Very few things move deals forward.

One of those things is Pain.

No Pain = No Sale

Here’s a thread on how to:

✅ Be Chad level prepared for your calls
✅ Follow The Pain Map to properly position yourself to win the deal
Knowing your prospects Pain better than they do is how we display extreme Competence.

You start by listing as many surface level problems you can come up with

Then go to Level 2 and come up with as many IMPACTS on their biz you can think of for EACH Level 1 pain:
Then you move to Level 3, Personal Pain

Think about what the prospect is FEELING about their unresolved challenges.

Think about their inner dialogue. What words are they using/emotions are they experiencing?

Then move to Causes. What do YOU think/know is causing the pain?
Done? Good. Now repeat this process until you get about 3-4 Level 1 Pains.

Now you’re better prepared than 99% of your competition AND you’ll be able to adopt a Doctors mannerisms with more ease because of your preparation.

Now how do we diagnose Pain on the call?
Introducing, The Pain Map

This is your map to the treasure

You start with Level 1. This is where Clowns start selling 🤡

Not you though

You DONT proceed to the next Level until you have gotten the required info in the current Level

Here’s what should look like by the end:
By the time you get to the end they WILL be PRIMED and READY to discuss desired outcomes and how your solution will help them get there.

• • •

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23 Nov
Let’s talk about the Cold Call

The purpose of the cold call is to sell the discovery meeting. That’s it.

How do you go about it?

You can use the 2 scripts in this thread and I’ll share what makes them so powerful

Here we go.. Image
Humans are pattern recognition machines.

The brain creates heuristics (shortcuts) to allow us to make quick decisions and conserve brain power

The underlined text is a Pattern Interrupt.

The brutal honesty disarms the prospect & gives you an opening to continue Image
Cold calls shouldn’t be longer than a couple minutes. Rarely will you do deeper discovery here.

Every minute counts, so the Pattern Interrupt “buys” us time to plow forward

It’s also incredible at getting attention and arousing curiosity
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22 Nov
When I talk about being the Prize, what do i mean by this?

Prizing yourself is the art of using the right associations to increase your appeal/attractiveness to prospects.

Here’s a few examples

First one is in a job interview. Notice how the 🤡 answers vs how a Chad answers: Image
The Clown makes his response all about how great the company and opportunity is.

The Chad makes his response all about his traits which make him a perfect candidate for the role

Let’s dive deeper:
Associations are a core component of the Human psyche.

Everything we experience in day to day life forms connections in our mind.

Those connections then make new connections when we experience new stimuli

So when you *say* & do the right things, magical things happen: Image
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19 Nov
Alright so I did a sales call review yesterday with an anon.

I’ll do a deep dive into what he did right and most importantly, wrong and how he could have dramatically improved the call.

A thread 👇🏼
Context: he sells listings on an online marketplace

This should have been a layup because he had a referral but instead he made his job harder due to incompetence
So right off the bat - the guy answers the phone:

“This is Mark” *heavy breathing into the phone after saying that*

1) His full name is Marcus
2) Heavy breathing

2 indicators the DM was stressed for whatever reason (personal, busy/in middle of things, etc)
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18 Nov
If I had a great product and had to break into a new territory, first thing i would do is pit my prospects against their competitors

I would do that by reaching out to all of them and name drop their fiercest competitors

That would get me the meeting

before the meeting, I would brainstorm 10 ideas and ways i can make an impact on their business

I would only reveal a few ideas in the meeting and But make it seem like I just came up with them on the spot (massively raising my perceived Competence)

when their interest and curiosity levels are high enough i’ll end the meeting sooner than expected and on my terms aka

“Lots to think about here. If i’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure we’re the right fit let me sleep on it and get back to you in a few days”
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17 Nov
I was tasked recently to get funding from a large corp for a dying SaaS

We walked away securing a clean ~$1.4M in funding

Some thoughts / lessons on the experience 👇🏼
Pitching to the C suite of a multi billion dollar org is just a completely different game

At the top the conversations are even more:

1) Simple
2) Big picture
3) Concise

Competency at that level is a different world compared to selling SaaS to VP’s

Apples to oranges
They were ~20 min late for the meeting

This is a Sh*t test & to be expected. When selling to corporate C suite you just can’t do much in this situation. We had one bite at the apple so we had to wait it out.

Tension increased as time passed so we kept busy by shooting the shit
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16 Nov
“Chad, how do I ask the right questions in the right order in order to win the deal?”

Good question!

Here is my Chad Questioning Framework

🤑 See which questions are the right ones to ask
🤡 and see which questions NOT to ask

A crash course (thread) 👇🏼
So in order to fully understand what a Chad questioning framework looks like, we need to first look at what a 🤡 does!

Introducing, the 🤡’s Questions:
These questions are terrible for a few reasons:

1) Shows incompetence (the opposite of a Competent Chad Salesman)

2) Only goes surface level in regards to the Prospects Pain

3) In a rush to show the product

4) “Do you want a proposal?” Proposals are deal killers. Few.
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