google, H&M, Haier, Hart Schaffner Marx, Hisense, Hitachi, HP, HTC, Huawei, iFlyTek, Jack & Jones, Jaguar, Japan Display Inc., L.L.Bean, Lacoste, Land Rover, Lenovo, LG, Li-Ning, Mayor, Meizu... [cont]
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20 Feb
Official #China #coronavirus figures today: infected 74,677; additional probably infected 4,922; Recovered 16,588; dead 2,122 (yes we all know the figures don't capture all cases). Over 24 hours #Hubei added only an extra 349 cases compared to around 1,700 the day before.
Buuuuut! Would you believe that #Hubei has gone back to the old way of counting "infected" #coronavirus cases again. So, apart from providing an explanation for a drop in cases, we now have the trend mapping messed up again. So in Hubei back to needing a lab result to be counted.
This is problematic because given the flawed nature of the counting (definitely not catching all cases) the most useful aspect of the official #coronavirus numbers has been watching the trend to see if the sickness spreading/receding. Each time the accounting changes it stuffs it
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24 Nov 19
This is looking like a thumping victory for the pro-democracy camp in #HongKong and complete wipe out for the pro-Beijing camp. Right now Democracy camp 115 v pro-establishment 9 !!! Catastrophic loss for Carrie Lam’s administration.
That is unless there are lots of pro-establishment results to come in?
This is extraordinary! 142 to 13 !!! Absolute political annihilation for the pro-Beijing camp and resounding victory for the pro-democracy movement. How is the #HongKong government going to spin this? #China
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11 Aug 19
After the approved rally in Victoria Park finished groups of #HongKong pro-democracy activists discuss where to go next, some towards Causeway Bay. Many police in North Point where people from the mainland’s Fujian Province have threatened retaliation if protestors come there
People in #HongKong’s Causeway Bay watching street clashes live on the Kowloon side of the Harbour in Sham Shui Po. #China
Now blocking the street in Causeway Bay shopping district. They’re safe here for a few hours because police will not want to tear gas tourists etc. #HongKong #China
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20 Dec 18
Wow! Reports that #USA, #Britain, #Australia, #Canada, #Japan #Germany etc set to call out #China Ministry of StateSecurity hackers including indictments. Allegation is that it’s been to steal intellectual property. It’ll be a firey session at Chinese Foreign Ministry tomorrow.
Plus looks like sanctions on #China could follow. So much for those happy trade war negotiations. #USA
2 Chinese citizens named ZhuHua & ZhangShilong have been named as hackers linked to #China’s Ministry of StateSecurity+now facing #USA indictments re alleged theft of sensitive commercial secrets. US officials say there’s massive systemic hacking backed by the Chinese Government
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