1/ Funny to see all the hate from ETH maxis recently.

Their time would be better spent trying to convince users to move from Ethereum L1 to Rollups rather than attack other L1s. If they can't do that with $100+ gas fees then what does that say about the current state of rollups?
2/ "Your chain is centralised"

Avalanche doesn't compromise on decentralisation, has over 1100 validators, & its breakthrough consensus can scale the active validator set rather than limited to a small number of validators/ committee & sub second finality
3/ Meanwhile Rollups are centralised currently, permissioned networks with a single sequencer, have admin keys with a promise to decentralise later. What happened to not compromising on decentralisation? Especially dangerous considering the increased scrutiny from regulators
4/ All EVM Chains are limited by state growth, this is the same for EVM rollups like Arbitrum, Optimism etc. A single rollup provides no performance increase over L1 Ethereum without compromising decentralisation.

5/ If all the transactions from Ethereum moved to an Arbirtum rollup you would have the same high gas fees on the Arbitrum rollup. Rollups scale my running many rollups in parallel, but this further fragments the ecosystem / breaks composability, as does multiple L1s.
6/ ZKRollups are more promising than Optimistic rollups, but still the tech is unproven, doesn't have full EVM support, high compute cost to calculate proofs and still slower finality than some L1s (from anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours compared to 1 week with optimistic)
7/ Avalanche is 14 months since mainnet, we are just scratching the surface of its potential currently and AvalancheV2, subnets, pruning and many other upgrades to come. It's pointless comparing the current state of Avalanche to 5 + years later with another project.
8/ Rollups are not specific to Ethereum, they can work on any EVM chain. Avalanche's fast finality, ability to support a large validator set and horizontal scalability through subnets make it a great platform for rollups as well as other L1s.
9/ There is not one single solution for every use case though. Some solutions may not need high security & want zero gas fees with an application specific blockchain, enterprises may have strict requirements for who can run a validator due to compliance reasons,
10/ others may need that fast finality that rollups can't provide. Others may not want a small number of people controlling an admin key with the ability to deploy a malicious contract upgrade for the rollup and steal the funds and prefer to deploy on L1 instead.
11/ Avalanche provides a highly customisable platform for any use case / tech. Whether that be ZKRollups using DA on the primary subnet / many other subnets specifically designed that have been optimised for high throughput DA rather than a slow L1 to start with.
12/ Some with higher security and more expensive, some with lower security and cheaper fees. Whether that be application specific blockchains that don't need high security and want the cheapest fees / lowest latency without waiting for proofs.
13/ Whether that be a subnet with 1 chain, or many blockchains within a single subnet providing shared security or Enterprises needing permissioned blockchains, regulatory compliant subnets requiring validators hold a certain license or be located within a certain jurisdiction
14/ The ability to use any custom VM - EVM, WASM, AVM, Privacy VM etc, whether they want a DAG or a linear blockchain, Layer1, Layer2, permissioned, semi-permissionless or permissionless, it doesn't matter, the choice is theirs.
15/ And they get to plug in Avalanche consensus to benefit from the high throughput, sub second finality and ability to scale to millions of validators and not compromise on decentralisation.
16/ This whole space is still incredibly early, the technology continues to advance at a blistering pace, thanks to healthy competition between different L1s and L2s and the consumer wins with more choice.
17/ Ethereum is currently overloaded,without other L1s taking load off Ethereum, just think how cost prohibitive it would be then. Stifling innovation, unable to afford to deploy smart contracts, or fail to attract the vast number of users that have recently discovered crypto
18/Yes people get upset when another token price goes up and there's doesn't, but just think of the bigger picture.

The true fight is about blockchain vs everything else.

• • •

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20 Nov
Deloitte, the largest professional services firm in the world, spanning 150 countries & 20K professionals, provide consultancy & delivering solutions for enterprises, including 90% of the Fortune 500

This is not only a big partnership, but one that will enable exponentially more
2/ It can be difficult to grasp the scope of Avalanche. Even the incredible growth seen on the community side, this is still only the C-Chain, just 1 blockchain in 1 of an infinite number of subnets that are possible, Want a Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Doge etc subnet?
3/ Avalanche provides a scalable highly customisable platform whether that be new innovative tech with the ability to use any custom VM - maybe x86 VM, Privacy VM, WASM, High throughput subnets, subnets designed for data availability / ZKRollups, Regulatory compliant subnets,
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4 Nov
The Layer 1 that people are sleeping on:
✅Upcoming incentive program
✅The 1st Derivatives DEX on Cosmos
✅The 1st Central Limit Order Book DEX on Cosmos
✅One of the first EVM compatible chains on Cosmos
✅Zero Gas Fees
✅IBC Interoperability to $ATOM, $LUNA, $OSMO, $BAND

✅Bridge to Ethereum and partnered with all the main L1s with more bridges to follow
✅Fully decentralised with everything through governance
✅Front Running Resistant
✅Trade any asset - Crypto, Commodities, Equities, Forex

✅Ability to easily create your own customised DEX for institutions or retail and share liquidity through relayers
✅Incredible feedback loops - More Relayers / DEXs / Customised protocols leads to more liquidity / Volume / Users > Attracts more relayers / DEXs for fees.

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30 Sep
1/ New Interoperability proposal for universal payment channels from Visa with multiple references to Open Digital Asset Protocol (ODAP), a protocol that Quant are collaborating with MIT, US Government, Intel, Juniper, Payment companies and Telecom companies on 👀

2/ "We've also met with payment providers, cloud providers and financial services organisations. They see the huge value of having OVN gateways to access new markets and clients and allow the OVN ecosystem across to their internal blockchains, resources and digital assets."
3/ "We're talking with one of the largest software companies in the world who want OVL Gateways to create an inter-bank network for all their financial services clients and connecting them all through their gateway to the OVN."
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10 Sep
1/ Oracle, the 2nd largest software provider in the world is working with partners on numerous Central Bank Digital Currency implementations.

I wonder who could have partnered with them? 🤔


2/ The above video is from a recent demonstration with Oracle showing how Quant's technology can be used to tokenise assets on Hyperledger Fabric / Oracle Blockchain as well as interoperate with other blockchains.
3/ Quant are one of three Fintech Partners to deliver financial services infrastructure (Quant, Hacera and R3)

Quant are enabling #interoperability of DLTs to deliver mission-critical business applications and workloads for FS clients. ImageImage
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5 Sep
1/ #Avalanche Rush has barely even begun yet and looks set for exponential growth over the coming months

With Major DeFi Blue Chip Protocols about to launch, $10 Billion+ Dollar Asset classes, Trillion dollar markets, Exchange Listings, Subnets & more

Have you bridged yet?
2/ Currently only @BenqiFinance incentives are live on Avalanche Rush and within 2 weeks since launching it has more attracted more than $2 Billion TVL 👀

That is more than Fantom, Cosmos Hub, Tezos, NEO, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Optimism & Arbitrum COMBINED 🤯
3/ The program has barely started yet
Incentives used: Less than $1 Million
Incentives to go: $469 Million
$AVAX Price: 3x in 3 weeks

With Many DeFi Blue Chips soon to go live
@AaveAave @CurveFinance @SushiSwap @paraswap @yayprotocol @AvalaunchApp @pangolindex and more to follow
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2 Sep
1/ Solana is good and all, but it also has its disadvantages / inflated metrics which very few people seem to talk about. In addition to the answers given to @RyanSAdams and @TrustlessState I would also add the following 👇
2/ Whilst everyone talks about the high specifications of buying and running a machine (24 cores, 128 GB Memory, 2 TB NVMe, 1 GB Network and high end graphics card) many don't realise that Solana is the only blockchain that does consensus votes on chain)
3/ Up to 80% of tps are consumed just by validators voting on consensus. Even with the cheap cost per transaction, each validator has to spend between 1 and 2 SOL every day just voting in consensus.
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