[LIVE] Princess Go Won's one day early Birthday PartyπŸ¦‹πŸ‘‘

#LOONA ImageImage
@loonatheworld Today is 11/18! So it's one day before my birthday. But because I'm going to see cocomong, right, and moonbyul sunbaenim. So I'm here to celebrate today in advance.
@loonatheworld So for my birthday I picked this corner of my room for the background. Of the four corners, this one~ Image
@loonatheworld Fan manager unnie's wish for Go Won this time was to wear this - she says this one's smaller-cuter than the One&Only crown she had Image
@loonatheworld Mom vs dad? Stop asking that~!
Yeojin yelling into Go Won's room (happy birthday!!!! my honey!!!) ImageImage
@loonatheworld Yeojin: happy birthday to you~~~~
Go Won: gag
Yeojin: what do you mean gag!!

Jinsoul also drops by, she doesn't have a gift but says this is her gift (tries to give Go Won a kiss) ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld [Yeojin telling Jinsoul not to kiss her Go Won] Image
@loonatheworld The drawing she went to draw with Yeojin

There's a story - the carrot is Yeojin's character's, and her character stole Yeojin's character's carrot and is running away Image
@loonatheworld Yes, it is Powerpuff girl. When they're in the rabbit suit. We looked it up online and they had this outfit. So we tried to follow that and made the colors match the lore~ so it's a mint-ish color. Image
@loonatheworld Oh the light's flickering? Is it because the light's wishing me happy birthday? It is flickering isn't it.
@loonatheworld (there was a Q about liking mom or dad more)
She says her dad watches her vlives often, and often leaves messages in chat. So sometimes after the stream her dad would msg her about this and that mentioning dad
"...But I like my mom more~"
@loonatheworld Her older brother went to her birthday cafe - she couldn't go today due to the vlive, but she told him to go on her behalf - and he said he got the Bbomi-shaped macaron. "So he picked the Bbomi one, not the one of me..."
@loonatheworld She's taking suggestions for her birthday hashtag, she thinks one based on lyrics are a good idea, but she's not good at coming up with ideas
@loonatheworld Oh that's a good one! κ³ μ›μƒμΌλ‘œλ„λ°°λ²„λ¦°ν•˜λ£¨ - "a day filled with go won's birthday"
"Our one and only go won day?"
That's a good one too.
@loonatheworld (She's wondering how many hashtags she can have)
Go one & only day, that's a good one too.
Okay let's go with that first one! Day filled with Go Won's birthday! You're all filled with ideas. They're all good. Just pick whichever ones you like.
# κ³ μ›μœΌλ‘œλ„λ°°λΌλ²„λ¦°ν•˜λ£¨
@loonatheworld Wait, underscores? Shouldn't you just put them where the spaces should go?

Then for the English one, let's do "Go Won and only day" (not sure about the spelling)
@loonatheworld Though it's not her birthday she still wants to have a cake on on stream

Oh this feels kinda like self-celebrating, so it's a little embarrassing...

The cake's so pretty isn't it?? Image
@loonatheworld Happy birthday!
Oh I got cream on myself! Hang on ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld It'll be a little boring if I'm doing this alone, right? So I'll invite a singer. She's a little late, so please hang on. I picked someone who's very busy. So the singer will join us here. Curious, right? Hang on. ImageImage
@loonatheworld Invited singer. Who will go first? To join us today... (she turns on her Kirby speaker)

The song's coming out from here! ImageImage
@loonatheworld [The song: TWICE - Scientist]

Is the audio's volume alright? I'd like to keep the music playing.
@loonatheworld I've been liking this song lately and I wanted to listen to it with Orbits.

Oh it's not charged..! sorry it's a little bit hectic here today. I got here in kind of a rush. Because I just got back from pilates!
@loonatheworld I just exercised everyone! At pilates. And today's was very tiring... The teacher, since I took a break and started up recently - this was my 2nd time lately - so the teacher said it could be hard when returning. No, Hyeju! She talked about me doing Pilates... I went!!
@loonatheworld The leggings arrived... I got the leggings.

I really don't like exercising, but when I do it, it's fun, and there's that small feeling of being proud afterwards. And the teacher's nice. Her lessons are relaxing but by the end my legs are shaking.
@loonatheworld Agh there's a cord down here and it keeps making a mess.

I think people with strong cores are fascinating... It's all so tiring for me. Exercise doesn't go well with me. I didn't like exercising ever since I was young. Image
@loonatheworld People liked track meets or field days and things but I didn't. I'd go when I had to, but I never really competed.

What am I doing tomorrow? I'm going on Studio Moon Night with Cocomong.

Who has strong cores in LOONA?
Heejin first, with her planks. and vivi unnie really.
@loonatheworld Yves unnie's good too. There's a lot of members like that.
@loonatheworld Go Won have you ever had bangs?
Until 3rd or 4th grade i kept my bangs. But how I got rid of those, there were these pins, I really wanted to wear them and I thought I had to get rid of my bangs to put them on...
@loonatheworld Oh I really like this song!!
Lovelyz - Now, We

Oh there's an eclipse tomorrow??
@loonatheworld Yes, Cocomong is appearing tomorrow too. You saw the picture didn't you?

She notes that it wasn't that cold today, she didn't wear a coat or anything today. Around this time last year she was wearing coats. However she got bit by a mosquito
@loonatheworld You want to see my picture? It's not that great of a drawing but it's cute so I'm satisfied. But you need to see them together though...

It looks like me? Ah, since I got black hair I drew it with black hair too. To make it similar. Image
@loonatheworld Yummy Yummy stories? There's a scene where we're straight-faced at the start. That was like a try-not-to-laugh situation. The directors were being so funny, but we had to be straight faced.

The director gave an example, like this. And I kept thinking of it and it was so funny. Image
@loonatheworld Meanwhile during the recording Yeojin had all sorts of ideas on what to do to act cute...

Yeah, whenever we need to have a straight face it's the funniest.
@loonatheworld Did I tease Lip unnie after? honestly, we did. But I also thought she was impressive. She has everyday aegyo, but her image? Her image is more girl crush, so...
@loonatheworld She's really interested in MBTI and she wondered if she was INTP or INFP and she thinks she's right in the middle. She saw some mbti video by Kang Yumi with interest
@loonatheworld [Talking about a Youtube series that's kinda trending for younger people (λͺ¨λ“ λ²„μ „ μ‹€μ‹œκ°„)]

She's got flowers for her birthday as well today

And the decorations here. With the invited singer Kirby.

And a picture of me is here. Room's filled with self-love, right? ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Isn't it so cute...? Has a mic too!

Yeojin a left her picture her as well earlier and left... ImageImage
@loonatheworld "Ghost sounds?" there you go again~

My room's got vibes? It does, doesn't it? I worked hard on it...

Well I didn't really decorate it, Yves unnie did, actually..
@loonatheworld All of you talking about ghosts, now the singer stopped singing... That's weird. Image
@loonatheworld Oh I need to give the singer a break? That's right...

(The Kirby speaker starts playing again)
@loonatheworld (1) Unnie, just appear on stream with your voice!

(2) Yves says she's doing alright now, says sorry for making people worried, she looks awful right now so she's hiding like this

Yves to Go Won: "I look awful, don't I?"
(3) Go Won: oh unnie's bare face is pretty too! ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Go Won likes all kinds of cake but she didn't really when she was young. But now she likes cake. When she goes to cafes she always gets a slice of cake and a decaf iced americano.
@loonatheworld She likes peppermint - she used to think
"why would you get peppermint...?"

But I went to a cafe with Wekmeki Sei and she got a peppermint tea. And I was like huh? why would you get that toothpaste? But it was good. So I get that too now. There's this yuja mint tea too.
@loonatheworld So Yves unnie and I also get that sometimes now. I like tea.

Yeah, showcasing my friends... Their song came out today, right, everyone? Should I play it? It was really good.

Wekimeki - Siesta
@loonatheworld This song's so my style. Tiki-Taka has been my favorite, but this song's so good.
@loonatheworld Olivia Hye surprises Go Won with a bunch of bungeoppang ImageImageImageImage
@loonatheworld Go Won: Wow, have some bungeoppang before you go.

Wow, for the first time in my life i got a cake like this..! Image
@loonatheworld It's so warm! Daebak... This is so touching. Oh I want to take a pic of this! She must've done this in a hurry. The candle's totally broken. Everyone, screenshot me making a wish to this.

With this best song, and this best cake, what an exciting birthday! ImageImageImage
@loonatheworld At times like this I think Son Hyeju's so witty.

(Hyeju pops a birthday cracker when she returns and some gets on the cake) Image
@loonatheworld Hye: Wow this looks good. I ran over in a hurry because I wanted to to eat these soon.

Go Won: Oh I need to match the mood with this song. Hold on..
Wow, daebak. I didn't even imagine this.

Hyeju: I didn't expect to do this either. This is an appetizer before dinner. ImageImage
@loonatheworld Hyeju says after this you'll want something spicy too
(They agreed to get spicy potato/pork backbone soup after this) ImageImage
@loonatheworld Hyeju likes it when you can't tell if it's slightly burnt or red bean

Go won wonders if they can put them in the airfryer later to reheat them - since they gotta eat later, Hyeju says they probably can

Hyeju: OK i'm gonna eat these now and be off over here, you do your vlive ImageImage
@loonatheworld Showing her outfit by chat request (+ coat, gray knit, white pants) ImageImage
@loonatheworld Go Won's in a hoodie and blue jeans

Go Won: "Why's Hyeju hiding"
Hyeju: since it's unnie's birthday ImageImage
@loonatheworld Go Won: she's really just eating off to the side while looking at me...
You can hear us chewing, right?

Hye: For real. (she goes in to the mic for a bite)

Go Won: Oh I love this part, the crispy part.
(Hyeju says she asked for the most crispy ones) Image
@loonatheworld Give some to the invited singer? Oh Kirby's a big eater though...
Hye: noo

Eat them from head to tail first?
Hyeju: depends on which side I grab
Go Won: head first always; the tail's grip is more stable Image
@loonatheworld Who're they getting the stew with later: they say it's the two of them
@loonatheworld They respond to chat a bit and Hyeju heads out again and runs into someone on the way out - Haseul says happy birthday from outside and notices how she has so much food
Haseul: "how come there's so much food for all these birthday streams??" ImageImage
@loonatheworld Whenever I watch mukbangs I think... I tink people would point out how slowly I eat. The mukbang people always have such large bites. So I wondered if people would get frustrated watching me do mukbang. ImageImage
She doesn't think getting delivery would be the same, the bunggeopangs you can get delievered are made differently or something

She thanks all the viewers for tuning into her birthday watching her bunggeoppang and stuff
I really do like birthdays, since they feel special.

Birthday cafe events I'm really thankful for too - in the cafe people were all enjoying it so much, even though it's just my birthday, seeing them being so happy because of that I was touched.
No this isn't an ending speech, it just came to mind..!
One time when she was young there was a big storm and her family didn't get to celebrate her birthday so she thought others didn't really care about her birthday as much as herself and shed a tear by herself, but now it's become a more special day for other people too,
But after meeting Orbits that changed, it's become a very precious day for her. "A teardrop!"

And this past birthday she read a lot of touching letters over the birthday and shed tears [internally] as well, she says how she's not good at expressing things as well as Orbits Image
Mentions a letter and a gift that came with a letter telling her the warnings for the gift, to watch out for this and that, which she found touching even

Someone asked about the CD on her cd player - she picked this hot pink one to fit her mood today Image
Sometime much later she'd like the members to have fanmeetings or something on their birthdays and have fun like that IRL

What'll she do for her bday? She'll meet Cocomong in the evening; in the day, she thinks she'll call her family
Orbits, what're you going to do tomorrow? Tomorrow's Saturday right? No, it's Friday isn't it? It's a weekday, but what'll you do?
(she reads chat saying what they'll do; study, work, etc)

Today's a weekday too so she's very honored that people tuned in for her stream today
Lately she's been sleeping really early. Like before 1AM-2AM. But weirdly she wakes up at 12-1pm. So thinking about it, she realized that she sleeps a ton. But this pattern's been maintaining itself, so she's been sleeping a lot.
Before, she used to think that she slept late but didn't sleep much, but now it's different
Suddenly she tells everyone to sing happy birthday again, it feels like it's her birthday today instead of tomorrow Image
I'll have to wear this again then. Since unnie said it was her wish! Image
I saw Hyeju's vlive. And she got a magic wand? She shook that around. She did it pretty nonchalantly~
Then, well, should we have phototime?
Chat: "Go won slowly wanting to get that stew"
Go Won says that's right.. She's hungry after pilates and only had this bunggeoppang ImageImageImageImage
Go Won: I'll have a great dinner. If you haven't had dinner, be sure to eat dinner! If you've already eaten, good job.
Then I'll get going now..! We're meeting up tomorrow too! Be sure to watch Moon Night with Cocomong.

No, I haven't had the bunggeoppang. Should i take a pic with this too? 1 2 3~ First bunggeoppang cake I've had in my life. For dinner i suggest κ°μžνƒ• (what she's getting today) Image
and λ‹­λ³ΆμŒνƒ• which I had the other day. I'm craving something spicy.

See you tomorrow! Have good food and let's meet with Cocomong tomorrow. Bye!

You can't eat spicy food?? Then.. "One Chicken!" That place is good. Bye!! Bye, tiara, bye!
Thanks for wishing me happy brithday! ImageImageImageImage

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[LIVE] Moonbyul's Studio Moon Night with #LOONA Yeojin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Go Won and Cocomong

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The guests are entering now ImageImageImage
From the guests today, there are some folks I know, and someone who I'm meeting for the first time... Whom I'm very curious about. They're waiting outside, so let's get them in here.
[Entrance song - Yum Yum] Image
Eye contact individual greetings ImageImageImageImage
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(She had some late night food with Yves and got stomachaches)
They're both fine now, Yves is still just eating porridge, but she's getting better as well

She's here so you wouldn't worry about her

"So yves ate more?"
Or my guts are tougher.

Why voice only: "maybe it's because I wasn't feeling well but I got a sty as well."
Go Won has a birthday vlive later so I just dropped by really quick. What should we do today? Every time I go live, I keep saying "I'll prepare something!", get suggestions and stuff... I got assignments from orbits but I didn't do them~! But I said I'd do it on "FOTM" didn't i?
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[LIVE] #LOONA Kim Lip is live on VLIVE
@loonatheworld She says it's really really cold today

She just got back from pilates a few hours ago. Right before that, at 3:30PM or so she washed her hair, and it's still not dry. Even after pilates
@loonatheworld So she couldn't even tie her hair up into a bun - so she wonders if her hair will be all over the place by the end of this stream, doesn't' know what to do with her hair
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17 Nov
#LOONA Vivi is live on Instagram Live
@loonatheworld tmi for today: This morning she ate with Choerry

Haseul and Hyeju are also at the practice room
@loonatheworld When did I get up this morning? I went to bed a little after midnight yesterday, and got up at 9 or so this morning
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16 Nov
[LIVE] #LOONA Frequency of the Moon 62
@loonatheworld My bangs are cute? Aren't they? they're curly.

Have you all been doing alright?

She talks about forgetting to set the title of the vlive (it's just frequency of the moon)
@loonatheworld She says she didn't do her hair herself - she can't even do curls well on her own
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16 Nov
[LIVE] #LOONA Olivia Hye is on VLIVE - "Just testing if the sound works"
@loonatheworld She's wondering if that ticking noise is still present on stream
Daebak~ what a relief. Finally it's gone!
@loonatheworld I went live to see if that sound was still there.

Actually, more than testing for that sound, while i'm here at the practice room, I didn't plan on going live. But this morning, my makeup looked good so I went live.
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