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Earlier this week I delivered a presentation to a patient/family advisory council (PFAC).

I talked about #opennotes & also alerted these leaders to #interoperability and FHIR APIs...

w/o saying "interoperability" or "FHIR APIs."

Did I get it right?
Slide 1 Link all your health information together
As a wave of health information begins to hit patient portals, many are seeing records for the first time.
Orgs must collaborate w/their patient advisory councils ASAP to design messaging for patients (& their communities) about what they now possess.

Slide 2 Share your health information with others
And while some aspects of the @ONC_HealthIT are not yet reality...
Educating patient/family advisors NOW is crucial to ready organizations for a near future when people may share their information with any entity... anywhere... regardless of privacy policy.

Slide 3 /fin Send information to your care team
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Many in the #blockchain, #crypto, & #DeFi world have asked who the @Microsoft and @Google of the #DLT world will be.

@Varg_88 believes it will be @quant_network, and in this thread, I will explain why $QNT will be both the @Google AND @Microsoft of #DLT.

@Windows OS came before @Google, so let's look at why @quant_network is the next #Microsoft of operating systems.

Operating System choice is a Chicken and Egg problem.
Currently, in the #crypto world, we have many different #blockchains and #DLT platforms. Most dApps can only interact with the platform network they are built on, or 1-2 others.

Examples, $ETH, $BTC, $XRP, $DOT, $ATOM, $ADA.
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The World Bank recently tested several #blockchain #interoperability methods.

They mention 4 approaches:
1. Oracles and Notaries
2. Sidechains/Relays
3. Time-bound Asset Locking and Release
4. Application Layer Adaptors Image
Mentioned in the approaches:
1. Oracles & Notaries ( $LINK )
2. Sidechains/Relays/Value Transfer ( $DOT and #interledger)
3. Time-bound Asset Locking and Release (HTLC)
4. Application Layer Adaptors/API Approach (DAML smart-contracts & $QNT @Overledger any-to-any blockchain app) ImageImage
The World Bank tested 3 of the 4 approaches:
2⃣- Interledger
3⃣ - HTLC
4⃣ - API approach for a *non-smart contract* Procure-to-Pay resource

It sounds like they used @quant_network @Overledger in test number 4, as a non-smart contract-specific data service was created. Image
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Starting soon: Senate #Antitrust Subcommittee talks hugely important priority: antitrust reform! Sen @AmyKlobuchar 's antitrust reform bill will make it easier to bring and to win antitrust cases including break ups!…
@amyklobuchar Klobuchar on "gatekeeper" platforms: Google can use it's leverage to hold companies hostage. If there was greater competition, you would see companies that would come up with innovations that would solve some of the problems with the platforms that we see today. #antitrustreform
This Zuckerberg email is *so* illustrative! He said these competitors are nascent, but they could be very disruptive to us. @amyklobuchar points out, "disruptive" is a *good* word! We *want* disruptive competition. "We need to reply to those emails." She says. "With legislation."
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(1) Recently, #NFTs have gained *a lot* of attention from not just crypto-evangelists, but more mainstream outlets. @enjin are a leader in the #NFT space, but what make their approach and solutions to #trueownership of digital assets so special? A thread! #enj $ENJ #evENJelist
(2) First thing's first; if you're still not 100% sure on *what* NFTs actually are (and why they matter and hold value), it's worth reading these handy-dandy beginner's guide that I wrote. #enj $ENJ
(2a) NB: While @enjin's heritage is in gaming, it's important to note that $ENJ-backed #NFTs span a wide variety of usecases: @Azure use them to encourage and reward developer engagement… and @binance use them for digital community collectibles
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1/ @AmerMedicalAssn⁩ submitted comments to ⁦@CMSGov⁩ regarding a NPRM on provider burden reduction and #priorauthorization:

The NPRM cited #OurAMA prior authorization survey data and grassroots website
2/ The rule proposes policies to help make the prior authorization process more efficient and transparent.

The NPRM would require #Medicaid, CHIP, and federally facilitated health exchange plans to:

•Support technology that would convey #priorauthorization requirements
3/ The NPRM would also require impacted payers to:

•Automate the exchange of supporting clinical data from physicians’ #EHR workflow

•Publicly report data on #priorauthorization programs and comply with processing timeframes
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Nonono. There is *nothing* new in #DMA on digital mergers other than the obligation of #gatekeepers to inform. *Nothing* new on substantive assessment (unlike @CMAgovUK proposals). So *nothing* to prevent a new Facebook/Whatsapp or indeed #Google_Fitbit 1/
When asked about it at press conference, @vestager pivots quickly to importance of #interoperability. That’s key for rivals to compete but rest of us worry much more about #personal_data use in #health_tech. @EU_Competition why was so hard to see this deal is about #data 2/
...and there is #direct_harm to consumers from direct exploitation of their data by a discriminating, extracting monopolist. A large group of economists said it, privacy experts said it, consumer groups said it, civil liberties groups said it. Not enough? @1Br0wn @johnnyryan 3/
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@GoingParabolic #Verus is a truly free, #decentralized protocol and rent-free #blockchain framework that provides chain #interoperability that can scale to the world. It’s not just a protocol, but an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains.

@GoingParabolic Once on mainnet, the Verus #DeFi system will be a fractal, market-driven, & completely liquid worldwide network of independently valued currencies and protocol-based currency baskets that allows anyone holding Verus to perform cross-chain transactions, launch a fractional reserve
@GoingParabolic Token and merge #mine and #stake on up to 22 #blockchains at once.
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1/CBDCs are going to completely overhaul the global financial system. The biggest change since Bretton Woods.
Interoperability and Standards are going to be key
@quant_network have laid the foundations for Overledger to be the global infrastructure for CBDCs

36-Tweet🧵👇🔥 $QNT
2/ 80% of Central Banks are now researching the deployment of CBDCs. The decline of cash usage, global stablecoins like Libra, COVID, need for lower cast / faster payments have all rapidly reduced the time at which CBDCs will be implemented.
3/ @RaoulGMI recently did a excellent video explaining the profound change this will have and encourage everyone to watch. Also, the highly anticipated interview with @gverdian is due to be released this week on @RealVision

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What was that you were saying about #RobotProcessAutomation, @NHSX?

Maybe rather than pootling about with (Faculty) AI, data stores & Palantir you and @NHSEngland could focus on getting basics like #appointments & #prescriptions 👇 right first?

In order for there to be #data...
...people do actually have to be able to USE the service, y'know!

We already know 'phone triage' and #ChooseAndBook *can* work, and does, in some places. It may not be sexy or headline-grabbing, but getting them to work for EVERYONE would be real tech progress, don'tcha think?
You never know, you might learn something useful about delivering, scaling up and seeing through multi-system #interoperability...
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The @renprotocol is increasing the utility of your $BTC $BCH & $ZEC by enabling you to put your cryptoassets to work on the ethereum blockchain so you can earn passive income, all while providing secure, decentralized custody of your underlying cryptoassets.

#RenVM #Crypto
$REN Valuation Propositions:
1) Turn your $BTC into $renBTC so you can deposit it on the etherum blockchain & earn passive income
2) Enables secure, trustless, permissionless, scalable, universal interoperability between blockchains (#interoperability)

#RenVM #Crypto
$REN Valuation Propositions:
3) Ren Mainnet is live:
4) Ren Bridge is live:
5) Ren Alliance has a strong community…
6) Team is public & active in community: @bftzhang (CEO) & @bzlwang (CTO)

#RenVM #Crypto
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@thorchain_org appears to be solving many of the issues DeFi is facing in 2020, and building an incentive-based, permissionless, self-regulated, stable Liquidity Network for Node Operators, Liquidity Providers and Consumers since 2018.

$RUNE #thorchain #cryptocurrencies

$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
1) Permissionless,non-custodial, Interoperable liquidity protocol creating a Network of Liquidity
2) enabling cross-chain exchange of all digital assets
3) Stake assets in Continuous Liquidity Pool’s and earn fees & block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
4) Both symmetrical vs asymmetrical LP staking
5) Stake in the BTC/RUNE pool, you will receive rewards in BTC & RUNE.
6) Node Operators (THORNodes) service the Network and earn fees and block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
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#Pakistan Navy & #PLA Navy #Interoperability
Type-052D Destroyer & Type-054A Frigate r 2nd gen vassals forming backbone of #PLAN with bigger Type-055 stealth destroyer nearly ready to join the fleet. Termed as the most aggressive expansion of any naval power in human history. 1/3 ImageImageImage
Pakistan Navy #PN already operates 4 x Zulfiqar Class frigates (based on Type-053H3) with 4 x Type-054A/P stealth frigates joining #PN fleet by 2021-22. 8 x diesel electric AIP submarines S-20 possibly based on #PLAN’s Type-039A SSK are either in negotiation stage or signed. 2/3 ImageImageImage
#PLA navy has risen to the challenge to become the guiding force of PRC’s strategic interests lying in S/E China Sea & beyond. #PakistanNavy is also transforming by going from comprising nearly decommissioned ex-USN/RN ships to latest naval tech equipped warships from #China 3/3 Image
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1/ Shoutout to @SkaleNetwork for hosting @Terra on their panel “Bringing Crypto Mainstream”! As requested, here is the video and some highlights from our CEO @d0h0k1 on #DeFi moving forward:
2/ #Interoperability - “One of the things that we’re pushing at Terra is to have our stablecoins available on multiple chains. We announced Terra stablecoins on @Solana earlier this year.”
3/ “What would be great about having multiple stablecoins living together is 1) it gives exposure to developer ecosystems on various communities 2) all of these stablecoins are going to have first class citizen rights in all of our different #fintech and payments assets.”
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I get inspired by real world problems that I feel are solvable with data, because then it becomes within my scope to tackle. If I look at #glioblastoma I see room for #blockchain to provide clarity on #patientconsent for uses to enable monetization, ideally to help offset costs.
To unpack these things further, I mean leveraging smart contracts for dynamic consent or 'prosent' as presented here:…
This would allow for the patient to opt into selling their data to researches, insurance or pharmaceutical companies
Another resource I've found is this one on how the Malta Biobank is using dynamic consent via hyperledger fabric...
"a more robust model could lay the foundation for a closer collaboration between biobank managers, researchers, and research partners"…
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Kudos to @SavageMeHealth @AaronNeinstein @j_r_a_m for a terrific piece calling for accountability measures for @ONC_HealthIT #Interoperability rules.… #healthIT @UCSF
@SavageMeHealth @AaronNeinstein @j_r_a_m @ONC_HealthIT @UCSF Importantly, they start by saying that we need to measure if 'Patients Can Access A Full, Structured, Longitudinal Set Of Electronic Health Information’; the rule is clear on this point… and we need to see that it is being achieved. @HugoOC @ePatientDave @TheLizArmy @BraveBosom
@SavageMeHealth @AaronNeinstein @j_r_a_m @ONC_HealthIT @UCSF @HugoOC @ePatientDave @TheLizArmy @BraveBosom They go on to recommend that we determine and be accountable for whether… 'Patients Can Contribute, Or “Write,” To Their Health Record’ Again something that should happen…but does it?
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1/ As awareness is increasing for @quant_network after recent announcements I encourage everyone to see the thread below providing more details around the project. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all.

2/ Quant’s Overledger Blockchain Operating System not only provides interoperability between all the leading Enterprise and Public Blockchains but also connecting the world’s networks to blockchain with just 3 lines of code.
3/ Unlike other solutions, Overledger solves interoperability at scale without the overhead/bottleneck/single point of failure of adding another blockchain in the middle, nor does it impose restrictions / require blockchains to fork their code to connect.…
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1/ The Bank of England are in the process of overhauling their current Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system ✅

They are preparing for the Best & Final Offer stage ahead of appointing a Technology Delivery Partner in Summer 2020..

Who could the "TDP" be? 🧐

2/ In 2017, the UK Central Banks External Advisory Board said they were exploring the lessons learned from a number of other real-time RTGS implementations..

A highlight was the Scandinavian model for instant payments 🇸🇪🇳🇴

Specifically, a third party approach..

3/ Many Central Banks are turning to 3rd-party providers for their solutions instead of building their own RTGS infrastructure..

✅ Sweden
✅ Denmark
✅ Iceland
✅ Norway
✅ New Zealand

& more across Europe, Africa & ME..

Who provided the infrastructure?

Perago ✅

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Our release today is once again dedicated to helping healthcare professionals deal with #COVID19 - we are right behind our frontline staff across the #NHS dealing with this crisis. Read about our changes here or in the thread below:… 1/20
Creating coded pathology results from pre-defined textual strings in incoming pathology messages - rollout coming in the next few days @NHSDigital

Set up 25 new #COVID19 units specifically for ‘hot hubs’ completely free of charge @NHSEngland @NHSProviders

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1/ In these uncertain times it's more important than ever to choose what to invest in. Below are some of reasons why I believe $QNT is low risk with incredible reward potential. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all. #Interoperability is key. 🧵👇 Image
2/ Hedge against Inflation - $QNT has a total supply of just 14.6 million, no inflation, no new tokens minted and no huge % of tokens controlled by the team waiting to be released. Circulating supply is 12 Million which will reduce over time with #QNT being locked up for licenses
3/ Whether it's #Bitcoin, Stable Coins, #DeFi, Central Bank Digital Currencies that come out on top or a combination of all, @quant_network is working with them all, connecting $BTC, $ETH, $XRP and working with multiple Central Banks all leading to more demand / usage of $QNT
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Mitä on #xAPI? Yhtenäinen tapa saada talteen eri paikoissa tapahtuvaa oppimista. Varmistaa järjestelmien yhteensopivuus (make sure things work, interoperability).

Toisaalta aika tylsää: "kuka-teki-mitä-missä-milloin-millätuloksella". 🤓
Yksi helppo tapa tutustua #xAPI:n mahdollisuuksiin esim. #H5P avulla. Suuri valikoima valmiita työkaluja, jotka keräävät dataa erilaisista oppimistilanteista, ei edellytä koodaamista!
Mitä hyötyä, mitä haasteita #xAPI käyttöönotossa?
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General reception of AI White Paper and EU Data Strategy: a proper confirmation of European values and European sovereign tech path, though still infused with legacy economic logic. Quite vague, has better and worse moments. Some specific thoughts below. 1/x
#DigitalEU #Data #AI Image
First, data strategy. Take a look at the aims here. Market, openness, infinite business access to data. And a bit of EU norms & privacy. What about digital welfare state, data to improve quality of life? Confusing AIMS with TOOLS. Market is a TOOL – and an exclusive one! 2/12 ImageImage
The long neoliberal shadow is visible in approach to public data. We payed for it – so business will use it for free… and then levy fees for access. Didn’t we learn with @MazzucatoM how public value leakage ends with corporate behemots (eg Apple build on public R&D)? 3/12 Image
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@ONC_HealthIT @SecAzar @statnews @hugohealth @YNHH @ePatientDave @aneeshchopra @BraveBosom @mandl @zakkohane @chrissyfarr @matthewherper ‘Epic’s position is akin to banking leaders trying to limit your access to your own financial data or restrict your freedom to transfer your funds and saying they are doing it for your own good.’… #Interoperability #ONC2020
@ONC_HealthIT @SecAzar @statnews @hugohealth @YNHH @ePatientDave @aneeshchopra @BraveBosom @mandl @zakkohane @chrissyfarr @matthewherper Why do people need their health data? 'These data are necessary to liberate people to obtain second opinions, transfer to a new doctor, see results, avoid unnecessary testing, correct mistakes, participate in some types of research and much more.’ #ONC2020…
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1) So you get a copy of your medical records & dive in, reading line by line, trying to make sense of your new lung #cancer diagnosis.

“Wait a second, this doesn’t sound right. This is a mistake. I don’t have a history of a heart condition & I don’t smoke cigarettes.
2) You call your oncologist’s office to report the mistakes you found & ask to have it updated. You are told to write down the correction & fax it to the office. You do exactly that.
#PtExp #addendum #EHR
3) At your next follow up appt a month later, you ask the dr if your record was updated & the correction was made.

The dr looks at you like:

#PtExp #addendum #EHR
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