When a major storm hits, it takes time to rebuild—even without people actively working to undermine the rebuilding efforts. All of this starts with the foundations, with making sure the structure is sound to support everything else that has to rise up around it.
Getting DeJoy out matters, and everyone crying out for his removal was right to do so. But removing him the right way, following the rules in place, matters. We want to (and must) undo the damage of today’s GOP, but rushing through the process and cutting corners is dangerous.
The infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better package are fantastic metaphors for all of this. These are focused on creating better structures for this nation and its citizens. It’s not sexy, but it’s creating a stronger American foundation than we had before the storm.
There are times the pace at which things are moving drives me nuts. We live in a world of instant gratification, and the former president fed that expectation in all the worst ways. But after years of wanton destruction, it will take time—and it is worth it to get it right.

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23 Nov
As the GOP claims it is fighting for “freedom,” it’s worth noting that everything they put out there is about either taking something away or refusing to provide something. Let’s take a look. (Thread)
Their notion of parental freedom in education involves removing books and ideas from the classroom. Some parents don’t want their kids to understand that LGBTQ people are real, or that slavery existed and was a blight on humanity. So they want to take it away from everyone.
Their idea of “voting rights” is freedom for GOP state legislatures to make it harder to vote, and reduce to a minimum the impact of some people’s votes.
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22 Nov
The cold, hard truth of the matter: not one politician or media personality creating or spreading posts supporting Kyle Rittenhouse gives a damn about Kyle Rittenhouse. He killed two people, wounded another, and became a pawn. If he was guilty, they’d gleefully make him a martyr.
Since he was found not guilty, he becomes a “win” for those calling themselves “conservative,” a tool for people who elevate the right of white conservatives to shoot people above the value of human life. For those enemies, foreign and domestic, who seek to divide a country.
These enemies of America, be they Russia and China or Tucker Carlson and Jim Jordan, used a dumb, broken teenager to help themselves, with something between malicious delight and callous disregard for the further weakening of the bonds between our citizens.
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18 Oct
As various media outlets report breathlessly on a Biden White House mired in a multitude of “crises,” it’s worth taking a step back to look at the nation he took over and the tasks ahead. We should hold him accountable, but that accounting should be more than a current snapshot.
I have often talked about Biden’s initial task as being that of Janitor-in-Chief, cleaning up messes first, but it’s more than that. As he works to lift the nation up, the prior administration’s incompetence and sabotage mean he has to climb from some steep deficits.
The budget deficit is one layer. Trump and the GOP Congress with which he started not only failed to do anything for the nation, but cut deeply into national revenues by cutting taxes—specifically, for those who could most afford to pay them. The national debt ballooned.
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16 Oct
This is a great example of the problems of conflating religious beliefs with political parties. The FRC and similar groups are mere political organizations. However they may have once seen themselves, they are using politics for fiscal gain.

I support anyone’s right to practice religion—be if Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or whatever. If your spirituality brings peace to your soul, that is a positive for you and for the world around you. But this political religiosity operation is not that.
“Locking arms” with any political group takes away from a spirit-based life. If your religion teaches you all life is sacred, I don’t see how you can oppose gun regulation, women’s rights, human rights, or naked power grabs to marginalize some people and elevate others.
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4 Sep
Friday night limericks go out tonight to the always concerned @SenatorCollins:

Susan Collins would have us believe
She’s a moderate-leaning reprieve.
When she gives her next speech
She’ll bemoan and beseech—
And continue her drive to deceive.
Susan claimed she would help protect Roe
Against every faux “right to life” foe.
But when Kavanaugh cried,
And then shouted and lied,
She eschewed right to put on a show.

Of course, Kavanaugh said if confirmed,
It’s a precedent double-affirmed.
So is Collins a fool,
Or a GOP tool?
It’s no wonder the senator squirmed.

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2 Sep
Reading through the opinions on the Texas abortion law case is a disheartening exercise. The majority opinion is unsigned—and understandably so. I wouldn’t want to put my name on that either. The dissents, on the other hand, all raise good points.

The opinion is careful to say it is not ruling on constitutionality, and claims the law may never be enforced. It does not make a good case for letting an unconstitutional law go into effect because of this. It’s strained, dodgy, and generally feels like Kavanaugh wrote it.
Not Necessarily But Probably Kavanaugh makes the point that since Texas doesn’t enforce the law, instead delegating it, the State can’t be enjoined. That is the point of assaulting women’s rights by mob rather than by criminal code, and apparently the majority is cool with that.
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