I support Jews.
Anti-Semitism is wrong because it is racist, but it is also a special kind of racism because of its specificity, the history of the world, and the pervasiveness of it.
I don't know many Jews. I haven't lived in many places I could encounter many Jews.
I didn't care that much one way or the other for most of my life.
The Holocaust was history, and we'll make sure it never happens again, right?

But I started noticing what Israel was dealing with in the run up to the Liberation of Iraq in 2003.
Then I saw "Homocide", and it really opened my eyes of the threat environment Jews face on a regular basis.
The next major impact on my views was watching Man in the High Castle.
Not just how badly they were treated, but also the optimism of Mark Sampson.
I embraced his championing of "L'Chaim" (to Life).
Along the way, I began to notice or think of the fact that when people are intent on destroying liberty and imposing a totalitarian state, they usually start with demonizing Jews.
Likewise, when someone starts off hating/attacking Jews, they pretty much always end up embracing a totalitarian, anti-Liberty ideology.
But Jews are just people.
They don't form cabals...or, at least, not any more or less than people of any other race do.
They don't control the weather.
It's possible they dominate the Entertainment industry, or the news industry, or some other industry.

But *if* they do, it's because Jews have a culture that emphasizes education (not credentials or indoctrination), emphasizes success, emphasizes family, emphasizes hard work.
If you have any jealousy or resentment of Jews dominating any area, then YOU emphasize actual education in your own family. YOU push your kids to be doctors and lawyers. YOU guilt trip your kids for not making enough money or not working hard enough or not marrying smartly.
There are significant costs to success and a good life.
The people envious or resentful of Jews want a shortcut, aren't willing to make the sacrifices over *generations* to have the sort of success Jews have.
I believe this firmly. Don't come at with me with any other shit, because I will mock and block you.

Jews are just people, just like any other people.
But where they differ is their commitment to their heritage and culture, strong enough to survive 2000 years without a home.
That's worth our admiration, support, and tolerance for anything that might come across as arrogance or insularness (if that's a word, and the red line is telling me it isn't)
And one of the reasons I feel this strongly about the Jews *cultural* commitment to success is that the Chinese are very similar.
When Asian countries embrace totalitarian ideologies, first thing they go do is loot the Chinese-owned businesses.
East Asians, and specifically Chinese, apparently have the 2nd-highest average IQs in the world, if you are dumb enough to try to categorize by race.
Because families use guilt and pressure to push their kids to excel beyond all rational measures in school and work.
Like many Jews do.
But despite some anti-Asian violence by Democrat constituents over the last few years, none of it approaches the threat environment Jews face.
So that's what "Never Again-er" means in my bio.
I will defend Jews, no matter what.

I will use force to defend a Jew from words.
I will use deadly force to defend a Jew from physical force.
I will risk and if necessary, give, my life to try to defend a Jew from deadly force.
Dunno. I hope I didn’t veer too far into stereotypes on my attempt to explain why I hate antisemitism

It’s hard to talk about why you hate or admire any group without touching on generalizations that aren’t universally true.
And it really isn’t any better to stereotype positively than it is to stereotype negatively
But I do think there is an extra level of wrongness in antisemitism, and I tried to explain how I got here to maybe help others get here, too.
If that’s even necessary or helpful, dunno.
Anyway, I’m always open to good faith discussions or even corrections.

• • •

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Brainfertilizer's/Gitabushi's 4th Law:
Every insult/dis that leaves a mark on Leftists will become THE go-to insult for the Left to use within 6 months.

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At one point, someone responded to some stupid Leftist proposal saying "That won't work, because Math".
It became popular.
Then a few months later, Democrats/Leftists would criticize a tax cut or respond to some conservative criticism with "because math".
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Brainfertilizer's/Gitabushi's 3rd Law:
Tough Love is the only *TRUE* compassion

This one is kind of self-explanatory.
But I'll explain it anyway.
Any assistance is a crutch.
Any assistance makes it easier for people to stay in a bad situation.
Democrats talk about Compassion a lot. It is ALWAYS using your money in *their* name to buy votes.
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Brainfertilizer's/Gitabushi's 2nd Law:
Everyone is Progressive/Socialist about their Biggest Financial Worry.
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It deepened and strengthened when I saw "conservatives" talk somewhat happily about how they were going to spend their stimulus check.
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Brainfertilizer's/Gitabushi's 1st Law:
Happy People Don't Vote Democrat

I'm determined to get this one established as an Axiom that even television talking heads use.

It just makes so much sense.
The history of it started with reading someone's snark that Democrats sure do love poor people, that's why their policies make so many more of them.
Trying to make that snark more pithy, I thought about it a little bit more. I think about that time, I saw multiple references to Cloward-Piven strategy, where Progressives would try to flood welfare systems to make them collapse.
And then use the collapse to argue for Socialism.
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18 Nov
I have a bunch of new followers, so I'm going to start a series of (hopefully) shorter threads detailing some of the views/stances/paradigms that I think I've pioneered...or if not pioneered, helped expand and advance.
I will then come back and link them all under this tweet.
My attempt to introduce a new definition/view of the Left vs the Right:
I used to go by Brainfertilizer, and have a web presence with that "Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame".
Then I joined the Bushis and become Gitabushi. You can find some writings at pcbush.wordpress.com
My 1st Law:
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17 Nov
via @AndToddsaid read this.
Chock full of goodness. The only problem is it ends too soon.
@AndToddsaid One side note I think worth mentioning. And it *is* a side note, not even tangentially related to the point he's making.
He says, "Not only do I not love it, I don’t even hate it".

This is a subtle point, at least to me.
It took years and several explanations before my wife was able to get me to understand that when she says, "I hate you" in an argument, it just means "I love you" through the lens of anger.
It's still love, in a way. It's still as *close* and *intimate* as love.
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