It is extremely difficult to spot psychopaths becuase they don't feel empathy.

They have no conscience, or feeling that they are doing something wrong.

Therefore bad intentions aren't perceived as bad intentions, and their inner world isn't affected.
I doubt it if you will feel a bad vibe about them.

You will look into their eyes and they won't seem soulless or weird, because their psychology isn't negative to them, just to us.

They are mentally unaffected.

And the real danger is in how charming it makes them...
Because they only care about their interest. They don't care about what others think.

If they want to get closer to you, they will easily charm you.

They are smart, extremely confident, socially savvy, and likable.

If you sit together and have a conversation...
You will forget that they are psychopaths for a long moment, because of how well they socialize, how well they manage to manipulate you, persuade you into their frame.

You can't spot them.

The vibe will not feel off.

The eyes look genuine.

The personality is charming.
Just something to keep in mind...

Because I see myself as someone who can read people fast and notice the vibe.

But I try to spot something when I see these individuals talk, or by looking at their physiology... I don't see a thing out of ordinary.
They are a small percentage of the population, but they can be closer to you physically than you think.

They fit in every environment depending on their interest.

So be careful of even the most charming individuals.

Be prepared for every scenario as much as possible.
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24 Nov
People react to you based on how you train them to, many times.

Sounds weird but bare with me.

Each person has a perception of you in their mind.

This perception is based on habits, how they usually perceive you.

If you help people a lot, they'll think that you're nice.
If you make fun of them a lot, they'll think that you are not that nice.

If every time they see you you'll have friends around you, they'll think that you're socially savvy or well connected.

Does it mean that you are any of these things? Not necessarily.
They see a part of you, and make it 100% of your self image.

I first realized this when I was in a training camp with new people I didn't know at all.

I made a lot of jokes, had fun, and made people laugh in general.
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21 Jun 20
"How do I feel happy?"

Lets break down the physical and the mental.

▪️ Physical

Happiness needs to be earned.

It is earned with correct actions that build your self esteem.
Examples: exercising, eating healthy, making money, helping others, overcoming fear, socializing etc...

Any type of action that helps you to progress will build your self esteem and you'll be rewarded with happiness.
The problem is, people focus on the emotion - feeling good.

The brain loves searching for the fastest and easiest way to achieve it's goal.

The easiest and fastest ways are things that make you feel good for a short period of time; junk food, TV, video games, alcohol, drugs...
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29 Apr 20
Here's a story I absolutely love, about how Thomas Edison's mom changed his self image. By doing so, she changed the whole world.

This is quoted, not written:

"One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother...
He told her, “My teacher gave this paper to me and told me to only give it to my mother.”

     His mother’s eyes were tearful as she read the letter out loud to her child:
'Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself.'

After Edison’s mother died and he was now one of the greatest inventors of the century, one day he was looking through old family things.
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1 Apr 20
If you struggle with procrastination, you need to understand what's causing it and how to overcome it.

Procrastination isn't a lack of discipline.

You are 100% disciplined to your current behavior.

Procrastination is a freeze response, caused by a fear signal.

Fear signal is released when the stress response system in your brain is activated.

The stress response system is activated when one or both things happen:
1. When the subconscious mind recognizes a potential pain or danger that can happen as a result of performing the task.

2. When the subconscious mind sees the task as a waste of energy (outside of the comfort zone, not a habitual pattern).
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11 Feb 20
While trying to visualize a goal, a lot of people struggle to imagine it or feel the feeling like you already achieved it.

What you should do, is take an experience from the past and remember how it made you feel.

Examples 👇🏻
Goal: "Be confident."

Practice: go back to a moment from your past in which you felt confident. We all have at least one moment.

Imagine the experience like you are reliving it right now and really feel the emotion of confidence.

Goal: "Win my boxing match."
Practice: We all experienced success at least once. No matter how small or big.

Take one experience of success that you are most proud of.

Relive the moment, remember the place, vibe, people around you, how you felt...

Really let yourself feel that winning feeling.
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8 Feb 20
Get your copy of "Overcome Procrastination".

If you:

- Think you are lazy
- Unmotivated
- Waste time
- Struggle to "just do it"
- Overwhelmed/ stressed
- Afraid
- Stuck
- Don't know how to change

This guide is for you. Scroll down to see a preview 👇🏻
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