Women are many of the clearest voices fighting the fascist turn. @anelsona @NancyMacLean5 @JaneMayerNYer @MoniqueCamarra @CatherineBelton @EmmaLBriant @ruthbenghiat @Heidi_Cuda @anneapplebaum @mashagessen @sarahkendzior are some, off the top of my head. Who else do you follow?
Yes, @carolecadwalla is a great friend and a pioneer!
Also add @amandarivkin for a great overview of geopolitical news and culture that matters.
Add @sjnrth @bodaceacat too!
Oh, and I mustn’t forget @NovelSci who is doing important original research daily! Thank you Rosalie!
And also we must thank @jzikah who has been turning out amazing graphic explainers on a wide range of important (and sometimes obscure/complex) subjects!

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23 Nov
1/Thiel, HRF, Musk, Putin, Flynn are synchronized not necessarily because of explicit coordination but because of interest alignment and network influence, according to two sources close to these networks I spoke with yesterday.
2/The idea of crashing the dollar, defaulting on US debt, shifting oil transactions away from the dollar as the world reserve currency, is something of a libertarian fantasy trope, an archetypal myth that would validate Austrian School theory, and thus becomes a myth, a legend.
3/This trope thus becomes the morality play at the heart of every doomsday tale: the moment when the truth is revealed, society collapses and must atone for its profligate spending and moral sins, and the weak (“fiat”) heretics are separated from the pure (“gold”) believers.
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23 Nov
🧵Let’s take a minute to look at what’s going in the right direction…

a) looking increasingly likely @LeaderMcConnell will push to raise the debt ceiling as he knows he must,

b) Nordstream 2 is facing delays and sanctions,

c) cryptocurrencies are receiving increased scrutiny,
d) BTC price is down 17% from its recent peak, tamping froth in the space,

e) inflation hype is being exposed as a disinformation campaign,

f) Flynn has exposed his plan to try to use financial collapse as an authoritarian weapon,

g) supply-chain issues gradually easing,
h) booster shots are available for all US adults, helping accelerate recovery,

i) China getting lots of signals that going after Taiwan right now is probably not in its interests, threatens Olympics (further),

j) consumer demand and financial markets are strong.
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21 Nov
The Human Rights Foundation @HRF is being used to advance a plan to crash the global economy and drive assets into cryptocurrencies.

This is a pump and dump on a global scale, hiding behind “human rights” with positions functionally indistinguishable from the John Birch Society.
Alex Gladstein, the @HRF’s Chief Strategy Officer, has become increasingly visible in recent weeks, like an internet whack-a-mole, offering to debate anyone who critiques cryptocurrency.

He argues that crypto helps individuals subvert dictators, a somewhat valid claim. However…
He also asserts that fact means it also should be brought into widespread use in pluralistic democracies with advanced monetary systems, such as the US and EU.

This is a fascist position. To understand that, one needs to go back to the 1930’s…
Read 25 tweets
20 Nov
Bottom line: Peter Thiel and Elon Musk have allied with Putin and oil/gas interests to try to undermine the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, in a fascist bid to destroy the US and EU administrative states.

Pick a side.
This intel assessment was developed early this year. Sharing now publicly because it’s becoming a more acute situation.
The corollary to this is that oil/gas interests see undermining states as their surest path towards avoiding both regulation and competition from renewables.
Read 19 tweets
20 Nov
This is a key quote to consider when thinking about cryptocurrencies. And I recommend reading this book, as it offers key insights about what is happening right now. Pay attention. ‼️
The goal of fascism is to keep control of capital and money with private interests and industry, thus enabling that sector to gain control of, subjugate, and even eliminate the state.

Cryptocurrencies serve fascist aims.
Anybody who tells you differently is a fool, a liar, or both. Stand strong, we will be dealing with this issue daily for a long time.
Read 10 tweets
19 Nov
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts understand their views are well-aligned with those of the John Birch Society, the World Anti-Communist League, the Moonies, and the Council for National Policy?
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts understand that the Council for National Policy planned and executed the January 6th insurrection?
What percentage of crypto enthusiasts are sympathetic to the goals of the January 6th insurrectionists?
Read 11 tweets

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