These folks intend to try to bribe the Smithsonian into shilling libertarianism for them. GTFOH with that — go put it in the Museum of the Bible, or Koch Industries HQ, or Palantir if that’s your intention.…
These folks say their DAO is “governed by the people,” by which they mean gimps in the libertarian cult scheme. Conflating “demos” with “participants in our dumb scheme” is their favorite logical fallacy, and everyone should call it out 100% of the time.
The only way these schemes can ever be “democratic” is if they are made universal, and in a democracy that has to be done with a vote.

Otherwise, what you have is a private club, a cult, a pyramid scheme and a project. That’s anti-democratic and undermines democratic goals.
Regarding this article, this is the line that really pops: “Austin Cain, 25, a financial adviser in Atlanta.” Ok, bro. 👌
And btw, I have some experience in this domain. I was the buyer of record for George Washington’s manuscript of his resignation speech in Annapolis, 1783; we raised funds to do it.

It’s on display in the MD State House for all to see, with no demands.…

• • •

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20 Nov
Bottom line: Peter Thiel and Elon Musk have allied with Putin and oil/gas interests to try to undermine the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, in a fascist bid to destroy the US and EU administrative states.

Pick a side.
This intel assessment was developed early this year. Sharing now publicly because it’s becoming a more acute situation.
The corollary to this is that oil/gas interests see undermining states as their surest path towards avoiding both regulation and competition from renewables.
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20 Nov
This is a key quote to consider when thinking about cryptocurrencies. And I recommend reading this book, as it offers key insights about what is happening right now. Pay attention. ‼️ Image
The goal of fascism is to keep control of capital and money with private interests and industry, thus enabling that sector to gain control of, subjugate, and even eliminate the state.

Cryptocurrencies serve fascist aims.
Anybody who tells you differently is a fool, a liar, or both. Stand strong, we will be dealing with this issue daily for a long time.
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19 Nov
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts understand their views are well-aligned with those of the John Birch Society, the World Anti-Communist League, the Moonies, and the Council for National Policy?
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts understand that the Council for National Policy planned and executed the January 6th insurrection?
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts are sympathetic to the goals of the January 6th insurrectionists?
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19 Nov
Glad to see this valuable piece of US history is in such serious and capable hands. 🇺🇸 📄
So, this copy of the Constitution will end up being located at:
Should be obvious, but video is parody. However the thing itself is actually happening, ICYMI. Jan6 but for financial flashmobs.…
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18 Nov
Well, I *said* I was gonna pop the crypto bubble. Only 95% more to go. 😉
Y'all can decide I've got magic powers and worship me if you want now. Or wait. Either way is fine. 😆
Go long $AAPL while you still can lol…
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14 Nov
Folks wondering what relevance history has to current discussion of crypto need to go back to 1896 and William Jennings Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech, wherein he argued against the gold standard and in favor of “bi-metallism.”…
Property rights fundamentalists felt gold should be the only valid backing of currency, even as the US had only settled on it as a de-facto standard. Gold was eventually abandoned because it was too unruly and led to boom/bust cycles, abuse, etc.
Now we are going through this conversation again where crypto=gold and the same dumb arguments are being trotted out.

Bryan was on the right track; bi-metallism opened up the path to more flexible currency and banking.

Don’t make the mistake thinking this moment is new.
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