Brainfertilizer's/Gitabushi's 4th Law:
Every insult/dis that leaves a mark on Leftists will become THE go-to insult for the Left to use within 6 months.

This one is too wordy, and kinda too stupid to be a law, but the applications of it matter enough to still explain.
At one point, someone responded to some stupid Leftist proposal saying "That won't work, because Math".
It became popular.
Then a few months later, Democrats/Leftists would criticize a tax cut or respond to some conservative criticism with "because math".
It took a few months before Democrats took up calling conservatives "snowflakes" and asking us if were "triggered" or telling us to "cry more".
It isn't universal.
I don't think they ever tried calling conservatives "NPCs", but probably because they *still* don't really understand how it mocks them.
But I think it reveals something about how Democrats/Progressives/The Left thinks.
Such as it is.
Remember Rush's old thing: "Words *mean* things."

Words don't mean things to the Left. They think very simply. Bumper sticker mentality. Orwell got it right with "Double Plus Ungood Wrongthink"
Every descriptor is understood as a synonym of "good" or "bad"
That's why "Everyone I hate is Literally Hitler".
Or Fascist.
Or Racist.

These are unquestionably bad things. Anyone they don't like is unquestionably bad.
Ergo, they are these bad things.
That's how they can say, with a straight face, that if you think Antifa is a bunch of thugs, you are a fascist. Because their name says they are Anti-Fascist, so the only possible reason you could dislike them is if you are fascist.
So you respond to some innumeracy on their part by saying "Because Math" and they don't know what to say.
Most of them will literally have a difficult time processing it.

Until it gets used on them enough that they see it as mocking them.
Then they think it just means [mocking].
@AndToddsaid and I had some great conversations about the way the Left thinks under my old account (of the same name as my current one) that I nuked. All my tweets from then are lost.
I think he captured some of the conversations on his blog and posts them...
@AndToddsaid But it started with Todd saying "The Left can't discern".
Because not one Leftist was able to recognize that Trump's infamous "Grab them by" conversation was a hypothetical, not a confession.
@AndToddsaid You can see it regarding Kyle Rittenhouse, where the Left can't discern between self defense and going out intending to kill.
Or being unable to discern between the deterrence of open carry and a threat.
@AndToddsaid They can't discern between an unconstitutional mandate that forces you to wear a mask or a constitutional mandate that *bans* mask mandates.
But then I countered with examples of the Left discerning, like when they discerned that Bill Clinton's lying under oath was okay because it was only lying about getting caught regarding sex, which anyone would do.
And he responded with the observation that the Left isn't *allowed* to discern, unless it justifies them in some way.

I still wasn't satisfied, and we argued and discussed over a few days.
And what we kind of ended up with is that the Left has a combination of mental simplicity and mental complexity to flip whatever way they need to be to be right, and for their opponents to be wrong.
The Left reasons, such as it is, from two starting points:
They are correct, and virtuous, and righteous, and anyone who opposes them is wrong, and bad, and evil.

And whatever *must* be true for those two assertions to be satisfied *is* true.
If it is *possible* that Trump colluded with Russian agents to win the election, then it isn't necessary to actually *prove* it. It simply *must* be true, because that confirms that Republicans wrong, bad, and evil.
Along with this, it is important to remember that Leftists really don't understand how the world works. That's why they majored in humanities. If they understood math and circuits and such, they would have gone into STEM.
And one weakness of our entire education system is we like to teach through "gotchas".
As in, "Oh, you poor child, you think you know what's going on in the world, well, THIS story shows that what seems to be true, isn't."
It's an attempt to teach critical thinking.
It doesn't.
I remember in the 4th or 5th grade, the teacher told a story about a guy stumbling up to a security guard, apparently drunk.
And then she stopped, and we were supposed to finish the story.
I was precocious enough to know she wouldn't tell us to finish this story if it were what it seemed, so I wrote about him being sick.
Sure enough, he had a collapsed lung.
And I got pats on the head for my "critical thinking", which was really just seeing the obvious twist.
I see it in my son, too, who was a very good student.

The idea is that, as Morgan Freeman says in "The Big Bounce":
Some things are exactly what they seem. *Some* things.
That just plants the seed (as it was intended in the movie) to make you think that most things *aren't* what they seem.

Except that in reality, most things *are* what they seem.
We shouldn't always look for twists.
I can't draw a straight line from this to the next point, but I'm convinced that it is this sort of "education" that leaves Leftists confused to the point that they really think perception *is* reality.
So that if they can control perception, they can control reality.
You see this in Virginia, where Leftists are *still* happy to explain to you that parents are stupid for thinking CRT was/is being taught in schools.

Like they can automatically get back those votes and have McAuliffe win if they just prove parents were wrong.
You see it in Biden's Press Secretary insisting that inflation is just because people have more money to buy things.
That supply chain breakdowns are the sign of the hottest economy since Obama's.

It's nonsense. But if enough people believe it's real...then it is?
This is one of the reasons Democrats are convinced you are evil.

Socialism doesn't fail because it completely goes against every aspect of human nature *and* the math doesn't, it fails because YOU criticize it.
They were really very angry at us for pointing out Obamacare's flaws and problems and malfunctions.
WE were causing people to die, because we weren't on board. Not their incompetence, or the lack of a workable plan.
No, we caused it to fail through doubt and criticism.
This is actually why they hate the unvaccinated so much. How they can say not being vaccinated negates or nullifies theirs.
Because if EVERYONE did it, of COURSE we'd have herd immunity. We don't because of YOU STUPID HOLDOUTS RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE.
The Left really *does* believe that Tinkerbell will die unless everyone claps.
Why aren't you clapping???? Why do you want Tinkerbell to die, you murderer??!???
You *caused* Obama to preside over the worst economic recovery in history because you *wanted* him to fail at federal government overreach.
Your wanting him to fail at implementing Socialism caused millions of people to lose the doctor and plan they loved.
Oh, and while your doubt caused the slowest economic recovery in American history when they can blame you for it, it was also the best economic recovery in history when they want to praise Obama.
Both are true, as needed, to whatever lets them be right and you be wrong and evil.
This makes debating with them in good faith nearly impossible.

On the other hand, this is why I've developed my long-winded style: I just type my reasoning, with the smallest possible logical steps, and ignore responses until I'm done.
It hammers them with logic they can't twist
It doesn't always work, but I've actually converted a few to leave the Leftist world.
Anyway, that's how the Leftist mind works.
Such as it is.
I think this is also why the Left can't meme.

Because a meme is a clever juxtaposition of concepts (usually a picture with words) that shows a connection that isn't immediately obvious.
But the Left already *thinks* (such as it is) in connections that aren't immediately obvious.
Like "Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy".

For them, black = white is already obvious if that's what is necessary for them to be right and the right to be wrong.
So the only way they can meme is to show how smart they were to see a connection.
Which requires a LOT of explaining.
Which is even more torturous when words don't really have any meaning except synonyms of
Double Plus
Every Leftist meme just boils down to:
Me = smart wonderful
People I hate = stupid bad

Just with about 300 more words than that.
Current example of the Left not being allowed to discern as part of believing whatever is necessary to confirm the Left is wonderful and the Right is icky bad stupid people:

• • •

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