1/Thiel, HRF, Musk, Putin, Flynn are synchronized not necessarily because of explicit coordination but because of interest alignment and network influence, according to two sources close to these networks I spoke with yesterday.
2/The idea of crashing the dollar, defaulting on US debt, shifting oil transactions away from the dollar as the world reserve currency, is something of a libertarian fantasy trope, an archetypal myth that would validate Austrian School theory, and thus becomes a myth, a legend.
3/This trope thus becomes the morality play at the heart of every doomsday tale: the moment when the truth is revealed, society collapses and must atone for its profligate spending and moral sins, and the weak (“fiat”) heretics are separated from the pure (“gold”) believers.
4/This also sounds like apocalyptic Christianity and UFO cults. This isn’t a coincidence. This in-group/out-group sorting is the cathartic, near orgasmic fantasy that lives at the end of every purity cult. The fact the gold/UFO/Christian purity cults have merged isn’t surprising.
5/The gravitational draw of this meme has provided a swath of groups from the people I named above to CNP and JBS a common narrative, a “Schelling Point” for coordinated action, which due to world events (pandemic; inflation fears; global tensions; disinfo) are synchronized.
6/The danger of this specific moment is the confluence of all of these actors pulling in the same direction. I also am told that Thiel and Musk are engaged in a bit of a pissing contest, to see who can be the bigger “John Galt” in the world of libertarian fantasy.
7/Steve Bannon, meanwhile, has been doing what he can to try to egg these players on, and inject deep geopolitical thinking from people like Dugin. His activities may be somewhat curtailed now; we’ll see. Coordinated activity between these actors and Russia/China is dangerous.
8/On Saturday my danger reading (out of 10) was about 8, and today is about 7. McConnell is making noise about passing debt ceiling limit increase; info from staffers confirms that. Bannon is being watched. BTC is falling. All good indicators, for now.
9/The fact that HRF/Gladstein has gone into overdrive is of concern. HRF does seem to be a Thiel-controlled entity at this point, and the sudden acceleration of its BTC activity suggests some kind of desire for near term confrontation. That’s worth keeping an eye on.
10/Thiel moving to DC (buying Wilbur Ross’ house) suggests he is looking ahead to when Blake Masters and/or JD Vance win Senate seats and Thiel can oversee them and their networks more closely. That is also of concern.
11/Sinema appears to be owned by crypto and MLM interests, and Manchin is taking coal/Koch money. They are not reliable D votes in the least. So that also needs to be taken into account. However, if we can get through the next two or three months, there is cause for optimism.
12/Supply chain issues are improving daily, which will remove inflation from headlines and will dismantle the trigger for the “dollar collapse fantasy” playbook, and attendant authoritarian/martial law/purity cult cleanup myth. Once that bogeyman is extinguished…
13/it will be easier to put in place the checks and regulations that can deflate predatory activity in the crypto space. There is also an ongoing DOJ investigation of Tether, which is propping up BTC and other assets artificially, according to many. That just needs more time.
We see this reflected in the current crypto cult in the form of “NGMI” (not gonna make it) and “GMI” (gonna make it) — separating the wheat from the chaff, just as in the Biblical stories.
This video from Porter Stansberry (part of this libertarian network) describes these circumstances: inflation, debt default, end of dollar as reserve currency, rioting, prepping food/water.

It is from 2011. This is the archetypal libertarian fantasy.

14/So, hang tight: good things are on the way. 1) pass the debt ceiling raise, 2) get a booster so we can get past the pandemic, 3) ignore the inflation disinfo. If we can make it through the end of the year, we can likely push past this very dark moment.
15/If you have more good intel on this set of situations, please contact me via email at this username at gmail, or via DM (open). Have a great holiday, all. We have so much to be thankful for, despite… <gestures at 🌎 >. 🙏🏼

• • •

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More from @davetroy

24 Nov
Please refer to these points when evaluating rhetoric coming from cryptocurrency and NFT cults. Once you see them as markers of cult behavior, they're easy to call out.

#1 "Crypto spaces" create safe spaces where participants can "help" each other and build social bonds. These spaces are imbued with "love" and "constructive energy" that enable people to "build" and "learn together about what works."
#2 Certain actors in the space are imbued with mystical energy or properties, say a Saylor, Dorsey, Musk, Thiel, or Novogratz. Their prognostications are watched closely, and when they are right, they are assigned prescience and respect. They signify a top of a hierarchy.
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24 Nov
1/Apocalyptic Christianity.
Gold Standard.
John Birch Society.
Silver hoarding.
UFO Cults.

All share one common narrative…
2/An impure out-group has imposed its will (and DNA) on an oppressed in-group, cast as a victim, and a minority remnant of a lost faith.

The day will come when the evildoers are judged for their sins; there will be chaos; the wheat shall be separated from the chaff.
3/This narrative is what glues the JBS right together.

In-groups: “Christians,” gold-bugs, mystics, skeptics, crypto, rural nationalists, eugenicists, preppers

Out-groups: Fed. Reserve, “Jews,” science, establishment, universities, elites, banks, “Wall Street,” intl globalists
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23 Nov
🧵Let’s take a minute to look at what’s going in the right direction…

a) looking increasingly likely @LeaderMcConnell will push to raise the debt ceiling as he knows he must,

b) Nordstream 2 is facing delays and sanctions,

c) cryptocurrencies are receiving increased scrutiny,
d) BTC price is down 17% from its recent peak, tamping froth in the space,

e) inflation hype is being exposed as a disinformation campaign,

f) Flynn has exposed his plan to try to use financial collapse as an authoritarian weapon,

g) supply-chain issues gradually easing,
h) booster shots are available for all US adults, helping accelerate recovery,

i) China getting lots of signals that going after Taiwan right now is probably not in its interests, threatens Olympics (further),

j) consumer demand and financial markets are strong.
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22 Nov
Women are many of the clearest voices fighting the fascist turn. @anelsona @NancyMacLean5 @JaneMayerNYer @MoniqueCamarra @CatherineBelton @EmmaLBriant @ruthbenghiat @Heidi_Cuda @anneapplebaum @mashagessen @sarahkendzior are some, off the top of my head. Who else do you follow?
Yes, @carolecadwalla is a great friend and a pioneer!
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21 Nov
The Human Rights Foundation @HRF is being used to advance a plan to crash the global economy and drive assets into cryptocurrencies.

This is a pump and dump on a global scale, hiding behind “human rights” with positions functionally indistinguishable from the John Birch Society.
Alex Gladstein, the @HRF’s Chief Strategy Officer, has become increasingly visible in recent weeks, like an internet whack-a-mole, offering to debate anyone who critiques cryptocurrency.

He argues that crypto helps individuals subvert dictators, a somewhat valid claim. However…
He also asserts that fact means it also should be brought into widespread use in pluralistic democracies with advanced monetary systems, such as the US and EU.

This is a fascist position. To understand that, one needs to go back to the 1930’s…
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20 Nov
Bottom line: Peter Thiel and Elon Musk have allied with Putin and oil/gas interests to try to undermine the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, in a fascist bid to destroy the US and EU administrative states.

Pick a side.
This intel assessment was developed early this year. Sharing now publicly because it’s becoming a more acute situation.
The corollary to this is that oil/gas interests see undermining states as their surest path towards avoiding both regulation and competition from renewables.
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