[LIVE] Moonbyul's Studio Moon Night with #LOONA Yeojin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Go Won and Cocomong

(Link has no VOD if you missed it live)

The guests are entering now
From the guests today, there are some folks I know, and someone who I'm meeting for the first time... Whom I'm very curious about. They're waiting outside, so let's get them in here.
[Entrance song - Yum Yum]
Eye contact individual greetings
Moonbyul: Cocomong's even wearing a mask. How cool. Welcome to Studio Moon Night.

Kim Lip, we met near Chuseok, right? We had fun - you came on w/ the [not friends unit], how have you been doing?

Lip: I've been workiing hard adjusting concepts.
MB: Was it alright?
Lip: Yes..!
Lip: it was alright.

Go Won says that the rest of them told each other scary stories for Halloween as well, and Moonbyul suggests telling scary stories (Lip seems hesitant)
[They move on from the topic] and some questions asked towards Cocomong (which I won't translate for now)
e.g. Cocomong has eaten, is excited to be here, self introduction as kpop's first sausage idol (is 12 years old, ENFP MBTI)
Moonbyul says she's ENFP too
(Yeojin and Choerry also say they're ENFPs)
[Cocomong dance time]
[Now reading some comments about Cocomong]
[Lip's comment points out that he's wearing the mask wrong, Yeojin's comment asks if he's standing or sitting]
How tall do you think Cocomong is?
Yeojin feels like he gets taller every time, now he's even taller than she is
MB: He wasn't taller than everyone already?
Moonbyul wishes Go won a happy birthday, notes all the happy birthday wishes in chat as well

What did she do today? She ate alone this morning, met the members here...

Moonbyul says doing nothing is the best day - asks if Comong brought her a gift (he didn't)
And the other months? They agreed that the November birthdays agreed not to give each other gifts since it's so crowded
Choerry says her gift is on its way, and that Go Won can look forward to it, she's confident
Lip wanted to ask Go Won what she wanted, since she wanted to get her something practical, Moonbyul thinks that's a good idea as well
Moon Night wants to give her something too, asks her what she wants to eat (She says oh I'd like to eat so many things, like pizza, ice cream, chicken, )

Moonbyul says they show will get her desserts like ice cream

Q: Now, how did cocomong / these members meet?
Lip says that there was an "issue" where a member looked like Cocomong...
Rest: "Issue"??
They talk about Cocomong visiting them to learn as a trainee, Choerry said that he learned fast

Moonbyul (reading notes) just realizes that Lip was the member who looked like Cocomong. Lip says she heard that a lot, but she's not sure why, asks the others why
Yeojin mentions that her representative color is red, even

Cocomong thinks that their eyes look alike
Cocomong's charms, according to the members
Yeojin: i think Cocomong needs to change his MBTI... to "CUTE"

Moonbyul asks Cocomong if it's even possible for him to cross his arms, or clap

They have two songs - Yum Yum, and Yummy Yummy - they're about food?
Moonbyul asks for the song explanation and Cocomong explains what the song's about.
Moonbyul asks how they were when they were recording the song. Lip says that since it's a children's song, she found it even harder, since it needed to be really straightforward, no vibrato etc
Q: How was it practicing for this?
Go Won: the dance seemed really easy but it was hard to memorize it.
Lip: It was hard "resting" during the choreo, where there were gaps in the choreo where you didn't do anything, they had to get used to that
Moonbyul: Right LOONA always has such hard choreos they're out of breath by the end, a choreo like this one must've taken some adjustment...
Now they're talking about foods they don't like (has to do with the song)
Choerry: eggplant
Go Won: apple (this is due to allergies)
Lip/Go Won: lotus root
Yeojin: cheese - she can't handle the smell. So if it's on tteokbokki it's fine, but cheddar, that scent she can't handle
Moonbyul: I can think of one thing Cocomong can't eat.. Sausages!

Q: What did they eat on the set?
They talk about all the food that was present on set, including sausage+tteokbokki--
They mentioned how they'd practice for their collabg while doing PTT, the four of them huddle together somewhere while in their PTT black leather outfits going "Yum Yum Yum~~"...

Now they'll sing Yummy Yummy live, and give away some late-night food

Yeojin: so nervous!
Byul: That was Yummy Yummy performed live. Oh I can hear cocomong in the backing vocals!

Comments: Ms Lip's ears are so red!

Byul: this is very unfamiliar for me too, you had such an intense concept this time but now, mix it mix it! But they pulled their concept off once again.
They're going to play a card interview game

Q: If you could upgrade one part of your body?
Go Won says she'd like to upgrade her height
[Cocomong says he'd like to have a neck]
Lip's Q: a small source of happiness I have?
Lip likes shopping, so she doesn't like staying home. So just walking around or going shopping is a source of happiness for her.

Yeojin: What did I think of before I fell asleep last night?
A: What'll I eat tomorrow morning?
Yeojin had a salad, and mini hotdogs sent by Cocomong (Cocomong doesn't eat those but gave them)

Choerry's Q: Worst dream she's had?
Choerry: She must've been too cold. She was on a boat during a storm. It was really scary. Looking out the boat window--
MB: Who was on the boat?
Choerry: Me and people I didn\t know. and a huge wave overtook the boat, and at that moment I woke up. But turns out it was a good dream. I didn't feel good when I woke up so I looked up the meaning of the things that appeared in the dream,
and I found that it was actually a sign of good fortune coming over me.

She didn't buy a lotto ticket though
Cocomong's Q: If I were to die tomorrow, what would be in my will?

Moonbyul: The 12 year old cocomong...? Suddenly..?

Cocomong: hopefully in my next life I'll be more famous than Pengsu...
Yeojin: You're more famous than Pengsu in my heart!
(In this segment they read user submitted comments related to late-night food)
Choerry says must-have items are socks and gloves, since her hands/feet get cold easily. She even wears socks to sleep sometimes during the winter due to this (not gloves though)
(Despite how she seems here, Yeojin just finished reading a user-submitted story about a person having bad nightmares)

Often when Yeojin watches a scary movie before she goes to sleep she wakes up in sleep paralysis - but she juts goes back to sleep since she can't be bothered
That's the end of the comment reading segment where they picked submissions to give to users that submitted - Choerry says it was such a joy doing this
Go Won says that the peoples' concerns are at least a little alleviated from today
Lip says it's nice meeting Moonbyul once again, Moonbyul says it feels like they're getting closer (and Lip is teased for turning red again)
Yeojin says today was great, and Cocomong wondered if he would do well today and was nervous, but it was fun
Messages to themselves for 2021, wrapping up
Choerry: Yerim, you did well!
Go Won: I did well~
Lip: Let's work harder next year
Yeojin: You worked hard~

Cocomong says he'll be 12 years old next year too-- that's what the agency said anyways
Ending/leaving song - LOONA: Hi High
Moonbyul wraps up the show, teases next week's content, saying today was really fun, they really lit up this Friday night together.


+ Immediately after the show: "Yummy Yummy" is currently #3 on Naver VIBE's domestic rising chart

• • •

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